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Apple fanboy, alcoholic and video game player. I love all things 8-bit. I enjoy a good microbrew but love to drink the Pabst Blue Ribbon. I've been writing on blogs for a few years now, settling at in 2010.

Apple To Grace The Side Of Your Face With 4 Inches?

At least that is what we are hoping! Rumor has it that Apple will be expanding its unanounced iPhone 5 screen to a massive 4 inches. When you consider the size of most smartphones around today, this doesn’t seem too large. But for Apple, 4 years might be the mark to get a touchscreen implant. For me, size is everything! I use my iPhone as way more than a phone, and the screen size has always saddened me. I never minded it with my older models, but once I upgraded to the the iPhone 4 - the screen was disapointing. That was probably the only complaint I had.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be walking around with an iPad stuck to the size of my face, but I’d like to some meat on my plate. I want to be able to enjoy the stuff I watch on the device. I don’t want to double finger and spread (zoom) every time I need to see something. I little bit more screen will go a long way for Apple. I really feel this will be a clean jab at the Android scene…

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GeoHot Busts Numerous Caps In Sony’s Ass

Legendary iPhone Jailbreaker/Unlocker GeoHot has released a humorous thuggish rap on the youtubes directed at Sony. We told you about the initial lawsuit about a month ago. Numerous events have unfolded in the case, including California granting Sony the restraining order, and most recently - the judge allowing Sony access to any and all ps3 related material on George Hotz’s hard drive.

With all that has happened GeoHot still holds a sense of humor about the entire thing and has granted us a peak into his attempt to jailbreak and unlock the hip hop scene.

Get Jiggy with it on in to see the video

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Games (And Thunder) Hinted in iOS 4.3 Beta

Since the birth of the iPhone, Apple has dipped it’s magical toes into the gaming industry. With trillions of games released thus far on the iOS platform, it may be time for them to dabble in the console arena. I have always heard rumors Apple was going to release some sort of gaming console in the past, whether it was from them buying up game developer companies, or the fact that the iOS gaming has been such a huge success, but could this be it?

The latest iOS 4.3 beta released shows many-a-hints on AppleTV gaming. If you can decifer the code above, or at least read any part of you’ll notice the code …ATVGames… Could this be iDevice ports to the AppleTV or possibly something bigger? Also, could the Cupertino Giant have figured out a way to play God by creating thunder??? I’ll quote that part of the code here…


You heard it here first folks!!!

Of course we’ll have to wait and find out, but I think with the success of gaming on iDevices, and what could be huge success gaming with the AppleTV, I can definitely see Apple revolutionizing the console industry by releasing the iiBox1080-3(Copyright Gadgesteria).

Read the full story over at Engadget

Duty Has Been Called Over 1.5Miiilllionnn Times

I completely forgot to post about this game when it was first birthed into the internets, but since it has had over 1.5 million downloads in less than a week - it’s time for a mention… If you haven’t been online or on your Xbox 360 Dashboard, you might have not heard of a little ‘Epic’ release entitled ‘Bulletstorm,’ developed by Epic(Gears of War Trilogy) as well as People Can Fly Games. And they have driven their lolzroyce to the internets and have released an online only parody game of the Call of Duty Franchise.

We all love Call of Duty, at least I do, but we all hate it too. I (we) hate how once a year I have to buy a new game so I can be a part of an amazing multiplayer experience. I (we) hate how there is no real difference in the games. Stories are usually a copy of the previous, gameplay doesn’t advance, etc. This is what we get when year after year we see a new title released. We still enjoy the good times we have headshotting noobs online, but we still are eager for something new.

Hop on in for more including the 4+ minute game walkthrough.
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Sony Continues On Path Of Douchyness

While everyone over at Sony is up to their PSP’s in legal paperwork while attempting to sue everyone on the planet that likes to dabble in hacking consoles, they sure know how to keep up the craptastic thwarts. Rumor has it - and only a rumor at this point as Sony has declined to verify it - that Sony will be adding a Serial Number like protection to PS3 games. You might recognize this if you have ever played a PC game, or installed software for that matter. Sources say that Sony will be adding a code to the inside of game packages that will need to be entered before playing/installing games on your PS3, most likely limited to 3-5 installs.

To me, this is a bad idea. Being in the middle of a lawsuit,  trying to get all evidence of the ps3 jailbreak off the interwebs - they want to counter piracy in any way they can. But seriously Sony, do you really think this will work? Have pc games stayed safe? The 1337 pirates and hackers out there will find a way to crack these codes. It might take them a bit to perfect it, but it’ll happen. It has been done on the anti-piracy attempts Nintendo has placed on their studio games, it’ll be done on these ps3 codes too.

Continue on in for more…
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Rovio Releases First Trailer For Angry Birds Rio - Pigs Everywhere Wet Themselves In Fear

Rovio has released it’s first look into the upcoming Rovio/Fox collaboration - Angry Birds Rio. The film Rio, which is being released by 20th Century Fox in April, is an 3D-animated film about a Macaw in the beautiful city of Rio De Janeiro. I know what you are thinking, who cares!!??!! Well, Gadgetsteria does, as this is one of our office’s most lusted after games - Angry Birds!! And with the release of this movie, Rovio and 20th Century Fox have teamed up to release a special Angry Birds game dedicated to the movie.

The game will launch with 45 dedicated levels based on this much anticipated film release. The game is also scheduled to have regular updates in the future, which will keep all of us addicted avian lovers out there satisfied. Angry Birds Rio will be released on smartphones and tablets world wide, with no mention of any desktop releases. The Rio adaptation is slated for release this March.

Hop on in for the Angry Birds Rio Trailer…
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4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak Upon Us, Maybe, Probably? SOOOOOON!!!

The Chronic Dev Team have shown us a sweet arse demo on the twitters that shows an 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak. This is something that was given as a Christmas present ETA, but with no luck. So here we are - a few weeks later and we at least get a demo. This is a great effort from @0naj, @p0sixninja and @pod2g. And if you’ve been following the tweets you’ll know there is a minor bug where the WiFi icon doesn’t show up. That’s not such a big bug, is it? :) They still have to pack it all pretty like and get the minor bugs worked out before mass consumption. But for all those stuck with a tethered jailbreak at 4.2.1, your days are gonna get a whole lot Apple USBless… We’ll definitely let you know when the tool is released.

Video after the break…
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