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After the scare, we now have the iPad [UPDATE]

Update #2: Okay, well, maybe Apple read my post, now the site is back up and running ;)

Update: It seems, after the release from Apple, the Apple website is down. After visiting right after the PR was released,  I tried to go back this morning, as I like to drool and build my dream Mac Pro, but I can no longer access the site. Is the Pre-Order section getting updated? Are people flooding the site, does my router just hate So many questions, lol

Apple, today has released a Press Release for the official release date of the iPad, at least here in the US. It seems the rumors of delays were true, not horrible, only a week, but we still don’t know the final number that were able to be produced. Saturday, April 3rd will be when you can pick yourself up a brand new shiny WiFi model iPad, or you can wait til late April for the WiFi/3g models. Pre-orders will begin on March 12th for all US consumers, for both models. Those in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the Uk will have to wait til late April to be able to get anything. If you live anywhere else, you are going to have to wait until later this year, according to the Press Release.

“iPad is something completely new,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’re excited for customers to get their hands on this magical and revolutionary product and connect with their apps and content in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before.”

If you haven’t seen any pricing info yet for this “magical and revolutionary” device yet, the MSRP will be $499 for the 16gb model, $599 for the 32gb, and $699 for the 64gb model. If you want to add 3g to the bundle, you can pick each sized version up for an extra $130. After you wait in line for days on end for this little guy, you’ll be able to pick up, for free, the iBooks app from the AppStore on your way home on April 3rd, which will include Apple’s new iBookstore, which according to them is the “best way to browse, buy and read books on a mobile product.” Of course, this is only going to be available in the US version of the AppStore, until the other countries are added later this year.

So now that we have an official release date, how many of you are going to order one of these? Will you pre-order from the site for delivery? Or pick up one of the Apple Store locations. Are you going to wait in line like you did for that iPhone? Is anyone really excited about this product? If you plan on waiting outside in your respective city’s Apple Store, make sure to check back here on that day as we’ll post something, and you can comment how amazing the product is, or how lame it is, or how you got in a fight with a Jobs Fanboy that didn’t like what you had to say about the lack of flash.

You would think Tom Cruise would have enough money for a MacBook

So it looks like thieves rappelled down into a Best Buy from a hole they cut into the roof. With not one alarm or motion sensor being set off during the entire heist, it leaves law enforcements stunned at the “High level of sophistication.” The stealth team of *amazing* burglars used a saw to cut through the rubber and metal of the roof, rappelled down to where the Apple products were being stored, grabbed around 20, without touching the ground, concealed by numerous banners from all security cameras, yanked up 20 or so Apple MacBooks, and were able to escape on a 3 inch gas pipe that runs from the roof to the ground. Upon arrival by employees the next morning is when the products were seen as missing.

I’m amazed at the pure dedication and craftiness of these guys. This is an amazing *movie* type heist, that people from the same area as those in ‘Jersey Shore’, were able to pull off. I mean, really? How the hell does this happen, who the hell does this type of stuff? This isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster, this is New friggin Jersey. An expert in security was quoted as saying, “I would say they were a professional crew,” who is based in Atlanta, Ga., but does work throughout the nation.” DUH! No one is ‘that’ talented in New Jersey!

Either way, I am impressed in the extremely high level of planning this might have taken, I have always been a big fan of ‘heist’ movies, so this story really caught my attention. If anyone in the Northern Indiana area would love to attempt this with me, please post your comments below ;)

New Jersey Real Time News

To protect your iPhone, or not to protect your iPhone – Obviously not protect!

Is it iPhone case fail day today? I think it might be. We can either have our iPhone look like a rock, or we can have what I’d only assume RoboCop would use.

Hong Kong retailer, ‘JOYCE, has released a new line of designer-created iPhone cases, now, I am only posting about the rock case, but the rest of em aren’t that pretty, but they make a hell of a lot more sense than a Rock Hide-a-key! Come on people, with all that China bans and keeps from the people, you think they wouldn’t allow crap like this to be produced, lol. My only advice, well, other than not to buy this garbage, is that if you happen to own this thing, PLEASE! remember to switch out cases before you go rock climbing, iPhones are too expensive to have lost in plain site.

Okay, now the other case we have today, albeit the complete opposite side of the spectrum, is the ‘Decepticon’ iPhone case. This beast was created by a man named Ryan Glasgow from Portland, OR, and has started selling this thing for $95. I have never been a fan of these ‘clamshell’ type cases, as I think you look like a complete dbag with the flap open while making a telly call, but this is ridiculous. I’m kinda curious as to how long it will take before it decapitates one of is unsuspecting owners.

So there ya have it, if spending hundreds of dollars on a phone wasn’t crazy enough, why not make it look like crap.

Engadget (Steel Case) <-> Gizmodo (Rock)

Cocktail Robot = Best thing ever!

Is the boozin’ getting a tad bit too boring for you? Are you and your friends looking for a new exciting (i.e. geeky) way to mix your party drinks? Well the fellas over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories created the “Drink Making Unit” to spice up your drink mixing evenings ( or mornings if you are like me ;) ) Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were at a bar and the bartender had a 8×8 RGB LED Matrix instead of a face? This beautiful little robot has 3 different fluid paths, which means only 3 liquors into one drink. The thing even has an ice bucket to keep the drinks chilled as they pass through the system. Something you won’t believe is that it uses a breast pump to lift the liquid through the device; kinda funny, booze usually leads to the usage of a breast pump, but now you get to continue the circle of life!

If anyone is willing to build one of these, I will definitely accept it as a gift and will spend many nights ‘beta testing’ to see how it functions, and I promise to report any bugs I may find. Please, build this for me…


Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories


Sorry to be cluttering the good old Gadgetsteria with video game banter, but this one is big news. A Halo Reach Multiplayer game play trailer was released today, and by god I had to change my pants 3 times while watching it, then had to change them again and slap my momma when I saw the ‘Assassinations’ part. Take a look at this trailer, then clean yourself off, and continue reading:


Okay, so, I’ve been a Halo fan since the old xbox days years and years ago. I used to sit up late at night and play through the campaign, try to kick arse on the multiplayer, like all 20 something guys do. So here I am, 28, still playing the Halo series, still getting pwned, late at night of course. I just happened to be trolling through the interwebs and noticed a trailer out for the to be released ‘Halo Reach.’ I have heard amazing things about this game, and since I picked up my copy of ODST last September, gaining me access to the beta multiplayer (when it is out) I’ve been drooling in anticipation. Not sure if any of you like Halo, but seriously people, from viewing this trailer, you can see we have the ability to actually assassinate people, we can finally run (at least it looks as if the Spartans are sprinting) and we f00kin have JETPACKS! Jetpacks FTW! Please tell me you guys are excited for this release!

Valve confirming production of games for Mac, or playing a really mean prank?

Not sure if you happened to read, or even care about the post I made the other day regarding the possibility of Valve porting Steam to the Mac OS, whether or not, I’m gonna tell you more!

Valve has kinda confirmed they plan on porting some of their more popular titles to the Jesus OS, around 4 teaser images have been released to different interweb news outlets. MacRumors received an image with the explanation: “In anticipation of an upcoming announcement from Valve.” Among other sites that received various other images, it seems we may hear something from Valve on the issue at next week’s Game Developers Conference. MacNN, RockPaperShotgun, Eurogamer and Shacknews were among those to receive different teaser images.

We won’t find out until next week if Valve will be giving us great news or not, I’m just hoping this is for the Mac OS and not iPhone/iPod related. Either way, those guys really know how to tease and market something, do they not? Check out each of those links to view the different images sent around. If you know anything of the games on Steam, or the Apple culture, they will all stand out to you. My favorite is the Francis picture from Left4Dead, with the rainbow l4d logo and the tag line: “I hate Different.”


Possibly still that time of the month for the iPad

So it seems that the rumors of a delay in iPad manufacturing are false. Apple had planned to have around 1,000,000 units ready by launch, but research analyst Peter Misek of Canaccord Adams claimed that a “manufacturing bottleneck” would limit the launch to around 300,000, if you are good at math, you’ll see that is a lot less than what was expected.

Foxconn Electronics says that all of their suppliers parts shipments are on schedule and that they should be able to ship between 600,000-700,000 units by launch later this month. There has been some speculation that Apple will not only limit the release to US because of the number of actual ready iPads, but they will also delay the launch date. Apple has only said they will be launching at the end of March. No set date yet, so this will actually make it easier for them to delay if we can’t get the 1 million pieces.

I’m sure all the Apple fanboys with many hundreds of dollars burning holes in their pockets will be happy to know that they might not have too hard of a time getting their hands on this purrrty little device.

We’ll try to keep you updated on this, and the official launch from Apple!


Battlefield: Bad Company 2, a slight review…

I know this probably doesn’t happen often on this site, but I just wanted to throw a little post up about DICE’s new addition to the Battlefield series, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I’m not sure if many of you out there were able to get your hands on Bad Company 1, but it most certainly was one of the best multiplayer experiences I have ever had.
To know a little about my gaming preference, I am almost strictly a FPS kinda guy, I do delve into some action games, stealth action games usualy, but FPS is my main love. So of course the Battlefield series is loved by me, and a lot of people out there. The first games multiplayer by far excedes the fun I had with Modern Warfare 1 and World At War, but Modern Warfare 2 was able to
bring my love back to the CoD series Multiplayer action. The 1st player campaign was iffy on all 3 of those games, and it even kinda lacked on the first Bad Company.

So going into this new Battlefield game, all I really had to think is that I already know the multiplayer play was amazing from the demo I had on xbox Live, I just wanted the single player campaign to blow a tad bit less than that of Modern Warfare 2.

I just picked this game up yesterday (as it was just released yesterday) and dove headfirst into the multiplayer. I usualy wait until the campaign is complete before doing this, but, even though the first game had a funny script, it really didn’t keep me wanting more. I have read in other places that this script is equally funny, even takes some low blows at Modern Warfare 2, which I can’t wait to hear, I really wasn’t that focused on the campaign.
I gave it a few hours of multiplayer play and I really have to say, this is going to be one amazing, pissing off the spouse, gaming adventure. This experience differs soooooo much from that of Modern Warfare. In the CoD series, you’re main objective is to just bust caps in teenagers asses, where as in the Bad Company ring, you need to do oh so much more. This game really focuses on a larger picture, instead of a quick shoot em up battle. You not only get experience points for kill streaks, you get them also healing other teammates as the Medic. Offering any type of support for your team will advance you in this game.  You’ll really want a few friends along for this ride, as the chat is highly needed while playing. If anyone is familiar with the first game in the Bad Company series, you know that cover doesn’t last long. Houses, buildings, vehicles and trees are all destructible and won’t provide a camping spot for long. So you’ll really have to watch your teammates’ backs as you try to destroy the opposite side.

All in all, even though I am only a couple hours in, I highly recommend picking this game up. Buy it new, as you’ll have free access to the new maps, if you buy used there is a cost for them. So please, at least rent this game, hit me up at in the comments and we can trade off Gamertags so we can play together.

Bad Company 2

Ubuntu and iPhone FTW!

So yesterday a member of the ubuntuforums posted about what he found out after he installed the latest Alpha release of Ubuntu 10.04. Not only did the release support his graphics card straight away, and hop into full screen mode (something that has always pissed me off in the past) but it also recognized his iPhone, right away without any configuration on his end! He can access all of the music, play lists, apps on the iPhone using Nautilus, and RhythmBox works with it as if it were iTunes.

This latest distro, titled Lucid Lynx is due out this April, and with this newly added feature, I am sure will draw in a huge audience and hopefully really drop a Google pin on the Linux family. It is stated also that this works with the soon to be released Fedora distro, Fedora 13, in May and should be working on all distros upcoming releases. I will for sure be testing this in April when I get my hands on the final Lucid release.

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