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Review: LG Revolution

LG RevolutionJoining the ranks of Verizon’s LTE speed freaks, the LG Revolution released a few weeks ago, and we’ve finally gotten a chance to review it. While it’s LTE radio makes it stand out from the rest of the Android world, does this monster pack enough punch to be remembered as truly revolutionary or will it just be totally forgettable? Jump on in for more…

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Motorola XOOM 4G Upgrade Emails Were A Mistake. Keep Waiting.

Oh Moto how you toy with our heart strings. Those Motorola XOOM 4G upgrade emails that were popping up in users’ email inboxes yesterday and today were…sent in error. The 4G upgrade for your Motorola XOOM is not ready. The public availability of the 4G upgrade program has not been released. Do not pass go. The end.

Per Motorola:

“A very small number of Motorola XOOM users recently received an email from Motorola regarding the 4G LTE upgrade process. While we are very excited about being able to offer the upgrade this summer, and know our customers are equally excited about the benefits that 4G LTE speeds will bring to their Motorola XOOM, the email was sent in error. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, and look forward to being able to share more specifics on how — and when — users can take advantage of 4G LTE on their Motorola XOOM in the near future.”

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