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Dropbox 1.4 Brings Bulk Uploads To iOS.

Because of our mobile nature, we rely much less on local storage than your average computer user. Instead, we dump our digital junk into the cloud. One such app that we constantly use (and recommend) is Dropbox. It’s a great free + paid service that has storage options for all types of users. With that said, a new update (1.4) has hit the App Store. Most notably, bulk video/photo uploads are now possible.

For power users like us, bulk uploads are most likely the biggest feature request we’ve been spewing forth for months. Having to upload 20-30 images individually was time consuming and flat out annoying. But such frustrations are now a thing of the past.

Other worthy features added in the 1.4 update include a revamped tab-based interface, ability to import files from mail and other iOS apps, added native language support (French, German, Japanese, and Spanish), and lots of bug fixes.

Review: IM+ For Android.

Besides a differentiating coat of paint, multi-account IM clients aren’t all that different these days. A small feature here or there are the only deciding factors left for feature hounds to stew over. But a few times a year we as consumers are treated to major revisions which bring about massive UI changes and/or new features.

Shape Services recently released IM+ 4.0 for Android. With it comes a thoroughly revamped UI and promises of faster, more intuitive interaction. Is the new update really worth it’s weight in cheap currency paper and not so precious metals stamped into coin form? Gadgetsteria investigates…
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Sorry, Twitter. TweetBot Is Nicer Than Your Official App.

Even though Twitter thinks otherwise, 3rd party Twitter apps are both necessary and good for end users. For starters, multiple options in Twitter apps gives consumers ample selection as well as pushing Twitter to continually update their own apps. Speaking in regards to the iOS platform, Twitter’s app is rather nice. But it’s far from perfect.

The blend between functionality and design is often one or the other. However, TabBot’s new “TweetBot” (Link — $1.99) is one of the best attempts to marry the two subjects yet.

TweetBot is both gorgeous to look at for eye candy enthusiasts (some may find it too heavy in design) as well as packed with features including some very useful gesture-based options. Swiping left-to-right is a quick “one-click” method to exposing the conversation chain of any given tweet. Swiping right-to-left displays a “related” tweets list — a handy feature to have. Double-tapping tweets, links, or avatars reveals further information/details while tapping and holding the same elements gives your a further list of options. You can even configure triple-tapping functionality to activate reply-to, fave, retweet, or translate functions. Finally, clicking on a tweet displays a menu bar directly underneath the tweet (see above) allowing you to stay within the main list of tweets and doing way with forward/backward navigation. Further customization comes by way of tab bar editing — add/remove/edit the icons as you see fit.

The only thing we see as a potential problem — push notifications are only via Boxcar. That’s great if you use Boxcar, not so much if you don’t.

After an hour of using TweetBot, we have to say that (1) it is well worth the $1.99 and (2) Twitter better step up their game if they want to outlaw 3rd party Twitter apps. Check out the full list of features on the official TweetBot page over at TweetBot.

Review: BeatStudio For iOS.

Creating music 10-20 years ago was a more complicated, time consuming, expensive process. Modern technology has drastically simplified such things as well as lowered the cost to music creation. The most perfect example that immediately comes to mind is Garage Band for the iPad. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. It’s robust yet simple. Example: The indie band “Ultramods” created an entire album using nothing but an iPad 2 and GarageBand. But Garage Band is hardly the only app available to iPad (and on a broader scope) and iOS users looking to expand their digital music horizons.

Today, we’re going to look at BeatStudio, an app created by Frontier Design Group (GuitarStudio and iShred) and see just how useful it is in bringing your musical creations to life. Hop inside for the full review…
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Review: Film Director Pro For iOS

Whether you’re a home movie junkie or professional on a mission, iOS has quite a wide assortment of video apps to suit most if not all your needs. Anything from simple home movies to full-on short movies can be captured, edited, rendered, and published on something as small and simple as an iPhone. With that said, today we’re taking a look at Film Director Pro to see if it is worth your time, and most importantly your money. Hop on past the break…
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BlackBerry Messenger 6.1 Screenshots Leak Out. Revamped UI In Route.

One of RIM’s staple services, BlackBerry Messenger, has a rather substantial update in the making. The image above shows what is claimed to be BBM 6.1′s new interface which includes more customization options and all new icons. To some it may not seem like much. But to BlackBerry fanatics who’ve been looking at the same aging pixels since BBM 5.0 was released last year, it’s more than welcome.

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Download The New Android 3.0.336 Music Player Now!

You may or may not have seen an article earlier showing off a new Android 3.0.336 music player compliments of TechFrom10. Now you can have that very same version of said app all to yourselves. Besides the prettier face, WiFi streaming and a new Cover Flow-esque recently played tracks list among other things populate the new app.

Download the new Android 3.0.336 music player here. Just make sure you have at least Android 2.2 (Froyo).

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Android App/Trojan Outs You As A Cheap, Pirating Fool.

If you’re a fan of less than legal means of obtaining music, videos, and/or apps, avoid downloading the free “Walk and Text” app from the Android market. While it may seem like a deal considering the real Walk and Text seels for $1, it’s actually far from it — it’s a trojan. It isn’t the most nefarious of trojans, though it’s damaging nonetheless.

Once downloaded, this fake Walk and Text app grabs such information as your phones IMEI number, contact list, and other private data which is then sent back to a remote server. From there, every single contact in your contact list with a phone number is a text message saying:

“Hey, just downloaded a pirated App of the Internet, Walk and Text for Android. I’m stupid and cheap, it costed only 1 buck. Don’t steal like I did!”

Yeah, pretty embarrassing not only because it makes you look like a thieving idiot, but also a thieving idiot who doesn’t have a good grasp on basic English grammar. Of course, if you don’t have a texting plan, paying for several hundred text messages at ~$0.20 a pop won’t be all that entertaining either. You’ve been warned…

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Angry Birds Rio Downloaded 10+ Million Times In 10 Days!

Think the Angry Birds mania is cooling down? Think again. The latest numbers are in and they’re mighty impressive — 10+ million downloads in just 10 days! Rovio Mobile is obviously making bank with their current strategy. But based on recent comments by Rovio CEO on how he believes console gaming is dying, we could certainly see some other interesting products come forth in the not too distant future because as awesome as AB is now, you can only beat a horse so much…

Were you one of 10 million?

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