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Treo Pro coming to Alltel March 5th?

Monday, March 2, 2009 8:22
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If Boy Genius’s little birdie is singing a truthful song, March 5th will be the date of release for the Treo Pro on Alltel’s network.  The launch of the “all-new” Treo Pro so close to the Pre is sure to mean that many people will be holding out for the Pre launch at which point they will either pick one up or switch to Sprint (that’s a change) in order to get a piece of iconic Palm history in the making.  The price for the already outdated Pro will lighten your wallet to the tune of $199 (after $125 rebate) and require two years of your life be signed over to Alltel.  Is the Treo Pro really worth all that money…I don’t think so again seeing as how the leaps and bounds better Pre is getting ever closer.  But I’m their are a few out there who would rather have the tried and true (and outdated) Windows Mobile 6.1.  Or they simply don’t know about the Pre to begin with.  So, if you’re an Alltell customer are you excited?  


Source: Boy Genius

Verizon adopting Alltel’s “My Circle”…redubbed “Friends & Family”

Thursday, February 12, 2009 9:00
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Whenever a smaller company gets aquired by a larger company, the smaller one always has to worry about their privileges being stripped away.  Many Alltel customers thought that once Big Red took over the reigns of the *former* Alltel subscribers cellular goodies such as “My Circle” were going to be taken away.  (For those of you who aren’t down with Alltel goodies, My Circle is much like T-Mobiles “MyFaves”.  However instead of just MyFaves’ 5 friends, MyCircle allows you to call 5, 10, or 15 numbers with unlimited minutes.  Today Verizon announced that current Alltel customers can keep their MyCircle plans and numbers.  They also revealed that they will be adopting MyCircle for ALL Verizon Wireless users!  Except MyCircle will be getting a name change to “Friends & Family” plans.  Wow!  Chalk one up for the little guy.  This is definitely good news for Verizon and ex-Alltel customers.  Good job Verizon!

Source: Engadget

Union Authorized AT&T Mobility strike starts in 3..2..

Saturday, February 7, 2009 16:41
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The on going battle between The Communications Workers of America (CWA) and AT&T is going south…fast.  As soon as 12:01 of February 8th rolls around, AT&T Mobility workers have been authorized by the union with an astonishing 85% “yes” vote to strike.  How many workers?  Which states are going to be affected?  20,000 workers from 37 different states to be precise!  Indiana is one of the states that is expected to go on strike from the get go.  “Represent!”  Other states following closely behind include Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.  The rest of the feuding states are expected to wait another day or two before they join the party.  Don’t worry townfolk, normal operation at your local AT&T probalby won’t be too hampered as AT&T is already calling staffing agencies in to fill in for the striking workers.  This doesn’t appear to be a measure of good hope for the striking employees looking for AT&T to quickly come to a resolution.  Instead of fixing the problem, we’ll just hire someone else to do your job.  Ouch.  Hopefully “the Death Star” and their hoard of workers come to an agreement and soon so that all the little storm troopers can get back to work.


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Verizon completes Alltel acquisition.

Sunday, January 11, 2009 11:29


Verizon has finally completed their merger with Alltel making them the largest (by subscriber base) carrier in the U.S. with 83.7 million customers.  The total dent in Verizon’s wallet comes in the form of $5.9 billion for Alltel’s equity, and $22 billion net of cash.  Over the next couple of months as the networks are integrated, Verizon is telling Alltel customers that nothing needs to be done on their end.  Alltel’s GSM will continue being served, and Alltel customers can call Verizon customers without it being deducted from their plan minutes.  


Source: Mobile Burn

Save the date: Verizon/Alltel marriage, Jan 9.

Sunday, January 4, 2009 22:25
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Yes, the time is finally coming folks.  All the i’s have been dotted, t’s crossed, and red tape cut.  Verizon and Alltel are coming to the end of their long acquisition ordeal.  The marriage will cost Verizon mere pocket change totaling $5.9 billion in up front cash as well as taking on Alltel’s equally minuscule debt of $22.9 billion.  This sacred marriage will give Verizon the crown as biggest wireless carrier in the U.S. with a customer base of some 78 million people, quite a number!  Verizon sees it as a win win situation. They get more money from the added customer base and Alltel customers will get greater coverage.  In other news, old Alltel customers distraught as the cell phone bills rise and features are stripped away.

Source: Phone Scoop