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Motorola i9 coming to Boost Mobile

Friday, January 23, 2009 15:12
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Since the Razr fad ended, Motorola has found itself unable to escape the once iconic handsets styling.  Most of the phones Motorola has released since then have all revolved around the same “thin” look as well as more or less copy over the keypad.  While the Razr was a great phone in its hayday, times have changed and Motoroloa is sadly falling behind.  If you are a fan of cutting edge design and all kinds of features built in to your phone, Boost Mobile isn’t really the first carrier that is considered.  However, Boost Mobile does have some pretty good prices.  Recently announced was there $50 unlimited everything plan which is by far the best deal in the industry as the bigger carriers don’t and won’t even come close to matching it.  As far as cutting edge handsets…not so much.  However Motorola is determined to win customers back.  One step towards that goal comes today as Motorola announced the Motorola i9.  It is a clamshell, ModeShift, PTT handset that (in my opinion) loosely resembles a more squared off pebl.  Nothing to write home about, but certainly it will excite some.


Source: Boy Genius