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NTT DoCoMo’s Blackberry Bold taking after AT&T’s Quickfire?

Friday, February 27, 2009 8:06
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Bad news for Blackberry hopefulls on Japan’s NTT DoCoMo’s network: it is being reported that the DoCoMo is halting sales on the Blackberry Bold due to overheating issues while charging.  AT&T’s humorously titled “Quickfire” is still fresh in our minds with it’s own overheating issues.  Apparently there is an epidemic going around that affect peoples’ ability to plug in their cell phones properly.  While I joke, this current NTT DoCoMo issue doesn’t seem to be anywhere remotely related to the actual person pluging in the charger.  Out of the roughly 3,000 Bold’s that have been sold so far in Japan 30 users have reported the keypad getting hot when charging.  Currently no one has been burned nor has any Bold spontaneously burst into flames.  RIM has already acknowledged the issue and said that they have ruled out a battery issue as other countries’ Blackberry Bolds aren’t suffering from this issue and that the investigation to the cause is ongoing.  Hopefully they find a fix fast as I’m sure their are many Japanese Crackberry users who will now have to go a little longer without RIM’s amazing Blackberry Bold.  Do you live/work in Japan and purchased a Bold?  If so, have you had any problems regarding overheating?  Lets expand it further, has anyone from any country had any overheating problems with their Bold?  Lets us know!

*By the way, I know there’s an AT&T logo on the Bold pictured in an article talking about NTT DoCoMo’s Bold.  However, I couldn’t find a big enough picture that didn’t look like crap…so AT&T’s Bold wins out*

Source: Alley Insider, Reuters