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Orange Vegas: Making touchscreens more affordable

Friday, April 24, 2009 8:19
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UK mobile phone buyers in the market for a cheap “feature phone” that eschews traditional and clumsy buttons in favor of a touchy feely screen will have a nice little option starting now.  The device, the “Orange Vegas”, is a new low cost offering from Orange UK that is the latest phone to claim the title of cheapest touchscreen phone.  Now we all know that cheap doesn’t really ever mean better as features get cut and specs get lower in proportion to the price.  However, the Vegas isn’t all that bad.  Available in black or pink, the Vegas will give users features such as:

  • 2.4″ touchscreen
  • dual-band GPRS
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • FM Radio
  • MP3 playback
  • 128MB internal memory
  • Support for up to 4GB microSD cards
  • weight: 84 grams

The best parts are: the price, £48.50 (or $71 USD for you dollar users), pay-as-you-go plans, 300 free texts with any £10 top up,  £10 credit and unlimited access to popular sites such as Bebo, Facebook, and MySpace.  The services aspect of the Vegas is definitely the bread and butter of this little wonder device.  Orange users, is this affordable touchscreen the phone of your dreams?  Feature wise it isn’t that hot.  But hey, not everyone needs the world in the fingertips - really!  At least it looks pretty cool and expensive.


Source: Boy Genius, *Image source: IT Tech News*

RIM losing their ducks?

Friday, January 2, 2009 16:56


Back a couple of months ago, when the Bold was released, it arrived with its own host of issues.  A few of those included dropped calls, crashes, and poor overall performance.  Because of these issues, Orange, a cellular provider in the UK, decided to yank the Bold from their line up until RIM got their ducks in a line.  RIM eventually did find their few straggling ducks, lined them up, and released the updated OS to carriers.  Orange again began selling the Bold.  Unfortunately for RIM those darn little ducks just can’t stay together, maybe it is because they have trouble holding hands without opposable thumbs.  Who knows!?   Regardless, Orange is not happy and is again contemplating pulling the Bold for a second time.  Not only would this be a bad thing for Orange customers who are looking to pick up the Bold in the near future, but it would also be another bad mark against RIM.  The ducks behind the Storm have not exactly been cooperative either with various bugs and hiccups.  While it is quite possible this is a RIM issue, it would help if Orange did not use outdated build releases either.  Either way, hopefully one side finds a fix and soon.

Source: Boy Genius