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Palm/Sprint playing the numbers game with Pre launch?

Friday, May 1, 2009 11:26
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Whenever a hyped up device is released, people always crunch the numbers days, weeks, months, and even years afterwards to see if the device ever met pre-sale expectations. According to Bloomberg, the Palm Pre might be in short supply. Could it be because Palm’s manufaturing facilities simply can’t produce them any faster. *laugher* Doubtful. Instead, as Bloomberg hypothesizes in the article above, Palm and Sprint could be intentionally shorting lauch day/week users as to drum up a sense of “urgency, hype, and short supply” all when there really isn’t any reason. This method of reaching a goal of “selling out” is neither a very pro-consumer idea, nor is it an image boosting character trait to uptake (if the real source of the shortage becomes known). With shortages come increased media attention as lucky users will brag to their not so lucky friends of how much awesomeness they’re missing out on. Of course, Palm and Sprint would never admit to any claims of that sort, so we’ll just have to watch and see how the launch goes and make the assumptions for ourselves. What if they really are playing the numbers game? Would it disgust you enough to skip over the Pre/Sprint?

Source: Crave, Image Source

Heidi Klum: “LG’s Ambassador of Style”.

Monday, April 27, 2009 7:14
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If one thing could ever help cell phone accessory sales, it would be marketing said accessories behind a super model.  Yes, it is true that in the U.S., one of the best ways to sell something is having an extremely attractive woman behind it.  Something about that method causes men to practically throw their wallets at whatever company is selling the product.  The product in question today is custom designed backplates for the LG Rumor 2 designed by none other than Heidi Klum herself.  The backplates, so far 5 in total, she says are “designed after her own expressions of style”.  While celebrities aren’t always the greatest book of knowledge when it comes to celebrities, as in knowing all the ins and outs of certain brands and  policies and choosing a gadget/electronic simply because it’s cool, this particular match up is one that should please many regardless of their position on the issue.  The backplates can be picked up at any Spring U.S. retail store for $9.99.  Is some thin plastic and Heidi Klum’s expression enough to open your wallet to the tune of $9.99?


Source: Pocket-Lint

WiMax gets another setback by way of a lawsuit

Friday, April 24, 2009 4:16


WiMax sure is having a tough time coming to fruition.  While not the first setback/speed bump the Sprint partner, Clearwire has had, the latest is yet possibly another sign that maybe they just aren’t meant to be.  Seems as if people aren’t exactly thrilled with the coverage and speeds they’ve been experiencing over Clearwire’s network.  The plaintiffs claim Clearwire’s network of often falling short of their own claims of reliable service at broadband/DSl speeds that slow down and crawl at dial up speeds - that is if they even have working service at all as it apparently also goes down quite often.  Further complicating the issue for Clearwire, the plaintiffs are also claiming that the ETF for the service is unlawful and void.  Clearly, Sprint/Clearwire/WiMax are having some major growing pains that if not ironed out relatively quickly and to the publics liking, will pretty much signal the end for WiMax.  Sprint, you might want to start looking for some new 4G technology.  If the whole Clearwire/WiMax thing goes under leaving Sprint without any near term 4G service options, I think it’s safe to say we can pretty much write off Sprint as a national carrier.  Thoughts?

Source: Into Mobile, Cellular News *Image Source: Dvice*

Samsung Instinct S30 sneeks a cover shoot with Best Buy…coming very soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009 9:05
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If the current Samsung Instinct is just too large and unwieldy, according to a snapshot of an up and coming Best Buy ad, your pleas for a smaller, more pocketable version will soon be answerd.  Even better, the S30 dropping at Best Buy will be available from the electronics retail giant for a total of $49.99 *after signing your soul away for 2 years of course - considerably less ($80 to be precise) than Sprint themselves are offering ($129) and much less than the price the original Instinct cost at launch ($199).  Hopefully this photo snafu turns out to be the real deal and not just another photoshop job.

Source: Engadget

May vacation blackouts at Sprint signal imminent Pre launch?

Friday, April 10, 2009 15:49
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Take this with more than a grain of salt…such as half  salt shaker.  It is now known that Sprint has issued vacation blackout dates for May which judging by the same tactics used by AT&T in the past for both iPhone launches is a very good indicator of a Palm Pre launch during said blackout date.  The Pre has been the center of rumor, speculation, and consumer hype for many months now all while we still barely know the device as Palm must “always maintain at least one hand on the device” coupled with the tight security and secrecy.  If you have been saving your nickels and dimes for months now quietly anticipating the day in which the Pre is released to the masses, it is a good bet that you now have at least a month to look forward to…a month that isn’t that far away at all.  It won’t be long until you can rock that oh so coveted WebOS!

Source: Engadget

Verizon losing their lead in JD Power call quality.

Thursday, March 19, 2009 6:33
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Big Red users…Verizon while still the American giant of years past isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, however their call quality is.  According to the latest JD Power reports, Verizon gained an entire 1% in the “calls dropped” category.  Hardly a big loss, but something that shows maybe the tide is changing.  In a surprising turn of events, AT&T and Sprint have actually had the amount of complaints regarding call quality and connection problems drop.  I guess they haven’t tested AT&T here in Indiana.  All small talk aside, Verizon still leads overall in JD Power’s list so the other carriers still have some work that needs to be done.  Take a minute to tell us what region you live in, carrier, and so far how you like/dislike them below.

Source: Mobile Burn

Fresh! Sprint launch dates!

Friday, March 6, 2009 13:32
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I can’t think of a better feeling in the world than the one you get when you inform wireless reps what products their networks will be carrying.  The dumbfounded expressions they give you and pointless run around phrases are one of the finer things in life that many more should really partake in.  Case in point, a document showing Sprint’s up and coming product launches has made it’s way into the public eye by way of Brightpoint.

  • Blackberry Curve 8350i: You may be saying…”This is already out”.  Wrong my friends, this is the NO camera edition for all of the super secret corporate users who either can’t figure out how to disable the camera through policies or just want to added protection and ease of not even having to bother with them.  MSRP $479
  • LG Rumor 2: Coming on March 15th in “Titanium Black” and possibly in “Blue” on March 29th.
  • Motorola i580: March 15th MSRP $ 269
  • Motorola Stature i9: March 15th MSRP $299
  • Palm Treo Pro: March 15th MSRP $549

As you can see, March 15th is going to be a busy day for Sprint.  However, not nearly as busy as Pre launch day.  It’s coming folks!!!

Source: Boy Genius

Motorola i465 CRAMS full qwerty onto rather small handset

Thursday, February 26, 2009 22:09
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While it is one of Motorola’s more unique and classy designs, it hardly appears functional.  Last time I checked my fingers weren’t mice sized.  Nit pics aside, it again looks pretty cool.  What else is there to say…?  At this point nothing.  Obviously Sprint/Nextel will be the U.S. carrier lucky enough to launch this fine piece of technology.  Sadly all of the spec geeks will have to go to bed hungry tonight.

Source: Engadget Mobile, Mobile-Review

Uh-oh…Tethering no longer a Palm Pre feature

Thursday, February 19, 2009 15:55
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Mark this near the top of your all time tech disappointments list.  As the pictures clearly and sadly illustrate, it appears as if Sprint has removed data tethering as one of the Palm Pre’s highly coveted features.  Why?  Both camps are tight lipped so all we have right now is speculation.  Greed and money are the likely factors as is with all unfortunate business decisions.  Usually removing features from one of if not the most highly anticipated phone to ever come to your company when that same company is *still* continually losing customers left and right, not to mention in front and through the back door is not the smartest of decisions.  Why Sprint?  Why?!


Source: Engadget

GSM Palm Pre shown at MWC…details non-existent

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 22:38
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It’s no secret that on Palm Pre launch day, there will be lines of people waiting, just as there were for the iPhone and G1.  How long will those lines be?  As long as Apple’s?  Hard to say.  I would have to guess no on as long as Apple’s as Palm just doesn’t seem to have a cult with the same values as Apple’s.  A lot of Palms “cult” doesn’t consist of the young “hipster” crowd but instead of upper 20’s, 30’s…50’s and so on.  Its particularly that older age group that I just don’t see waiting in line for a phone.  Even at Apple’s iPhone launches while there were older folk in line, the vast majority were young youthful bodies.  Back on the topic at hand, the Sprint exclusive on the Palm Pre is sure to keep many Sprint customers from jumping ship while at the same time actually pulling new ones in…something they haven’t been doing so hot at lately.  However, some people either just plain hate Sprint, or have some other type of aversion to CDMA.  Whatever the case may be, GSM loyalists jumped for joy when a UMTS Palm Pre was on display.  Could it be that the GSM world was also going to get the chance at a Pre?  



Palm Pre’s calendar gets a demo video shoot

Sunday, February 15, 2009 19:56
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The Palm Pre is getting lots of attention lately and for good reason.  It is quite possibly Palm’s greatest device ever created.  Soon we will know if it doees in fact live up to that claim.  Palm Pre hopefuls who can’t get enough of Palm’s Jesus phone that will literally bring the company back from the dead can check out another video on the other side that shows off the calendar and it’s many functions.   


Source: Gizmodo


Palm Pre release date: Mid May/Early June?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 11:31
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Boy Genius’s infamous ninjas have revealed yet again another piece of inside information concerning the Palm Pre.  A Sprint (EOL) End of Life sheet showing handset deaths and births shows the Palm Pre as arriving on 3/15.  Now don’t get too excited just yet.  The phone that it is replacing, the 755p, will need to have it’s stock further diminished before Sprint drops the Pre in order to maximize profits.  So judging by the other phones on this list and their death/birth dates one can guesstimate a May/June release for the Pre.  This will definitely be an interesting and exciting start to the summer!  For the full list of deaths and births click on through…


Sprint premiering “Sprint Premiere”

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 9:15
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Are you a Sprint loyalist?  Have you been with them for 10+ years and given them thousands upon thousands of your cold hard cash?  While I like to poke fun at Sprint, I have to admit they really have been trying lately to turn their image and entire company around.  With a solid lineup of phones including the Palm Centro, Treo Pro, and soon Palm Pre, they have some hardware to lure people back in.  On top of that, their $99 simply everything plan is by far the best deal in the wireless world.  Today Sprint is going one step further with “Sprint Premiere”.  What is it you ask?  Keep on a readin’!   Read More… »

Unlocked Palm Treo Pro now available for the low low price of $699

Monday, January 26, 2009 20:16
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If you are a Windows Mobile lover and have a thing for Palm, Best Buy has something for you.  The Palm Treo Pro, the hottest Palm of last year is officially available at Best Buy Mobile for a gut wrenching $699.  You have to be a true diehard Windows Mobile/Palm user to actually jump at a price like that.  The Sprint subsidized version which will come in at a much lower price will supposedly be here in mid February.  But as a gadget freak, I can understand the “gotta have it now” attitude.  Do you hear that?  Thats the sound of WM/Palm users’ wallets weeping.


Source: Crunchgear

Sprint decides to trim some loose ends…8,000 ends.

Monday, January 26, 2009 13:48
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So, you’ve been working at your job for 1,5, 20 years and they just let you go.  It’s no secret the economy is in the toilet.  In your quest for a new job, I would advise against heading to your local Sprint store if that sort of thing excites you as Sprint themselves are laying off 8,000 employees by March 31st.  To further keep pennies in their piggies, Sprint is freezing salary increases, freezing 401(k) matching, and a freeze in tuition reimbursement.  Ouch.  Maybe there is a silver lining in the cloud of dust from the collapsing companies.  In order to win back customers and in return make more money Sprint could lower prices on plans and phones, or even have “giveaways”.  It’s the little things at times like these that really grab peoples’ attention.  Just a few short years ago, Sprint used to be a quickly expanding company.  What happened?  Read More… »