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Apple Employee Says “iPhone 5 Is Just Weeks Away.”

  • September 16, 2011 1:26 am

This latest rumor comes from the best of the bunch. Apple employees are probably some of the brightest people I’ve known. iPhone prototypes have been lost, and lost again. They’ve even given away an external harddrive containing internal documents and materials. So obviously when they speak - we listen. The New York times had the privilege of talking with one of Cupertino’s finest who gives us a bit of low down on Apple’s latest iMiracle.

We’re just weeks away from the announcement of the new Apple iPhone 5, according to an Apple employee who asked not to be named because he was not allowed to speak publicly for the company.

BGR posted some interesting case pics today of what could possibly be the newest iPhone. Showing off some some nice curves, this could very well be the latest design. With the rumors piling up on whether we’ll see an iPhone 4S featuring the same design with the upgrades being internal, or an upgraded iPhone showcasing a completely new design - it’s hard to tell where it’ll all land. With Case-Mate quickly taking the pictures down, that only adds fuel to the fire.

The source within Apple says the iPhone will sport the 8 megapixel camera as well as the coveted A5 bbq chip. He also states that the iPhone 5 will be “fairly different‘ from the iPhone 4.

I personally don’t care much at this point. I am hoping for a design change. I wasn’t happy to have the same for 2 years with the 3G/3GS. The speed upgrade was nice, but that same design got old. I like some fresh meat in my hands. We’ll see if these latest rumors stack up against the rest - hopefully in a few weeks!

Sprint: “We Can Handle iPhone Traffic Just Fine.”

  • September 15, 2011 2:47 pm

Just like Verizon proclaimed earlier this year prior to officially launching the iPhone 4, Sprint is now getting their public image ready for next months (rumored) iPhone 5 launch.

Yesterday during an investor conference, Sprint’s Chief Financial Officer Joe Euteneuer more or less walked around direct confirmation of Sprint snagging an iPhone in the coming weeks (per FirceWireless):

“Steve [Elfman, president of Sprint's network operations and wholesale,] and his team have been relentless on watching the existing network to make sure that we are spending the capital we need and to make sure we don’t create a bad user experience-irrespective of all the rumors.”

Sprint can walk the walk right now seeing as how they don’t actually know what Apple’s iPhone (and the accompanying traffic) would do to their network. The real test, however, will be 1-2 months after an official Sprint iPhone launch. Will Sprint retain their (last of a dying breed) unlimited data plan, or will the relentless pounding by new iPhone customers finally do unlimited data in? We shall know soon enough.

New Data Monitoring Technology Could Improve Smartphone Battery Life Up To 44 Percent!

  • September 15, 2011 1:58 pm

Having to constantly think about when your next charging session will be is a massive pain. Mobile devices are supposed to free us from the confines of physical boundaries. So why are we spending even more time with them? The problem according to University of Michigan computer science and engineering professor Kang Shin and doctoral student Xinyu Zhang is that idle usage on mobile devices is almost as high as if they were fully awake. They have a fix (naturally). By using their new technology E-MiLi (Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening), up to 92% of mobile devices could see a 44% increase in battery life…

The War That Verizon Has Already Won: AT&T To Officially Launch First 5 LTE Markets This Sunday.

  • September 15, 2011 1:23 pm

Starting this Sunday, the “LTE Wars” officially begin as AT&T will publicly launch their next-gen network in the first 5 markets: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. While that is fine and dandy (and we whole heartedly welcome AT&T’s entrance into the LTE market), there won’t be any “LTE war” — a term/idea that’s quickly spreading. Verizon’s already won.

In early testing on unloaded networks, AT&T’s LTE speeds have ranged from the high single digits to right around 30 Mbps down — certainly not slow by any measure. However, VZW’s LTE network constantly averages 10-25 Mbps on loaded networks in large cities such as New York and Chicago. While there are surely areas where VZW’s LTE isn’t as fast as “4G” should be, the overall consensus we’ve seen from both hands on testing of our own and 3rd party reports online is that VZW’s LTE network is fast just about anywhere you go.

Compared to AT&T’s LTE rollout plans, Verizon’s network expansion is simply faster as the carrier already has a large portion of the country covered with LTE. (The latest reports put the official figure at 143 markets covering ~160 million people.) On top of that, every 3-4 weeks we’re hearing of half a dozen or more new markets as well as constantly expanding markets deployed earlier in the year. Compare that to AT&T’s rather meager goals of 15 markets by the end of 2012 and it’s easy to see that this “war” is anything but.

As it stands now, we don’t see AT&T putting much pressure on VZW’s LTE network in terms of speed, coverage, or reliability in 2012.

Personal opinions aside, AT&T’s entrance into the LTE race is good for consumers. End of story. Though it will be 2013 before speed freaks really begin to see the benefit in terms of both speed and choice.

Verizon Director Dishes On The Company’s Roadmap, LTE-Advanced.

  • September 15, 2011 10:59 am

How insanely devoted is Verizon to stomping the competition? Very. Today Praveen Atreya, director of network technology for Verizon mentioned to LightReading that the company is not only working feverishly to get LTE coverage nationwide, they’re already looking towards LTE’s replacement — LTE-Advanced (read: the original, “real” 4G before marketing buzzwords took over). Atreya admitted that such network upgrades were still in the very early stages.

Meanwhile Verizon’s director of technology applications, Larry Rau, told LightReading that VZW is still testing Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) in two pre-commercial markets and that public launches are unlikely until later in 2012. If you recall, one of the original market points of the LG Revolution Android device was that it was supposed to support VoLTE. Unfortunately as we now see, the network just isn’t ready quite yet.

With all that said, we don’t see LTE-Advanced going live until mid-2013(ish) at the earliest considering VoLTE (and data-based LTE) will need to be widely available and robust if VZW is serious about moving away from CDMA in an effort to free up more spectrum for LTE. Multi-year waiting aside, we’re eagerly anticipating LTE-Advanced’s 1 Gbps potential.

Verizon Wireless Announces 26 New LTE Markets Going Live September 15th.

  • September 14, 2011 12:48 pm

Fridays may be the best day of the week, but it is Thursdays (specifically tomorrows) that will have Verizon Wireless fans filled with school girl excitement. Today the LTE juggernaut announced 26 new and expanding markets set to go live tomorrow, September 15th. Full list after the break…

Internal Sprint Memo Suggests Sept. 30 - Oct 15 iPhone 5 Release?

  • September 10, 2011 4:06 am

And here we are with yet another iPhone 5 rumor - again involving Sprint. A ninja just happened to capture an internal memo over at Sprint barring any employees from taking time time off during the first half of October. “Due to the possibility of a major phone launch in October, we are blacking out September 30th through October 15th.

Does Sprint have any other “major” phone up it’s sleep? Could we really be seeing this iPhone released on the 3rd largest carrier in the US? We’ll see how the next few weeks play out with the release of the iPhone 5/4s and possibility of Sprint getting it’s mits on Apples newest baby.

Judge Overseeing AT&T Merger Lawsuit Sets September 21st Hearing.

  • September 7, 2011 12:20 pm

AT&T and T-Mobile USA parent company Deutsche Telekom still have a chance in pushing their proposed merger through despite ongoing lawsuits. The judge overseeing the merger lawsuit specifically between the Department of Justice and AT&T has set a September 21st hearing date in which both parties can propose amended plans for the merger in hopes of persuading the DoJ (among others) that the merger will in fact protect consumers and increase competition while starving off price hikes. The judge, Ellen S. Huvelle of the United States District Court in Washington, has also informed both sides to come prepared to negotiate if any type of settlement/agreement is truly wanted.

In order for the merger to be accepted, AT&T will likely have to give up vast chunks of spectrum and/or markets to appease government groups nervous about anti-competitive and monopolistic issues from arising. It makes sense, though. In many areas there will only be a single, major GSM carrier should the AT&T/T-Mobile merger be allowed under current conditions.

But even with the prospect of a tweaked merger plan, public support is less than positive. It seems most of the general public (who’ve voiced their opinion at least) can readily see through AT&T’s empty PR lies and marketing tactics. But can the government and courts?

As AT&T LTE Launch Looms, Early Speed Tests Show Plenty Of Room For Improvement.

  • September 7, 2011 10:09 am

When AT&T begins aggressively rolling out their LTE network any day now, it will help them two-fold. First and foremost it will bring faster speeds to the carrier’s less than speedy network in heavier populated areas. The indirect benefit of this is that users offloading data from AT&T’s 3G network to their newer LTE network will improve 3G performance. But from what we’ve seen so far, AT&T has plenty of room for improvement…