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iTunes Music download test on Edge and 3G

  • January 6, 2009 9:47 pm


Red Eye Chicago has already started putting the paces on AT&T’s strained network by testing the download times of songs on both Edge and 3G showing what we iPhoners can get used to downloading music untethered and outside of Wi-Fi networks.  The test song was “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police.  The results?  It took TiPB 1 minute and 3 seconds to download the song over 3G, while Edge puttered along a little slower taking a full 23 minutes!  Both tests were conducted with five bars (we know how reliable those little bars are now!)  Now of course speeds will vary by location as I hope to god Edge isn’t that slow everywhere.  So for all of you wondering how long it would take to download over AT&T’s network, now you know!


Source: Red Eye Chicago, Kaboodle *pic*

HTC S743 coming to America!

  • January 6, 2009 8:16 am


All of you HTC loving Windows Mobile toting campers stand up.  Today is a good day for you.  HTC has specially made an S743 handset for consumption here in the states.  It only supports 3G bands on the 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies so T-Mobile customers are out of luck (again).  Instead of carrier subsidizing, HTC is going the independent route with retailers such as Best Buy, CDW,, as well as several others to sell the handset.  So far all Boy Genius has received is a release date of Q1 of this year.  And even though a price hasn’t been announced, a $400-$600 entry price is a good start.

Source: Boy Genius

Palm readying BIG announcement?

  • January 5, 2009 11:54 pm


WM Experts has received a tip regarding Palm’s website.  Apparently they made a few changes and left a few tid bits of info confirming the Palm Treo Pro.  If you go to Palm’s site and hit “Shop” and then click on “Compare Details”, you’ll notice that under the Treo Pro it says 3g and CDMA + EVDO.  What does this mean?  Only that it could be coming to more than one U.S. carrier or even more wild is if it the CDMA version was a “World Edition”, being a CDMA phone here in the states, but with a SIM card slot allowing you to use pre-pay SIM cards for those times when you’re out of the country and outside of CDMA coverage.  The only known information as of right this second are the January 25th release date and the steep $549 price of admission.


Source: WM Experts , Lets Go Mobile *picture*


  • January 5, 2009 11:00 pm


This topic, while being discussed many times every year is still of interest because how segregated a market it creates.  Whether your a GSM junkie or CDMA fanboy, when ever the topic of GSM vs. CDMA come up you can guarantee that there will be a very heated debate afterwards as both camps have fiercely loyal members.  Each camp will claim superiority and that they are a better solution for world communication.  What camp do I associate with?  I will come right out in the beginning and say that I have a thing for GSM.  Why?  One of the biggest reason’s is SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards.  They make life so much easier.  You never have to worry about calling someone to activate a your phone.  You just swap the sim and go.  It makes having more than one phone such as one for work and another for weekends feasible.  CDMA doesn’t do this.  It requires you to call your service provider and have them activate it.  A hassle to say the least.  Another reason is GSM has a much larger selection of handsets to choose from, and being a tech junky, I love choices!

MMS for iPhone?

  • November 19, 2008 4:50 pm

TelianSonera, a Swedish telephone company let slip recently that they were working on a workaround for MMS on the iPhone.  Whether it was an in house workaround or a collaborative effort with Apple wasn’t given, but one thing is for sure is that the iPhone is long overdue for MMS!  The reported arrival of MMS was mentioned as being around 2 months out.  Only time will tell if this rumor manifests into reality.


source: MacNN

Centennial…The new AT&T

  • November 8, 2008 11:37 pm

Now I consider myself a tech savvy person who stays current with tech stuff all kinds. However, AT&T snapping up Centennial somehow slipped right by me. I can honestly say that’s the first I’ve heard anything about this *peeks head out of apparent bubble*. Well good news for me as I have AT&T. With the acquisition comes better coverage for At&T users in the more rural areas of the Midwest and southeast. All that has to happen now is various committees, shareholders, and other stuffy old guys have to approve.

Source: Boygenius

“Tethering coming soon” says AT&T

  • November 6, 2008 9:59 pm

Chances are, by now if your even remotely tech smart and wanted to tether your iPhone to your laptop you probably have already explored the world of jailbreaking. Setting up tethering on a jailbroken iPhone is hardly a chore. With AT&T’s delay because of fears their crappy 3g network will cave under all of the extra traffic (we all know it’s true) one would ask, will anyone even pay for the most certainly overpriced tethering option from AT&T once ts actually released? I’m sure a few tech retarded people and a few people mortified of voiding their oh so useful warranty from Apple will gladly welcome AT&T’s new addition. Honestly it should be included in the overpriced $30 data plan. Paying extra for tethering is paying twice for one thing. It’s dumb…really.

Source: Boygenius

AT&T “4g shmore g”

  • October 2, 2008 11:22 am

Getting tires of those crawling 3g speeds and looking for more? Does the thought of 4g turn you into a stuttering fool? Well, if you’re on AT&T you’ll have to stutter a little longer. AT&T is perfectly happy with their current progress of their 3g rollout and even says they plan to get at least 2-3 more gets out of it. With Sprint launching their XOHM network 4g is startig to come into the limelight. Currently it can actually he slower than 3g but in time, tthat will change.
Personally I think every carrier Gould blanket the US with 3g or at least most of it before trying to go to 4g. Trying to do two technologies at once will ultimately hinder both. Besides, so far 3g has been fast enough for me. What do you think? Can you wait 2-3 years or more 4g?

Sprints XOHM 4G service Live in Baltimore!

  • September 30, 2008 12:46 am

For all of you Sprint lovers *crickets chirping* …jk, if you live in Baltimore and have been itching to get a XOHM compatible device start dancing in the streets.  You now can enjoy download speeds of 2-4 Mbs, (that is it?)  Currently, 3G or “3.5G” maxes out at 7.2 Mbs, you have to start somewhere I guess…right?  Starting today you 4G loving foe can pick up XOHM branded hardware and sign up for $25 per month for home internet service, $30 per month for mobile service, or $10 for one full day of “on-the-go” access.  If you just can’t contain yourself, or your excitement…Sprint has your back there too.  You can sign up for $50 per month “Pick-two-for-life” plan that allows you to have 2 Wimax enabled devices…No Contract Required!  If you are foaming at the mouth in anticipation head on over to for coverage maps, service details, and additional hardware information.

source: Boygenius