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Best band camp ever: The Flamethrowing Trombone.

If you happen to know Jonathon Crawford, cherish those moments when you are with him. He’s a freaking genius. When life hands you bananas, make a flamethrowing trombone out of them. In all reality, it’s nothing too fancy — a few odds and ends including a typical trombone, propane tank, barbeque ignition system, and temperature sensor. When assembled together, however, the Flame throwing trombone of hell is born. I promise you, whichever school incorporates this into half time shows will be the school in the news. Hands down. Can you top it? Hop inside for the video showing the paint melting, fire alarming flame throwing trombone…
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Match made in heaven: iPad-powered Keg.

I’ve seen some clever iPad-powered contraptions in the short time span the Apple tablet has been alive, but nothing is as beautiful as this match made in heaven: an iPad-powered Keg.

Created by Jeff Micklos, the iPad and it’s accompanying “KegMate” iPad app allow you to tap into the details of every pour, temperature, info about the beer on tap, and even who had what and and what time thanks to an array of various sensors and arduino contorller. Talk about all around awesomeness. Hop inside for a video showing off the iPad-powered, beer flavored good time…

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The most comfortable mouse ever…

For all the computer mice I’ve seen, held, and loved, I’ve only ever had one that’s made me want a second — the Logitech MX Revolution. No, this isn’t some shamless plug for Logitech. It’s my honest opinion. While I’ve tried a few of those more vertically standing mice that are more geared towards designers and such, they just aren’t very practical for gaming purposes. And swapping mice constantly isn’t an attractive option either. So where does that leave us?

It leaves us wishing the mouse pictured above were real and not just some fantastic dreamer’s concept. The dreamer is Damien Crossan>. The mouse is the G50 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse by Logitech — again, not an actual, real product. *Sigh* With 11 physical buttons that increase to 23 when functions mappings are used and a very comfortable looking grip, this mouse is the power users dream. I’m sold. I want six. Please someone, make this mouse.

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Aerate your yard with these wheels of death.

Gadgets and lawn equipment — not something you’d normally hear in the same sentence. While I’m sure there’s some techie riding mowers out there, the two things don’t normally well up feelings of excitement in me. But I hate eve mowing my 5-minute yard, so I’m clearly biased. Maybe my opinion of lawn work would be different if I could drive around in a tractor with wheels covered in spikes such as these. The purpose is legit — aerating your yard with 1.5″ spikes while cutting those ever growing blades of grass down to size. But I’d be far too busy racing up along side people and brandishing my moving death impalement machine.
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The coolest coffee table to ever gaze upon: The Circuit Board Table.

If I had a coffee table in my house, it would be this. All those dreams of dumpster diving finally have a purpose. Of course, finding the necessary spare computer parts in a more or less “quality state” from within a dumpster would be pretty hard if they weren’t safely protected in an old case. Still, the quest goes on. Besides looking beyond awesome, your coffee will be happy too. Win win, right? Couple more shots after the jump…
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How-to: Make your own glow sticks!

Who doesn’t like glow sticks?! From E-rated to XXX-rated, glow sticks have uses for just about anyone and any purpose. Usually we just snap ‘em and watch them glow, not caring about the chemical background behind it. But glow stick science isn’t really that complicated at all — just a few chemicals and dyes really. You know what that means? They’re really easy to make at home. Hop on through to check out a video that details the painless process in detail…

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Juice up on the go with the mobile USB battery charger.

I can think of plenty of times when a wall outlet was no where to be found, leaving me with some rechargeable batteries sputtering out their last electrons, wondering when/if they would ever eat again. But thanks to handy little gadgets such as this USB battery charger, I can be at peace that my batteries will never go hungry again. All that’s required is a spare USB port, 4-6 hours of your time, and $20.95 in change. (AA batteries only.)

[Product Page: Useful Things]
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Give your brain a workout with the Talk Time Flip Clock.

Clocks that use hands, numbers, or even binary dots are old news. Who wants to blend in these days? If you really want to stand out as a trend setter while simultaneously giving your noodle a bit of a workout each time you check…the time, you need one of these: Time Talks Flip Clock.

Pretty simple concept. The time is shown off in phrases/words instead of simple numerical characters. Being hip never comes cheap though. Expect to drop £299 ($450 USD) for the trend setter image.

[Product Page: Rocket St. George]
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The nerdiest wedding ring you’ll see all week: The Memory Ring

We get it. You’re a nerd, a geek, an outcast from the popular norm. It’s ok. It’s more fun in our circle anyway. Gadgets and gizmos are a great thing to be captivated by. The only thing that tops that perhaps is finding someone to share that fascination with for a lifetime to come. Yes, I’m talking about the “M” word — Marriage.

For Ray Arifianto, a software developer engineer at Microsoft Game Studios, his marriage was capped with the ultimate tribute to geekdome — the flashdrive-i-fication of his wedding ring. As you can see, he had a freakin’ USB drive engraved into the ring. Though the most clever part is the inscription that is located on the inside of the band: “For a lifetime of memories”. Quite ironic given the “memory” that’s forever engraved on the top of his ring.

Anyone else have any better ideas?

[Foxfire Jewelers]
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