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iFan, charge your iPhone, tangle your hair.

The iFan: a revolutionary, magical device made famous by it’s multiple uses. One use being to greenly charge your iPhone. The other to rip out all of the hair on the side of your head. Well, only if you are stupid enough to think the wind will blow through it while it is next to your face. Either way - Magical!

The iFan was designed and created by Tjeerd Veenhoven. He must run into a lot of instances when he isn’t near an outlet, (or the cigarette outlet in his car) to need to design such a spectacular and magical piece of glory magic. How long does it take you to charge your iPhone using the power from your wall — mind you, not the computer, but the wall outlet? 30 minutes to 1 hour? It took this guy 6 hours to get a full charge with the wind. Now, these results are somewhat skewed. Wind speeds vary. And if you were a Storm Chaser, chances are your iPhone would charge a bit faster.

Created using a modified computer fan, Tjeerd was able to construct a sleek case to house it and the iDevice to allow for optimal wind blow charge power. As he states, holding the phone outside of your car window while driving could speed up the charge process, but we here at don’t recommend it. However, it may work wonders for those long sexy walks on the beach with your brand new love sweetheart, you can spark chemistry all while saving the planet!

Tjeerd Veenhoven’s Blog
Originally found at FSM

“Diminished Reality” removes objects from video in real time!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t exist? Perhaps something a little less deep — what if that hub cap on the car wheel were different? What if the building didn’t have some garish box jutting out of the side? Thanks to some researchers at Germany’s Technische Universität Ilmenau, now we can answer at least two of the three questions above. (Sorry, we can’t help you with questions regrading your existence at this point and time.)

The technology has the nickname “Dimished Reality”, and essentially works much like augmented reality. Except, the only difference (and it’s a big one) is that the process is all live, in real time, using video. The image above gets the point across. The video inside causes your shirt to turn into a drool rag. So get clickin’…
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Pack up your music (literally) with the Boom Case.

I love quirky, unique gadgets. The Boom Case fits that bill to a “T”. The whole “speaker in a portable box” thing may have been done many times over. But to my eyes, these Boom Cases by Mr. Simo take the cake. My personal favorite is the “Thumper Bot” (shown above) — 200 watts of power and 9+ hours of battery power. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome. Pics inside…
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It’s like a house, except round…and it morphs into different rooms.

Tired of living in your typical box-shaped abode? Some clever students from Karlsruhe, a German university, have turned everything regarding home design upside down — literally. The Rolling Space is a three-part “house” that can have each part rotate individually. The end result is quite a bit more useful living space tailored to specific activities than one would normally find in such close quarters.

One part of this concept house triples as a bed, desk, and resting area/chair while the middle part takes care of exercise needs ala the tried and true hamster wheel. The third and final part of this unique house handles all of your kitchen duties, featuring cupboards for storage and even a sink!

I’m pretty sure this symbolizes the ultimate in mobile living and efficiency, wouldn’t you say? Gallery after the break…

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The Outlet of Tomorrows companion: The Line Block

It seems as if we’re always seeing new and innovative electrical outlet designs. On the flip side, however, we never really see anything new and exciting when it comes to what’s actually being plugged into said outlet. The cable that tethers our gadgets and electrical devices hasn’t changed in decades. Why should everything else have all the fun?

That’s what the “Line Block” hopes to change. The key design element with the Line Block is the puzzle-like design which allows the stacking or coupling of multiple cords. As anyone who owns their fair share of electronics, having stackable/easily containable cords is a god send. If we had the Line Block now, we could throw out all of those twist ties as well as over priced cable management solutions.

Of course, the biggest hurdle isn’t making all of these cables — Ultimately needing hundreds of millions, if not billions — but actually getting dozens upon dozens of hardware/gadget/electronics manufacturers to all come together and agree on some kind of standard so that the Line Block could actually be born. To dream the impossible dream…

(Larger pic inside)
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Vertrax: Skateboarding goes off-road?

For skateboarding enthusiasts, it’s all fun and games — until the smooth pavement ends that is. The very nature of the sport requires a well maintained, or at least decently smooth surface. When things get bumpy, rocky, sandy, etc., it becomes less fun and more “chore” as you have to carry your board. But the “Vertrax” (designed by Bryson Lovett) aims to change all of that.

Using a tank-like track and electric motor, the Vertrax aims to go where no skateboard has ever gone before — off-road. It seems pretty clever, though, the small dimensions of the board ultimately mean a relatively small motor and battery pack. Add on a 150-200lb. human and soft terrain and you’ve got an equation for failure.

Even still, I’ll remain optimistic that science can come through yet again. ‘Nother shot after the break…
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When life hands you old cardboard: Make a suitcase.

Generally, “cool stuff” is gadget related. In my mind anyway. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any non-electronic geeky things. Take for example, the cardboard suitcase you see above. The “Move-it” concept is created by David Graham and makes use of your standard, durable cardboard, self-adhesive properties, and simple design to turn what was once trash, into a useful product.

For the suit case, wheels, two different handles, and even a “build-your-own-dimensions” approach mean this simple box is full of possibilities. The old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” couldn’t be any more fitting than it is now. Hop inside to see a video highlighting how it works…

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Ferrari Espresso Machine oozes extravagance. If only it were real…

If there’s one thing Ferrari owners generally have copious amounts of, it’s money. Lots of it. So much so, they’re willing to spend ridiculously overpriced amounts for anything with a Ferrari logo on it. I can’t judge though. I’d probably have a similar bit of loyalty myself if I was giving a particular company hundreds of thousands of dollars too. Nevertheless, I’m sure plenty of Ferrari owners have dreamt of a morning in which they could wake up to a fresh cup of espresso from their uber special, limited edition Michael Schumacher Ferrari Helmet Espresso machine.

Concept for now. But all it takes is one aspiring entrepreneur and outrageous licensing fees for this simple concept to become reality. Any taker?

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Nokia Kinetic redefines all that is Nokia. Bonus: “Awakens” to alert you to new messages/calls.

What’s one of the most important features you buy a phone for? Now, ask yourself what you’d still like to see added to your phone of the future. Does a self-standing/awake-the-user type of thing interest you? I’ll stay away from the word “gimmick” for now, because if Nokia can pull of the Kinetic concept above and actually build in useful features, it’ll be pretty slick.

The basic idea is that when a new message or call comes in, the phone will gradually raise itself up — a clear sign that someone is trying to get a hold of you. When audible and vibration-based notifications fail to catch your attention, all we’ve really got left is sight, right? But if Nokia doesn’t perfectly execute a design like this, it’s going to reek of cheap dollar store calculator. (Come on, you know you’ve all had one of those calculators with the flippy LCD cover…)

Utility aside, so much focus on smartphones these days seems to be going towards ever thinner devices. With a very packed trunk on the Kinetic, do you think it would catch on? I’d give it a shot. You? ‘Nother diagram after the jump detailing this stand up phone…
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