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Flexible AMOLED Displays From Samsung Coming to CES.

Tablets of every shape, size, and color may be the current fad in the tech media, but Samsung has another gadget up their sleeve that they’ll be showing off — flexible AMOLED displays! According to their press release, the displays that we’ll see at CES measure in at 4.5-inches in size with WVGA resolution (800 x 480). No other information is available at this point, but as we’ve said many times tonight: check back next week when we hit the CES show floor!

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The Future Is Now: LVX Lighting Communication System Offers 3Mbps File Transfers Over Office Lighting.

In the world of corporate America and the endless seas of cubicle islands, flickering lights are nothing more than a nuisance/headache-causing annoyance that we have to deal with day in and day out. But six municipal buildings in St Cloud, Minnesota at the will be outfitted with LVX’s “Visible Light Communication System”.

The concept is simple: flickering lights (in this case, LEDs) transfer data to desktop modems that then feed the information to a computer. Similar LEDs in the modem can respond back to the lights overhead, thereby enabling a sort of futuristic exchange of information. And to those worried about endless flickering offices from hell — don’t. The lights flicker faster than the normal human eye can register.

The first generation of LVX’s lighting system will top out 3Mbps. But future iterations will I’m sure gain speed. Such a solution is highly needed in the ever growing world of wireless communication and crowded airwaves.

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Quantum Computing Just Took One Step Closer to Reality. #quantumcomputing #gadgets

We may all drool over the latest and greatest PC hardware as it trickles onto the web, but quite honestly, it’s the same story year after year. More transistors, more cores, more efficiency combined with more processing power. The real excitement however, will come when scientists finally unlock quantum computing for the masses. The potential of such technology has far reaching and incredibly powerful potential. And thanks to the help of several intelligent physicists at the University of Utah, we are now one step closer to such technology…
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Meijer Stores the First to Start Installing Free Electric Car Chargers.

If you’re a resident of Michigan and currently dote around in an electric vehicle, you’re going to want to add Meijer to the list of places to stop — for necessity and food. Julie Croll, Senior Vice President of Properties and Real estate at the popular Hypermarket, announced that the company is currently in the process of installing new electric vehicle chargers (in partner with Coulomb Technologies) at several of their Michigan stores, though the first station is already live in Warren, Michigan. Allen Park and Holland are the next to Mejier locations scheduled for installation.

The best part for consumers is that each one of these SAE J1772-compliant stations are 100% free, and provide 110v or 220v charging options. Right now, the maximum number stations per store is two. Croll added, however, that up to 20 more Meijer stations would be “electrified” by the end of 2011.

Any mid-westerners going to make the trek up to Michigan to check the new charging stations out?
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“Diminished Reality” removes objects from video in real time!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t exist? Perhaps something a little less deep — what if that hub cap on the car wheel were different? What if the building didn’t have some garish box jutting out of the side? Thanks to some researchers at Germany’s Technische Universität Ilmenau, now we can answer at least two of the three questions above. (Sorry, we can’t help you with questions regrading your existence at this point and time.)

The technology has the nickname “Dimished Reality”, and essentially works much like augmented reality. Except, the only difference (and it’s a big one) is that the process is all live, in real time, using video. The image above gets the point across. The video inside causes your shirt to turn into a drool rag. So get clickin’…
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Steve Jobs finally wants you to finger more than just his iDevices…maybe

I remember hearing the beginning rumors of a touch iMac years and years ago, probably before the first iFone. None the less, this is still a much desired piece to my Apple collection. Supposedly, Apple is testing out panels for a future touchy type iMac. Now, if these rumors are actually, *finally* true, what do you think will come of it? Do you think we’ll have a hit like we have with all the iPhones and iPods we use and fingerblast all day long? Or will the dorks, including myself, just be sitting at their desks at home “greasing” up their monitors and making huge messes.

I like the idea. But at the same time I kind of don’t. I would for sure get some sort of Jersey Shore protective film for it, since no one that reads this site would ever enter to win it, but still. Would this benefit our desk lives? Or should we push for a touch MacBook. I’m sure most of you remember the touch MacBook mod from like a year ago. I think Apple would have more success with a portable model, somewhat like their iPad, just lest party piece, and more work related. I mean, the iPad is more for your wider screened iFapping than it is business.

I guess we’ll see what happens in the future, if these are just stupid iRumors, or if they turn into a reality. Either way, my iDevices probably won’t be able to WiFi sync with it… :(

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Mozilla-designed phone rocks dual pico projectors and embedded bluetooth dongle.

The above concept phone by Mozilla Labs goes by the name of “Seabird”. Looks alone might win a few design contests, but phones have reached a point where they’re all pretty much the same basic style. Services and software are increasingly becoming the staple points of any given platform. With that said, how does the Seabird differentiate itself?

The most intriguing part of this little gem is the embedded bluetooth dongle. It’s detachable and can be held like a remote, enabling the user to interact with the device without having to even touch it. In much the same way, you can use that dongle as a bluetooth mouse. And finally, the dongle can be used as your typical bluetooth earpiece. But that’s not all…
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Nintendo 3DS features dual ARM 11 processors, separate 133MHz GPU.

Just in case you thought the new Nintendo 3DS wouldn’t have the gusto to power all of that new fangled 3D wizardry, a source “close to the matter” leaked to IGN UK the claimed spec list. It’s quite a trip: dual 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, a 133MHz GPU with 4MB of dedicated VRAM, 64MB of RAM, and 1.5GB of flash storage. I know what you’re thinking. 266MHz, even in a dual configuration, isn’t much to be impressed or excited about. To some extent you’re right. But you have to look at the company behind it. Nintendo hasn’t been on the bleeding edge of graphics or realism since the N64.

With that said, 3D is the new fad that everyone is obsessed with. And as far as mobile goes, Nintendo is way out in front. Gamers definitely have something to look forward to with the upcoming 3DS. While the eye candy won’t be as crisp as other options, it will be in multiple dimensions. For some, that’s the only thing that matters. Check back in the near future as the rumored November launch date approaches. We should be hearing more concrete evidence proving or disproving the claimed info above before long.

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The phone of the future will charge off your voice, bring potential for never-dying batteries.

Being a smartphone aficionado over the last several years has shown me time and time again just how badly battery technology has languished. It seems like we hear stories all the time of the next latest and greatest battery tech that is “just on the horizon”. And yet, that horizon never comes. The stories fade into oblivion and we never hear about them again. This more recent story isn’t about a type of battery per say, but more in how batteries charge. Currently, batteries need an electronic power source, whether it be a battery or a wall out let, to leech power from. There’s plenty of times in the average person’s day that such things just aren’t possible. Enter the world of 2035 and the spectacle of batteries charging themselves solely by the human voice.
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