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Angry Birds T-Shirts. #angrybirds

Between Angry Birds LEGO figures, Angry Birds plush toys, and Angry Birds iPhone cases, I’d have to say that we’re in the midst of a massive overtaking consisting of some very colorful, very…um…angry birds. We already know that Rovio wants AB to become bigger than Tetris. And so far, they’re well on their way. If anything, it won’t be too long before we can’t go an hour without seeing some fluffy, legless bird’s image plastered on anything and everything imaginable.

Personally, I’m still holding out for the Angry Birds contacts lenses. Some screenshots after the jump…
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Think Geek T-Shirt Review Roundup.

Besides your usual geeky affair of smartphones, computers, and new fangled TV’s, clothing itself can even be a highly sought after item. Normal clothing is pretty boring to a digital junkie like you and I, but more sophisticated and “modern” threads such as those found at Think Geek, among others, are truly pushing the boundaries of what the typical “clothing” label entails. Think Geek was kind enough to give me four t-shirts for review so that you, the aspiring reader, can make an informed decision the next time you’re going through your cart and deciding what to buy. So hop on past for a good look at four awesome t-shirts: The Drum Kit, The Electric Guitar, The Personal Soundtrack, and, The WiFi Detector…

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AT-AT Ice Cream Truck T-Shirt

With the Imperial army in shambles, old, decommissioned AT-AT Walkers need something to keep active.

[Product Page]

Larger pic after the jump…
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Duck Hunt T-shirt: So close yet so far…

It may showcase a simpler time. A time in which we measure graphics chips by MHz and graphics by bits. But that doesn’t matter. This Duck Hunt t-shirt is bad ass. It was up for vote on for printing. Unfortunately, it appears it didn’t win the vote. Pity. I’d buy it. Hell. I’d by ten.

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Update: Adidas TRON shoes stop a few feet short of are pure awesomeness.

Hearing of some Adidas TRON shoes sounds awesome enough in text. Seeing a picture like the one above is like Holy Shiat! Finding out they don’t really have any glowing light whatsoever is the kick in the pants at the end. While it’s unfortunate the TRON shoes above don’t really glow with any self illumination, the glow-in-the-dark stitching and other reflective properties play off lighting and light angles to give off the impression of glowing.

No, the they’re not as cool as they could be. Nonetheless, they’re TRON shoes that will no doubt make a statement — and all of this hype a full 6 months before the movie is even released. What are you guys doing in 6 months?

Whataya know, dreams do come true. Turns out that glowing goodness is the real deal, and made with the same material as the official TRON suits in the movie — “Elastolite” (OryonTech).

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The nerdiest wedding ring you’ll see all week: The Memory Ring

We get it. You’re a nerd, a geek, an outcast from the popular norm. It’s ok. It’s more fun in our circle anyway. Gadgets and gizmos are a great thing to be captivated by. The only thing that tops that perhaps is finding someone to share that fascination with for a lifetime to come. Yes, I’m talking about the “M” word — Marriage.

For Ray Arifianto, a software developer engineer at Microsoft Game Studios, his marriage was capped with the ultimate tribute to geekdome — the flashdrive-i-fication of his wedding ring. As you can see, he had a freakin’ USB drive engraved into the ring. Though the most clever part is the inscription that is located on the inside of the band: “For a lifetime of memories”. Quite ironic given the “memory” that’s forever engraved on the top of his ring.

Anyone else have any better ideas?

[Foxfire Jewelers]
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For the true geeks at heart, another Binary Watch.

Nothing is as pure and simple geek as a binary clock. There’s all kinds of other gadgets, gizmos, and contraptions that show off your less popular side, but nothing is as timeless as time itself. That’s exactly why you need a binary watch. But even then, tons of people have binary watches and clocks, though some may haven’t the slightest clue how to actually read them. Now you can one-up them with this binary watch.

“The One” binary watch is a normal clock and binary clock morphed into one, with a single sliding door-like plate hiding either side of the clock face. A stealthy geek you can be! But what’s even more intriguing is the “geek in training” feature — the binary face has the numbers printed next to each dot, making it easier than ever for beginners to tell binary time by a simple glance.

There isn’t a price or available purchase date yet, but be sure to keep checking ThumbsUpUK frequently if things such as this interest you.
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Why not strap a computer to your feet? Introducing: The Nike Circuit Shoes

I love geeky clothing. And I’m not just talking about some run of the mill t-shirt with some clever, digital play on words. Honest to goodness “Woah, that’s awesome” type of stuff. The Nike Circuit Shoes created by Gabriel Dishaw aren’t technically Nike’s at all. They’re just modeled to look like that.

The coolness factor that simply oozes out of the circuit laden footwear is too cool to ignore. A good end table piece for sure. Just don’t go navigating the world in these. Can you say blisters from hell…

Oogle some more at the gallery inside…
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Never go cold again: The Internet Enabled Coat Rack

When I was young, my mom and my grandmother were always yelling at me to put my coat on when I went outside. Often times I didn’t listen. And then I got grounded. I got to be familiar with my room fairly often when I was under 5′ tall.

But times have changed. Now, instead of having physical bodies yelling at me to put my coat on, I can have a net nanny coat hanger do it for me.

If you haven’t got it by now, the coat hanger is connected to the internet and knows the weather at all times. When it’s forcasted to be a bit blustery, the nanny coat hanger will be sure to let you know.

If only this were out of the concept stage…
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