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Gargantuan solar farm to power 20% of Europe by 2050, rest of the continent sometime thereafter.

  • June 23, 2010 7:09 am

Talk of massive solar farms powering anything larger than a small city has until now, been left to science fiction. From what we’ve seen so far, there just hasn’t been enough space to build a solar farm big enough to consume all the energy of a given city or town. But that could all change, thanks to a gargantuan 6,500sq. mile solar farm being built in the Sahara desert…

Solar powered, clay roof tiles — Make a tree smile today.

  • June 21, 2010 7:33 am

If you’re looking to relieve some of the pressure off your wallet when it comes time to pay those monthly energy bills, what can you do? Turn off the lights, buy more energy efficient appliances, or live off the land in a tend in the woods? All are notable options. Though the last isn’t exactly everyone’s forte.

If none of those strike your fancy, you could always outfit your roof with some of these terracotta roofing tiles complete with built in solar panels. Dubbed the “Tegolasolare“, these clay tiles aim to make your energy bill more manageable and your energy footprint smaller overall.

The tiles themselves measure 46 x 46cm with the actual solar part of the tile clocking in at 29cm x 29cm. But even at that size and considering a roof full of tiles, you’re only looking at 3-5Kw of energy produced each day. In the grander scheme of things, 3-5Kw of “free energy” isn’t going to help you out much, as 3-5Kw is but a small portion of a typical person’s daily usage. But hey, every little bit counts, right?

Orange’s latest eco-friendly phone charger comes in a boot.

  • June 8, 2010 9:20 am

Have you hugged a tree today? If not, don’t fret. Simply pick up a pair of the Orange Power Wellies boots — a pair of boots that uses heat from every foot step to recharge your phone.

I often forget to bring my charging cable with me, resulting in a power depleted phone by midday. Though I doubt I’d ever forget my feet (unless someone else was using them of course). Precisely the phone accessory I could use. However, the reported 12-hour stomp session that only nets you an hour of charge time is kind of disappointing. But it’s a prototype so I’ll let it slide.

Forget batteries: The Hand-Crank Eco Twinkle Light

  • June 2, 2010 1:51 pm

Forget about worrying whether or not you’ve got enough batteries. They don’t last that long in “real” gadgets. And unless you buy strictly rechargeables, you’re going to be replacing batteries for the rest of your life. Not a good deal in the slightest. Toss ‘em out and pick up one of these nifty hand-crank lights designed by Australian designer Kenan Wang. Green. Simple. Cool.

Yay or nay?

The calculator of tomorrow, today! The water-powered calculator.

  • June 1, 2010 9:12 am

Batteries really haven’t changed much over the years, only going through a few big changes every few decades. Even still, they’re wholly inefficient and toxic to the planet. But a water powered calculator with some unique new age batteries could go a long way to making this planet happier…

“Powered by water?” — you say. Yes. It’s actually not that complicated. The batteries that power this calculator are simple capsules filled with water and interact with two electrodes, causing a chemical reaction which in turn produces the electrical juice we all crave so desperately.

The best part — when the batteries are dead (all the water evaporates eventually), simply refill with water and viola!

$10.99 and it’s yours. Step inside for the links…

Google Power Meter software and Current Cost hardware tag team the UK.

  • May 27, 2010 12:00 pm

I’m far from what you’d call your typical “tree hugger”. Though I certainly to care about my energy bill and how the army of gadgets I have lays siege to my outlets while I’m away. I currently don’t use any type of monitoring hardware or software. But after seeing the Current Cost + Google Power Meter duo, I’m seriously re-thinking my decision of going it alone. With the Current Cost energy meter in place, I could track my energy usage and post it — In real time! — online with Google Power Meter.

If I lived in the UK that is…

Think your Prius is fuel conscious? Japan Electric Vehicle Club takes test car over 1,000km on a single charge.

  • May 25, 2010 9:12 am

The Prius may be the go-to standard for fuel efficiency with a few cult circles preferring lesser known hybrids. But none of that matters as all current “Green” cars pale in comparison to what Japan Electric Vehicle Group achieved.

These talented folks managed to take their Mira EV over 1,000km (~620 miles) on a single charge…

Free hot water power shower? Piezoelectricity says yes.

  • April 27, 2010 7:39 am

Is it really possible to obtain “free energy”. Out entire lives we are taught and witness firsthand that nothing is ever truly free. Someone, something, somewhere is always making up for “free” further on down the line. But a new piezoelectronic shower concept by Sebastian Jansson (Finnish designer), Fernanda Pizà (Mexico), Victor Stelmasuk (Brazil) and Natalie Weinmann (Germany) questions the very principles of the science we know today…

The “smart” power strip that tells you how much energy your suckin’ down…

  • April 9, 2010 1:50 pm

As we move more and more into energy awareness and actually caring about all the wattage we’re suckin’ down, sometimes we have to step back and think where to actually start. I mean, how can the average person quickly and easily tell how much energy they are consuming, gadget lovers in particular? Essentially you can’t. It’s more or less a crap shoot.

A new power strip concept by Fujitsu aims to change that. The unique aspect of this power strip is that it will actively (in real-time) measure each outlet/gadget’s power usage and send the information to software on your computer, detailing the dirty deeds. Connecting the power strip to the computer is done via USB.

If/when this “smart strip” comes to market, I don’t necessarily think it will garner a huge following right away. Rather, it will likely take years of other manufacturers implementing similar technology into their products in a sort of “global movement”.

But hey, every little bit counts, right? I’d even wager to say that a strip such as this smart strip is actually pretty sweet, especially for a gadget nerd like me. I’d certainly pick up a couple. Would you?