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The brilliant mind behind the CD spindle bagel holder is a modern day Jesus…

  • March 18, 2010 9:34 pm

Ya, you could be all crafty and invent some uber gadget that completely automates your life — dressing you, brushing your teeth, wiping your as…. but that would just take all the fun out of life, wouldn’t it? So what is the next best thing to the brain implanted chip that allows you to see through walls and compute complex calculations faster than the world’s fastest super computer? Simple — a CD spindle bagel holder. It’s so basic yet so ingenious that I want to shake this guy (or gals) hand. As an added bonus, by not using plastic bag after plastic bag, some baby walrus laying motionless on some remote iceberg will live to see another day. Awe…how sweet. Think of the baby walruses will ya….

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Solar road way prototypes pictured. Drool forming in 3..2…

  • March 17, 2010 6:07 am

Is it possible to get excited over a roadway? If the roadway in question is a materialized version of the various concepts that have wandered past my eyes in the last few years, then yes. The prototype above is the work of Solar Roadways and shows just how sweet the concept really is. I know it’s weird, but I can’t wait until i start driving on these roads. We’ve still got a few years though :(

Besides looking helluva cool, there are some actual real-world uses such as (obviously) better night visibility, energy storage/sharing of energy with smart grid, and possibly even mild snow melting support. Anyone else geeked about some new fangled transportation paths?

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Power strips are cool again: The Power Strip Ejector series (Ejector-strip). [Concept]

  • February 23, 2010 2:08 pm

Green this, hug a tree that. It seems that all we ever hear about concerning heavy gadget usage is how terrible it is for the planet. That very well may be, but at least progress is being made, wouldn’t you say? If any doubt still remains, simply take a look at this innovative and downright cool power strip concept designed by “Soon Mo Kang”.

Similar in design to the Leech Plug, the “Ejector-strip” (self-titled — copyright eleventy billion years with) is so basic yet so complex at the same time. The easy side of things is how it, like any other power strip, plugs into a wall and shuttles electrons from port A to prong B. The real magic is how it handles such things in it’s modular design. By going modular, not only to end users save money on not having to pay for outlets they don’t need, but also in not having unused outlets constantly sucking power (albeit tiny amounts) at home. Further adding to it’s love-a-tree mentality, less packaging is used and trashed as a result. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The other lust worthy feature is the very thing that sparked my naming idea — the ejectable nature of the plugs by way of a simple finger click freeing it from it’s 3 holed prison. Like the Leech Plug, the easy removal of the plugs is by no means revolutionary or a major feature that will save the world. But it’s cool tech plain and simple.

Yes, I’m getting all excited over a concept power strip…

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The green cubicle starts here? CubeTubes.

  • February 19, 2010 10:50 am

It isn’t too often we see a corporate minded gadget get us all hot and bothered. I mean, the differences between the corporate world of gadgets and the consumer world of gadgets are like comparing the a horse and buggy to flying cars. But every once in a while, a gem makes it’s way past our visual receptacles and excites us. In this case, it’s the CubeTube.

Everyone knows what a solar panel is and what it’s main function in life is — to recycle solar particles into usable energy for whatever plugs into it. An office uses a ton of energy but has generous amounts of worker bees crammed into tiny cubes, away from the outside world (and sun) meaning any solar advancements have to typically be thrown outside or on the roof of the business costing eye bleeding amounts of money. And we all know how giving your typical business is with modern tech. That’s where CubeTube comes in.

Taking solar recycling and giving it back to the people, the CubeTubes sit atop your cubicle or desk and actually draw the ambient light from indoor lighting — not solar/sun light — to recycle into usable energy. Color me thoroughly impressed yet skeptical. I mean, even the best solar panels have a pretty paltry efficiency rate with real sunlight let alone a few fluorescent lights. Are the photovoltaic cells really that good at their job? I simply don’t think so. Michael Trei of Dvice thinks the same too. Also, if these photo cells are so efficient with light (and can run off of indoor lighting no less), I’m pretty sure we would have seen a much larger media presence and more implementations already, wouldn’t you say?

In the end, I’m highly intrigued though still a fence sitter at this point. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until “sometime next year” before getting our hands on some. What do you think: Do these seem plausible or do you see “late-night infomercial” written all of this?


The Leech Plug: The self conscious, tree hugging wall plug.

  • February 17, 2010 2:49 pm

Unbeknownst to many, even if an electronic is fully charged, it will still draw power from the wall. Now it may not seem like much. And in reality, it isn’t — for a single gadget in a single day. But then take into account how many gadgets there are sitting fully charged in wall outlets across the world. It adds up. What if there were a “smart” plug that would detect a charged battery and released said battery accordingly?

Welcome to the Leech Plug. Designed by RSID student Conor Klein, the Leech Plug get’s it’s name after it’s real world ability to sense when it’s sucked all the power it can cram into the host battery and spit out the plug when the deed is said and done. There isn’t much to say other than sit back and watch the movie below. Prepare to be captivated. An automatically puking wall plug is quite the sight.


Norway to be the home of new, giant slaying wind turbine.

  • February 16, 2010 7:23 pm

When it comes to wind power, bigger is always better. A few design tweaks here and there can be made to the individual blades to increase the efficiency of said blade, however, at the end of the day, the blade with the most square footage wins. It looks as if Norway is taking that thinking and multiplying it — exponentially — with their new, currently in construction, wind turbine gigantor.

When this modern behemoth is finished, the rotors will span over 473ft, it’s will tower over 533 ft into the air (that’s taller than 50-stories of man made building by the way), and 10MW of electricity will flow forth from this engineering marvel. For those ultra curious tree huggers and nerds of the bunch, that’s enough power to keep 4,000 homes running at any given moment.

Such a massive piece of metal, steel, and ingenuity has to be anchored securely right? Wrong. “Giganturbine” (oh yeah, the creative juices are flowing now) will live life as an *almost* freely wondering spirit, floating on top of the sweet blue sea and connected to mother earth with nothing more than a suction anchor. I’d hate to see this child run away from home and have to drag it back — tens of miles back.

Norwegians can expect to start seeing electrons harnessed by Giganturbine sometime next year.


Kia introduces the Ray: Solar power, 202 MPG, and a sweet futuristic look.

  • February 12, 2010 5:54 am

I love gadgets. Check, we know that. Chocolate. Yup, we’ve gone over that too. But cars? Ya, I Iike cars too — futuristic, gadget/electronic filled cars. Out of all the car manufacturers you would expect to hear unveiling a super teched out car, Kia has this time stolen my attention with the Ray.

The Ray screams futuristic. Just look at it. The Ray isn’t all looks however. Atop it’s 173″ long body sit two very large pieces of glass coated in photovoltaic cells. Initially, these large solar panel-like contraptions are meant to power the HVAC system. Though rolling over into actually battery storage for propulsion is possible as well, with the Ray capable of going up to 50 miles on electric alone and gives the car a rough estimation of 202 MPG. Don’t forget, electric/hybrid cars have vastly different operating features and functions and as such, require a totally different method for testing.

Cutting through it all however will yield one simple conclusion — the Kia Ray is beyond cool, both in it’s solar abilities and physic looks. I just hope that as the Ray moves from concept to actual product, the designers don’t dumb down the look of the car too much. Though I’m pretty certain those large glass slabs will be drastically reduced due to the usual design/feature killing safety standards. Gotta be safe I guess, right….?

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Rocco: The energy generating, resourceful horse of course.

  • February 11, 2010 11:21 pm

Parents near and far have probably heard their kid ask for a new toy upon entering into a store at least half a billion times. Most times they’re met with a quick and sharp “No!”. Denying the kid doesn’t phase you in the slightest because god knows you kneed another damn cheap plastic toy riddling your floors. If your child happens to ask for “Rocco”, you may want to pause before you sharply reply with a “No” the next time.

To start off, Rocco is a rocking horse that generates it’s own energy. Pretty novel concept. But why does a rocking horse need electricity to start with? To power the light up ears of course. Ok, so now we’ve got a gimmicky childrens toy — as if that’s anything new. But wait, there’s one more step. Those light up ears can be yanked out and used as flashlights. Now that’s ingenuity. Seriously. A rocking horse, energy generator and tool for cases of emergency. Ya, that’s awesome.

Unfortunately, my soon to be baby seed won’t be playing on this in the near term. Not because they won’t be able to get on and off but because Rocco is noting more than the dream in designers Aaron Tsui, Irina Kozlovskaya, Jasen Mehta, and Sergio Silva’s heads. If Rocco were to come to market however, I can see a pretty huge following behind him. I mean what’s not to like. Money saver, kid pleaser, and overall cool looking are pretty good reasons to buy.

Here’s to hoping…


Wind Power for the nature junkie: Eolic Foldable WindPower Generator.

  • January 20, 2010 1:22 pm

What the hell is that? At first, visions of some new age weapon come to mind. But in reality it’s something much more and much more useful — a mobile solar power generator.

Being green and living clean is getting easier with each passing day. Regardless if the current world we live in is warming or cooling, giving mother nature a helping hand certainly can’t hurt. In the solar power arena, harnessing such power for larger scale applications (read: large tools/small housing) require some pretty hefty solar cells and hardware. Hardware that is anything but mobile. A new design by Marcos Madia, Sergio Ohashi and Juan Manuel Pantano however aims to make the trek into the wilderness, or at the very least, power away from outlets more mobile and easier to use.

The design is simple — attach some solar panels to a foldable contraption and make it lightweight and compact when folded. That’s where this little beaut excels, providing mobile power in a light and small package that can be folded up when the job or need moves. Pretty cool huh?

Anyone have any great ideas of what you could use this for?