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Old Man B**ch Slaps Teenager on Plane - Air Marshal rofl

I’m pretty sure everyone has been on an airplane at least once in their lives — and you know when the pilot gets on and interrupts your game/video/song telling us we’ll all die if we don’t turn our electronic devices off??? Well, a certain rebellious teenager chose to take his chances with fate when an older “gentleman” sitting next to him gave him an extra warning. The 68 year old tough guy got so mad he decided it made sense to punch the poor 15 year old.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve met a lot of 15 year old boys I wanted to roundhouse, but never in front of a plane full of witnesses. I mean, really? Was the guy that worried the plane was going to nose dive into the ground he thought beating up a child sounded better? Witnesses said the boy ignored the pilots request, and he was then punished. Authorities were phoned in and were waiting (#blackops style) at the gate for the guy to get off. After hearing statements, and seeing the nasty welt on the poor kids arm, the pieces fit, and the man was taken into custody. He is being charged with misdemeanor battery, and has been booked into county jail.

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Infograph: If Browsers Were Celebrities.

If you frequent Gadgetsteria, two things should be common knowledge. (1) We love Gadgets. (2) We love infographs. Put the two together and you’ve struck gold. Today’s humorous gadget-related infograph casts our favorite browsers as celebrities. Because we’ve all wondered at some point. Click through for the full size image.
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The 25mph Modded Segway of Death. #segway

In life there are mods, and then there are mods. This tweaked Segway with significantly larger wheels plays on basic physics push to the device’s top speed up to 25mph. That doesn’t sound like a lot to a society used to 70mph+. But when you’re on a top-heavy, two-wheeled machine that uses nothing more than a few gyroscopes and electric motors to keep you from faceplanting into the pavement, it’s considerably more dangerous.

You know you want to hop inside and check it out…

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Is your smartphone racist? Post screenshots here!!!

This isn’t a huge story, isn’t really anything worth reading, but if you are like me, and have a stupid autocorrect on your smartphone and want to share that with others, except for the people on the receiving ends of those texts, well, there is finally a site you can lolz with everyone else…

Damn You Auto Correct is a snazy little website where you can post screenshots of your lol corrects for others to laugh at.

Thanks to iClarified for the fun!

Funtime Fridays: IT Tech does the BlackBerry Tech Support hoe-down…

It’s Friday. That means you shouldn’t be serious. Instead, you should be just like this guy and bust out your inner dance master moves while on hold with tech support. Oh yeah…there’s a video. Hop in…

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GeoHot: The Movie

GeoHot: the movie. Even he doesn’t like it… Trailer after the jump…
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Apple didn’t get any Valentine’s Cards as a kid, so they take it out on us!

Since Apple didn’t have a fun childhood (or iPhones), they have to take the fun out of ours! If it isn’t one thing it is another with this company. Now, I am a huge Apple fanboy — have been since my Dad’s Apple deuce years and years ago, 20+ years in the making to be the stuck up snob I am today…But this is just getting ridiculous. Yes, their app rejection has become a little less fascist if you will, but it seems they do more and more to stop us from living our lives the way we want to.

The latest smack to our faces is that Apple was awarded a Patent today for filtering sext messages. Yes, you heard that right! Apple can now control the text messages we send back and forth. This is just basically uber parental controls for your kids’ iSlutPhones. But really…Why not have our parents educate our children from being slutbags and teach them respect for others and not to be complete arseholes. I see 8 year old children walking around telling me to “get the F*** out of my way” whenever I set foot into a Wal-Mart. Yes, that is because I am in a Wal-Mart, but still! This kind of censorship should start with the parents, not with Apple allowing them to slack off at teaching their kids things and giving them a lazy way out.

Dive on in for more
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Star Wars Chop sticks! Wait, what about Chop Sabers???!!! NICE!!

There isn’t much ‘meat’ to this post except for one of the coolest things ever made. Have you ever wondered how you could make your Chinese food nerdier? If so, I’ve got the solution for you! Peep this stuff out…

Presenting Star Wars Chop Sabers. Direct from Comic Con 2009 in San Diego (and you thought you had missed your chance to pick up a couple of sets!), these are official Star Wars chopsticks designed to look just like lightsabres. Available in your choice of Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Darth Vader (for the dark side in all of us!), these collectibles are as practical as they are decorative. They add a touch of distinction to any meal, even that upcoming ordeal known as the family Thanksgiving dinner.

While they won’t actually light up or even slice through flesh like a knife through warm butter, they are officially licensed from LucasFilm. So let The Force be with you the next time you reach for the wasabi.

Only $9.95 per set from Dillyeo. Order yours today!

Product Features

Chopsticks in the shape of your favorite Jedi weapons
Fully licensed Lucasfilm collectible
Yoda, green, 20 cm long

Go get yourself a pair at Dillyeo

Oh the irony: Tech School’s outdoor display gets BSOD treatment…

It doesn’t get any more original and ironic than this folks…

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