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Have a busted NES cartridge, need a wireless router? Here ya go!

I thought this was pretty damn sweet. And since I have two copies of an old Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout game for my NES, one of them is becoming a new Wireless router. I know I have brought the fury when it comes to the raping of NES products, but since I have two of them (I stole one from a friend when I was like 8 years old), I am going to use it for this project.

Found this through Kotaku, which was found by them over at Instructables. I am definitely going to give this a shot.

I’ll have to dig up my soldering iron. But once I do, this one is on like Donkey Kong.

[ Unconventional hacker]

NES ravaged into stupid DVD player…

Now, if you knew me (which you don’t), you’d know my deep love/lust for the NES and all NES type NES things. I have loved the original Nintendo Entertainment System since it showed up under my Christmas tree like 25 years ago or whenever it was. I have had a couple of them. Unfortunately, I no longer have my original console, but I do at least have one that still works. Granted, the reason it still works is because I have lungs that double as NES-saving bags of air.

I could go on and on and on raving about my beautiful little console of the gods, but I won’t. I’ll just leave you with something that I know some of you will have to change your pants for, but if you are like me, you will want to murder someone because of the blasphemy this video contains. This is anti-nerd if you will. This is killing such a perfect box of love. Honestly, even if my NES was dead and no longer worked, I wouldn’t mod it. I wouldn’t have the heart to rip it apart and shove the components of another into it. I couldn’t do that. Perhaps another more realistic analogy: If my wife were dead and gone, I wouldn’t shove the working lady parts of another into her just to seem cool for my friends.

This hurts my eyes and my feelings. I’ll leave you with the video. Go ahead and bash me in the comments if you must. But know this — I’m all for the mod scene. I’m all for taking apart your red ringed xbox and putting a toaster in it. But this is wrong, and will get you no where but Hell in my books…

Video after the break. But seriously, no one wants to do this…

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The old dog (Commodore VIC-20) and the new trick (Tweeting) all in perfect harmony

Whoever says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks obviously hasn’t run into a Commodore VIC-20. While not your typical four-legged, flea ridden mutt, the same basic principal applies. With a downright laughable 5KB of RAM and 1MHz processor, one might think the Commodore VIC-20 in today’s world of 1GHz+ smartphones is nothing more than an ugly looking paper weight. Oh silly, naive reader. Truth be told, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

The magic will be thrown down February 20th on the PC Museum’s Twitter account. Getting to that point however will take a bit of software help by way of “TweetVER” (Tweeting from a Vintage ComputER). Be sure that once the calendar flips over to the 20th of February and when the clock strikes 11(am) you’re situated firmly in front of a screen of some sort impatiently waiting from the Commodore VIC-20′s first tweets to the outside world. It’s truly geek history in the making.

Feelin’ nostalgic are ya?
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The gigabyte of yesteryear…


*Old GB*

What better way to start a Tuesday morning than with a trip down memory lane.  Do you walk through your office or listen to one of your friends complain about how their 250+ gig hard drive is getting low on space?  Remember when computer storage was considered generous and “huge” when it came with a meaty 50MB hard drive?   Of course we think “Wow, how long a go was that?”.  It wasn’t really that long ago…15-20 years.  A lot in the computer world has changed since then with storage capacity being just one area.  In your Sunday ads for big electronic giants such as Best Buy, hhgreg, ABC Warehouse, etc, you’ll see memory cards, flash drives, and portable hard drives all at sizes exponentially smaller than storage mediums of past with many times the storage to boot. So it is in good spirits that I present the image above (1GB in 1988) compared with the image below which shows (1GB in 2008). Laugh away but just remember, 20 years from now our children will look back on our tech and laugh at us!

*New GB*


Source: Crave, Toxic Junction *old pic*, Legit Reviews *new pic*