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Mission Control looks nice and all, but this is how it should really look…

I’m sure Apple has spent countless man-hours determining a suitable Mission Control UI. Such staple features of a new OS update aren’t taken without immense consideration for a number of varying factors. In Apple’s case, the Mission Control we saw shown off was certainly graphically pleasing to the eye. But it could be so much more.

While I’m generally not a huge fan of the 3D fanaticism that’s currently enveloping the tech market, this 3D-ified Mission Control designed by Zach Forrester is actually pretty unique. As website Beautiful Pixels points out, it may look good now, but how well will it scale to Apple’s assortment of devices and screens?

Given the needed resources and delay in actually switching (due to waiting for transitions and such), I wonder how useful a 3D Mission Control would actually be. Although, if there’s anyone who could pull off a risky UI decision, Apple would be one of my first picks.

What do you guys think: To 3D or not to 3D?
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