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Android 1.5/Cupcake being kicked out the door by T-Mobile…right now?!

Thursday, April 30, 2009 4:13

As the title states, G1 users on T-Mobile have been reporting certain new goodies appearing on their G1’s.  Goodies such as onscreen keyboards, video recording capabilities as well as a whole host of other features.  G1 users, tell is it is so!

Source: Gizmodo, Image Source

Cupcake *Officially* coming to T-Mobile Germany in May?

Friday, April 24, 2009 11:54
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If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the Android 1.5 SDK (you rebel you), good news as you won’t have to wait much longer, if sources are correct that is.  The Android 1.5 update a.k.a. “Cupcake” has been given a May release date thanks to T-Mobile Germany compliments of their website, which features a page detailing the goods that are on their way.  For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with the whole Cupcake deal, it will be a very liberating release to say the least, with the following features:

  • Onscreen keyboard (Finally!!)
  • Video recording/playback
  • One click Picasa and YouTube uploads
  • Auto orienting screen for vertical/horizontal use
  • Bluetooth Stereo headset support

Yes, Cupcake/Android 1.5 is going to be sweet indeed.  The more straight laced individuals who eschew all of the “leaked” downloads and pre-release hype you definitely have patience.  Soon it will be well worth it, I promise.  U.S. G1′ers, expect a States release soon after our german brethren.
Source: Into Mobile, Talk Android

Real-time widgets coming to an Android 1.5 homescreen near you…soon

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 11:36

Android users who have been clamoring for real homescreen widgets can soon clamor no more as Google has updated the Android 1.5 SDK AppWidget framework allowing homescreen widgets.  What kind of new and geeked out things can you do with said widgets?  Things such as weather information, email previews, stock information, control music playback, link to other full featured apps and so much more.  While Android pretty much had a sleeper year last year, 2009 and even early forcasts for 2010 show a strengthening movement on the Android front.  I for one am excited.  Are you?

Source: Mobile Burn, Android Authority, *Image Source: Tech.Blorge*

Android becomes a little less “open”

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 15:23


*Picture property of Jonny Durham*

If you were one of the many who were apparently led like helpless lost sheep by the alimighty Google when they brought the worlds first and only true “open” mobile operating system, Android, to market, you weren’t alone.  These last few months that we have praised Android for its openess and pro-consuemr mentality were apparently for naught.  Why?  If you have any technological bone in your body, you have by heard of the Cupcake update for Android at least half a dozen times.  Yet here were are several months later and still no Cupcakes are available for mass public consumption.  So what is a user to do?


A world without YouTube?

Thursday, April 9, 2009 8:18
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When one thinks of an “over night success” or a company or product that has become so big, so ingrained in our everyday lives that it begins to be used as a verb, you almost take for granted said service.  The service I’m talking about is YouTube.  While it has only been around a few short years,  YouTube has gone from a niche site on the web to an online video powerhouse with millions upon million of users and videos.  What would happen if all of a sudden that resource was gone?


Gmail knows all…even when you’re sleeping

Thursday, April 9, 2009 7:38
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I’m sure some “privacy advocates” will sleep a tad more unsoundly knowing that Gmail now has the ability to know whether you are awake or asleep.  Don’t worry, it isn’t because of some crazy chip implant or camera network but is merely based on the time zone the sender and recipient reside in.  As you can see in the picture above, persons in red are more than likely preaching to their pillows while the individuals in green should at least have their eyelids open.  While not earth shattering in terms of usability it is none the less a nice little feature of Gmail that makes your lives a tad bit easier.  From now on you can rest assured that the reason your g/f studying abroad didn’t reply to  your email about going to that other girls house isn’t because she hates you (yet), it  just means she was sleeping.

The time zone feature is but one of the features that Gmail gains through the Gmail Labs moniker that sits along side the “panic button” (unsend messages…we’ve all needed that before), as well as the multi pane viewing option among others.  All you have to do is go to the Labs section in Gmail and activate the time zone option thereby making your life easier as well as more thoughtful for your distant friends.

Source: Tech Crunch

Eyes-Free brings touchscreen enjoyment to the visually impaired!

Friday, April 3, 2009 8:38
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Touchscreens are the hottest feature currently on mobile phones.  If your phone doesn’t have a touchscreen, it pretty much isn’t worth much, save for the obvious few smartphones such as Blackberry Bold and even a few WinMo HTC handsets.  For people who can actually see, the super shiny, contrasty, and smooth glass screens simply ooze sophistication and high tech.  However not everyone can enjoy the touchscreen phenomenon.  That is until now.


DataViz’s Docs to Go makes way to Android

Thursday, April 2, 2009 13:33
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Mobile professionals and Office junkies can now get their open source fix as Docs to Go announced their  popular and successful Word and Excel open/editing suite at CITA in Las Vegas.  Now while you’re on the go you can get your work done quickly and easily.  (Though if you’re on a business trip and out of the office, who wants to bring the office with them).  Still, we know work goes and and must get done.  That’s where DataViz comes to help.  Hurry up and get your copy now as for a limited (undisclosed) time, Docs to Go will only set you back $20.  After the promotional period expires that price will creep up to $30.  Head on over to the Android Marketplace and claim your prise.

Source: PC World

Android powered HP netbooks coming to a retailer near you?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 12:32

If HP’s “study” goes well the answer to the title could be a big fat “Yes”.  Apparetly, HP does in fact have various people keeping a watchful eye on Android and its progress.  The goal?  To replace Windows on HP netbooks with Google’s “open source” OS.  Wouldn’t that be a sweet union…desktop Android and “mobile” Android.  It would be much like Microsoft’s and Apple’s desktop and mobile unions.  Again this is all speculation as nothing is set in stone or even been announced yet.  Does the idea of Android spreading to more devices excite you?



Chrome coming to Mac by the fall…so says Google

Monday, March 30, 2009 10:08
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Those Mac users and Chrome hopefuls who are waiting for their chance to use Google’s wonder browser natively on the Mac’s still have a bit of a wait ahead of them. According to a “state of the browser” address by several bloggers and developers working on the Chromium (Mac verision) browser have said that they would be “very surprised and unhappy” if there wasn’t a functioning public version by fall. Yes fall. It seems so far away. So far they have cocoa shell wrapped around Chromium but it is highly unstable. Only developers and people who know how to compile code and mess around in terminal should even think about looking at using Chromium right now. On one side I want it to come fast as the screenshot above shows a very good looking browser that hopefully performs as well as it’s Windows counterpart. Though at the same time, being an outdoorsy person, I want the summer to stay as looooong as possible. Interested parties can stay up to date by following Pinkerton’s blog here, or by stopping by the Mac Status Detailed Status page. Chromium for Mac is not far off folks. It’s just around the bend.

Source: Gizmodo, Ars Technica

New features coming to Android Marketplace?

Sunday, March 29, 2009 16:12
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The Android Marketplace is the pinnacle of consumer choice to many in the mobile world.  However, there are still improvements to be made.  Thankfully the Android team does listen to their customers and apparently wants to update the Marketplace with some new features.  What kind of new features?  According to Google’s Dan Morrill, some of the updates and features being considered include:

  •  Customizable themes and skins (Awesome….Apple…WTF!!)
  • More sorting options instead of just sort by “date” and “popularity”.
  • A new desktop/web version of the Marketplace…(Again…Apple…WTF.  Get with the program)

Themes and skins are frivolous extras to some, while the new sorting options and desktop/web version of the Marketplace would appease a lot of Android users.  Personally, I love themes and skins.  I like to change the theme on my iPhone weekly.  I like change, what can I say.  More sorting options are always a plus while a desktop or web version of the Marketplace would be a very welcome addition.  One area they can go above and beyond Apple is by giving users the ability to manage apps on their G1 through the desktop/web version.  That would be a very handy feature.  Of course, these aren’t confirmed or even set in stone, but merely “ideas” that the Google engineers are looking in to. 


Are the features mentioned above right down your alley?  What features would you personally like to see come to the G1, Android, and the Android Marketplace?


Source: Andronica

$200 limit on Android apps set by the almighty Google

Monday, February 16, 2009 18:02
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In response to some of the more ludicrous prices that have appeared on the app store, Google is taking it upon themselves to limit such Tom foolery by placing a $200 price cap on apps sold through the Android Market. So, if you were planning on selling your remote app for $201 or even $200.99, you’re out of luck. On the other end of the spectrum, no app may be sold for less than $0.99. So a quick recap: If (your app == Free) << "Good". If ((your app > .99) && (your app < 200)) << "also good". Else << "try again". Sorry, coding got a little out of hand. Shame on me.

Source: Gizmodo

Android Magic (formerly known as G2) leaked!

Monday, February 16, 2009 11:57
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Android camps around the globe start jumping and dancing in the streets as leaked images of the HTC Magic (formerly G2) compliments of Boy Genius are quickly spreading like wild fire around the web.  The Magic is the next generation of GPhones from Google and boy does it look a whole lot better than the G1.  Everything about it just screams sexy where as the G1 was more like 40 year old overweight man.  The Magic is more rounded and sculpted making it a dream to hold in your hand.  With features (so far known) such as HSDPA/WiFi/GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera (still no flash), and of course the much coveted yet highly elusive Cupcake package will be strutting their digital goods on the Magics hardware and software.  For now that’s all we have to go on, but hopefully soon more is known.  Until then stay tuned!  A couple of pics await you inside.


Paid apps coming to Android next week!

Friday, February 13, 2009 16:39
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If you are a consumer…the title makes you cringe slightly as no one likes to part with their hard earned cheese.  If you’re a developer all you can see is big fat dollar signs in your eyes.  For the developers, a whole range of possibilities will now come with economic rewards…apparently, people aren’t afraid to buy apps, and lots of them as Apple’s App Store has already proven.  Next week it becomes Android’s turn.  Until now, all of the Marketplace apps were required to be free by Google.  Not a bad thing by any means, however it probably hampered developers in the sense that the more “serious” developers held out developing the downright jaw dropping apps until money started flowing in because it’s what they do for a living.  People can’t work for free ya know!  The US and UK are first up on the list of countries that will have access to the paid apps in the Marketplace with Germany,Austria, Netherlands, France, and Spain will join the party a little later in March.  So Androiders, are ya excited yet?

Source: Mobile Burn, Android Authority, All Shadow *pic*

Early Eye-candy of Google Chrome for Mac!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009 9:41
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So are you a distraught Mac user who jealously looks over your shoulder at your Windows toting friends as they enjoy Google’s homemade browser, while you have to make due with one of the “other” guys.  When Google released Chrome for Windows, they stated that other platforms were on the horizon.  That horizon is now getting closer as Mike Pinkerton, a developer working on Chrome, just posted pictures of an early version of the new browser.  As you can quickly tell, it looks very minimalistic just like the Windows verzion, however, manages to look better.  I don’t know maybe its the whole OS X thing.  But that’s my personal opinion.  So what other information is there on Chrome for Mac?  Hop on though…