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Europe Gets it: New Law Mandates Micro-USB Chargers for All Cellphones in 2011 and Beyond.

Europeans will have a much easier time finding chargers for their phones in 2011 and beyond. A law that has been several years in the making will go into effect and mandate that all phones be able to charge via micro-USB. The list of manufacturers who came together to support the law is surprisingly large and includes many big name companies including Apple, LG, Motorola, RIM, and Samsung to name a few…
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Exchange Email Comes to Verizon Wireless Featurephones In New Mobile Email 4.0 App. #verizonwireless

It used to take a high-end, expensive smartphone to get mobile email. And in the earliest days of mobile email, the service and quality were terrible. These days, however, email is no more challenging the standard SMS/text messages. Highlighting this fact comes by way of a press release from Verizon this morning, detailing their new Microsoft Exchange-powered Mobile Email 4.0 app for feature phones. Yes, folks. Feature phones are now officially “smart” too. On top of ActiveSync support, the new email service sports a heavily revamped UI that according to Verizon, will make it easier for end users to navigate and use on a daily basis.

I’m more than happy with my iPhone at the moment, so I’ll forgo this new low-cost push email service. But for those who fit the bill, it’ll set you back $5/month on Pay-as-you-Go plans and bundled in free of charge on all data plans costing $15 or more.

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Gigabyte Bringing Dual-SIM Support to Android Via Gsmart Rola. #android #gigabyte

Today, leading hardware manufacturer Gigabyte announced plans to release their new Android-powered Gsmart Rola dual-SIM capable phone into several European and Asian markets starting in 2011. The hardware isn’t anything to write home about — 528MHz processor, 3.2-inch resistive WQVGA display, 256MB RAM/512MB ROM, 3.2-megapixel camera, and Android 2.2 (Froyo). Clearly, the novelty with the Gsmart Rola resides in the dual-SIM capabilities, giving globe trotters that extra bit of convenience when traveling across the continent.

Here in the U.S., the novelty of dual-SIM cellphones hasn’t really caught on. Overseas however, cellular customers have quite a bit more options as well as cellular competition. Not to mention, because of the close proximity of many different countries, the overall process of SIM-swapping and jumping between mobile carriers is understandably more common.

The Gigabyte Gsmart Rola will cost €175 and go on sale in select European and Asian markets in early 2011.

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iFan, charge your iPhone, tangle your hair.

The iFan: a revolutionary, magical device made famous by it’s multiple uses. One use being to greenly charge your iPhone. The other to rip out all of the hair on the side of your head. Well, only if you are stupid enough to think the wind will blow through it while it is next to your face. Either way - Magical!

The iFan was designed and created by Tjeerd Veenhoven. He must run into a lot of instances when he isn’t near an outlet, (or the cigarette outlet in his car) to need to design such a spectacular and magical piece of glory magic. How long does it take you to charge your iPhone using the power from your wall — mind you, not the computer, but the wall outlet? 30 minutes to 1 hour? It took this guy 6 hours to get a full charge with the wind. Now, these results are somewhat skewed. Wind speeds vary. And if you were a Storm Chaser, chances are your iPhone would charge a bit faster.

Created using a modified computer fan, Tjeerd was able to construct a sleek case to house it and the iDevice to allow for optimal wind blow charge power. As he states, holding the phone outside of your car window while driving could speed up the charge process, but we here at don’t recommend it. However, it may work wonders for those long sexy walks on the beach with your brand new love sweetheart, you can spark chemistry all while saving the planet!

Tjeerd Veenhoven’s Blog
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Embedded SIM Cards: Bad for Everyone.

Talk to any cellphone user who knows their stuff and bring up the subject of GSM vs. CDMA. Almost always you’re touch on the topic of SIM cards. Specifically, GSM phones have them while CDMA phones don’t. While there are of course pros and cons to either technology, I find GSM with more victories when all is said and done. The biggest bragging point, however, is the SIM card’s ability to be swapped with other devices quickly and without the need to call a third party to transfer service, configure phones, etc. — a staple feature of CDMA devices. But the cellular world could be rocked if the GSMA’s new embedded SIM card design takes off…
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Behind the Scenes: “Crash Testing” Your Phone.

Crash tests may be more fulfilling and exciting to watch than someone poking and prodding a small electronic’s display, but that doesn’t mean the testers job is any less important (or any less fun to watch for us geeks). As with many consumer products, the phones in this video made by Nokia in particular are subjected to a battery of physical tests ranging from extreme temperatures -40°C to 85°C to harsh drop tests inside a spinning box.

It’s pretty boring to see a still picture and have us explain what’s going on, so hop inside to check out the video…

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Africa Tops 500 Million Mobile Subscribers.

Try this number on for size — Africa now has over 500 million mobile phone users. For the record, the United States has somewhere slightly over 300 million inhabitants total. Part of that reason is thanks to dirt cheap phones. On that same note, while we dog on Nokia here in the U.S. for being outdated and irrelevant, their super cheap, sub-$20 Nokia 1280 is all the rage over there. LG also has a few affordable gems on their hand by way of the 150 and 250 model handsets.

On top of raw increasingly mobile phone usage, mobile broadband is set to increase as well to the tune of 256 million users — by 2015. That’s not very far away and shows a literal explosion in mobile and mobile broadband usage similar to what we have seen here in the U.S. over the last few years, albeit in a much larger form.

So the next time you hear some phone manufacturer bragging of a few million sales with their latest and greatest handset, just remember that they’ve still got a long way to go…

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All AT&T Phones on Sale this Weekend on Amazon — $0.01.

Choose AT&T as your carrier, Amazon as your distributer, and Lincoln as your cash handler and you’ve got yourself a deal. Too Cryptic? Ok, how’s this: All AT&T Phones are $0.01 on this weekend? That sounds a bit better now doesn’t it? Best of all, the new Windows Phone 7 devices are included in this sale. Score! Now all you have to do is decide what to spend that penny on…

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Kin One and Kin Two Coming Back From the Dead. #kin

If someone told you that Microsoft was bringing back the Kin, would you believe them? Well you better give them whoever suggests such things the benefit of the doubt. Two independent sources of Engadget have confirmed that Microsoft and Verizon are in fact bringing back the epic failure that was the Kin…
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