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Control a Hacked Kinect with an iPad. #kinect

It wasn’t long ago that we saw the first images from a freshly cracked and hacked Microsoft Kinect gaining multi-touch support. But now that we’ve had a solid week to let the developer community really explore the Kinect’s open source driver, some really interesting things should start trickling out.

Take for example the image above which shows a Macbook Pro, Kinect, and iPad all playing nice together. The onscreen model grows larger or smaller depending on how close some one or some thing is to the Kinect. Tying it all together is one Apple iPad which is employing TouchOSC for fine tuning the onscreen model and Kinect. It’s pretty neat to see in action. On that note, hop inside and check out the video…
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[Update] Hackers Volley Back Into Sony’s Court: PS3 Jailbroken Once Again. #ps3 #jailbreak

Much the same as we see Apple go back and forth with jailbreakers, Sony is finding out just how hard it is to stay one step ahead of the game. Some would argue that it’s impossible because Sony is on the defensive. As such, they’ll never be able to pull ahead. Regardless of what you believe concerning the matter, the PS3 has been cracked open once again. PS Jailbreak is reporting that the latest tool can now safely crack PS3 firmware versions 3.42 and 3.5. They also toss in an “and beyond” tag that will almost certainly be removed once the jailbreak is patched on the next update. That is, unless they have managed to find a way to permenantly jailbreak the PS3 much like iPhone hackers claim to have found an un-patchable hardware exploit.

I usually say “nothing is impossible”. Though common sense says that this new PS3 Jailbreak will also be patched. But in this one case, it would be oh so sweet if the hackers actually “won”.


This update will only allow you to downgrade to previous cracked firmwares, NOT give you the ability to play 3.42 or 3.50 games. Hey, it’s a start.
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The 25mph Modded Segway of Death. #segway

In life there are mods, and then there are mods. This tweaked Segway with significantly larger wheels plays on basic physics push to the device’s top speed up to 25mph. That doesn’t sound like a lot to a society used to 70mph+. But when you’re on a top-heavy, two-wheeled machine that uses nothing more than a few gyroscopes and electric motors to keep you from faceplanting into the pavement, it’s considerably more dangerous.

You know you want to hop inside and check it out…

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My Little Pony, My Little Pony, May all your days be bright (or welded together) *sung like the theme song*

No that isn’t a screen grab from the newest Saw movie, it is probably one of the coolest modifications I have ever seen. Short and sweet. Someone has taken a My Little Pony and swapped out it’s magical insides with a soldering iron. I always wanted laser beams to shoot out of their Unicorn tips, but this is way cooler. I’d look tough sitting in my garage all manly soldering things while holding a My Little Pony!

Gizmodo showed me this. Some more photos here

Have a busted NES cartridge, need a wireless router? Here ya go!

I thought this was pretty damn sweet. And since I have two copies of an old Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout game for my NES, one of them is becoming a new Wireless router. I know I have brought the fury when it comes to the raping of NES products, but since I have two of them (I stole one from a friend when I was like 8 years old), I am going to use it for this project.

Found this through Kotaku, which was found by them over at Instructables. I am definitely going to give this a shot.

I’ll have to dig up my soldering iron. But once I do, this one is on like Donkey Kong.

[ Unconventional hacker]

The NES Rumble Pack

How awesome would it have been to blow away ducks, kill King Koopa, and chase down that big Ape called Donkey Kong all while having your hands massaged with the gentle oscillations of a spinning piece of metal? My oh my. A vibrating NES controller, you have my heart. I just wish you had it 20 years ago. If only…if only…

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N64 Hackintosh gets the geek juices flowing…

It’s one thing to cram a PC inside of an old N64 case. It’s another thing to aim for a fanless design. And it’s downright dreamy to slap OS X on the 30GB SSD, effectively turning this into the coolest Hackintosh you’ll ever lay eyes upon.

While the modder, “Polvorito”, didn’t succeed with the fanless goal (that little Intel Atom N330 CPU kept overheating), simply admiring the combination of CPU, GPU, Wi-Fi, HDMI and optical outputs all camping out in such close quarters is awesome enough. Then there is of course the whole Hackintosh factor with OS X. I bet you didn’t see that one coming, eh?
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NES ravaged into stupid DVD player…

Now, if you knew me (which you don’t), you’d know my deep love/lust for the NES and all NES type NES things. I have loved the original Nintendo Entertainment System since it showed up under my Christmas tree like 25 years ago or whenever it was. I have had a couple of them. Unfortunately, I no longer have my original console, but I do at least have one that still works. Granted, the reason it still works is because I have lungs that double as NES-saving bags of air.

I could go on and on and on raving about my beautiful little console of the gods, but I won’t. I’ll just leave you with something that I know some of you will have to change your pants for, but if you are like me, you will want to murder someone because of the blasphemy this video contains. This is anti-nerd if you will. This is killing such a perfect box of love. Honestly, even if my NES was dead and no longer worked, I wouldn’t mod it. I wouldn’t have the heart to rip it apart and shove the components of another into it. I couldn’t do that. Perhaps another more realistic analogy: If my wife were dead and gone, I wouldn’t shove the working lady parts of another into her just to seem cool for my friends.

This hurts my eyes and my feelings. I’ll leave you with the video. Go ahead and bash me in the comments if you must. But know this — I’m all for the mod scene. I’m all for taking apart your red ringed xbox and putting a toaster in it. But this is wrong, and will get you no where but Hell in my books…

Video after the break. But seriously, no one wants to do this…

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Save an old iMac. Save a hamster.

I’ve often heard that gadgets/electronics are a waste. They venture into obscurity and irrelevance at alarmingly quick rates and are a real pain to recycle after their useful life has passed. Some people mod said gadgets into a new uber creation. Others simply save hamsters and give them a home. What kind of person are you?
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