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Samsung Shows Off Super-PLS Display Technology. Production Slated for 2011. #samsung

Most of the display-loving world may be currently in love with IPS (In-plane Switching) display technology. And as good as it is, there’s always something bigger and better around the corner. This time, it’s Samsung with their new, upcoming Super-PLS (Plane-to-Line Switching) technology.

The big draw behind S-PLS is actually two-fold. For starters, Samsung claims better viewing angles with S-PLS over today’s IPS technology. On top of that, S-PLS will be 10% brighter than current IPS displays as well. The cherry on top is of course the WXGA resolution. Finally, S-PLS is said to cost 15% less than IPS displays to manufacturer, meaning barring any time delays, it’s an open road ahead.

As for competing technology from other display manufacturers, the outlook isn’t as “open”. Samsung has filed for 30 patents regarding S-PLS so far. Nonetheless, it’s exciting news. S-PLS sounds like it will be a worthy upgrade.

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LG Bringing 240Hz IPS LCD to Market. #LG

Home theater and PC enthusiasts have a new gem to lust after. Today, LG revealed a new high-end monitor featuring a 240Hz refresh rate and IPS-based technology. The latter of which is a big deal for installations in which viewing angles are a concern. Though IPS displays typically look nicer than other display technologies (save for OLED and AMOLED displays). As for that 240Hz refresh rate, a combination of 120Hz of actual panel refresh speed coupled with a rapidly flashing scanning backlight add up to the claimed 240Hz speed.

Production is currently up and running. Price and release date information are however, not available at the time of writing.

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People of Lava Android TV Officially Launches. #android #peopleoflava

The “People of Lava Android TV” was revealed all the way back in April of this year. Since then, fanfare around the TV itself has been rather quiet, mainly because it’s a Scandinavian-only model (sad). Though it is once again climbing into the headlines thanks to a new 55″ model that just launched today.
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Apple’s Policy On Dead Pixels Slips Out.

Ever wonder what Apple’s super secretive policy on dead pixels was? Thanks to BGR and some of his ever stealthy ninjas, we now know. On that note, it’s particularly unsettling to know that your 27″-30″ Apple monitor is allowed up to 15 dead pixels (max: 8 bright/10 dark) before Apple has to do anything. Granted, out of 3,686,400 pixels, 15 seem like a drop in the bucket. But as many of you whom have had the unfortunate encounter with dead pixels know, even one can be annoying. Also worth noting is that while these are guidelines for Apple Geniuses to go by, they are by no means bound to them — You can get your Apple device replaced even below the pixel threshold if the Apple Genius says so.

Smaller screened users (iPhone/iPod) have it a bit better. 1 lonely, dead pixel is all that’s needed to warrant a complete replacement. Thoughts?

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Samsung Mobile Display To Unveiling 7″ AMOLED Display With 1200 x 600 Resolution!

OLED-backed screens may be one of the highest sought after item for mobile devices in the age of battery-conscious, eye candy loving consumers, but that will soon change. This November 10th-12th at FPD-International, Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) is going to unveil their latest and greatest — a 7″ 1,200 x 600 AMOLED display. That’s WXVGA for all of you not familiar with screen-res alphabet soup specs. The most promising thing, however, is that this seemingly gorgeous display is coming to market sooner than many may think — 2011.

Looks like the next crop of tablets will have some truly awesome ocular properties. (We can’t wait for someone to cram a smaller version into a phone…)

(Thanks, Eric)
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HP Reps Rebuke Steve Jobs, Says Touchscreens Do Work.

During Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took a brief moment to explain the companies own views on touchscreen technology in the desktop computing environment. Most notably, this quote was, and still is a pretty good fire starter:

“We’ve done tons of user testing on this, and it turns out it doesn’t work. Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical. It gives great demo but after a short period of time, you start to fatigue and after an extended period of time, your arm wants to fall off. it doesn’t work; it’s ergonomically terrible.”

Naturally, a company such as HP which markets an entire line of touch-based “TouchSmart” computers had something to say. HP’s Product Marketing Manager Ken Bosley, stated that while Apple has some valid points in regards to touch input not being the perfect be-all-end-all of desktop computing, it is helpful. He went on, adding that HP believes that the desktop computing scene can benefit from the combination of mouse, keyboard, voice, and touch inputs — there are various instances where one technology shines over the other.

To some degree, we agree. On a normal desktop computer, some things would be easier with a touchscreen. Though once the slippery slope of touchscreen mania has been traversed, how do you know when to say uncle? HP apparently does.
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LG reclaims “World’s Thinnest” Crown From Samsung.

And just like that, Samsung has lost their claim to fame as manufacturer of “World’s Thinnest TV Bezel”. Happily picking it up is LG with their latest 37-inch LCD panel that almost defies the laws of physics with bezels measuring a mere 4 mm left/right, 1.5 mm top, and 2.5mm bottom with a paltry 0.16 inches of max separation. Words can only describe so much. In the end, it’s the picture and it’s thousand word punch that truly get the point across. With that said, just shut up and stare.

Check out that beauty above being displayed at FPD International Japan on November 10-12th.

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Steve Jobs finally wants you to finger more than just his iDevices…maybe

I remember hearing the beginning rumors of a touch iMac years and years ago, probably before the first iFone. None the less, this is still a much desired piece to my Apple collection. Supposedly, Apple is testing out panels for a future touchy type iMac. Now, if these rumors are actually, *finally* true, what do you think will come of it? Do you think we’ll have a hit like we have with all the iPhones and iPods we use and fingerblast all day long? Or will the dorks, including myself, just be sitting at their desks at home “greasing” up their monitors and making huge messes.

I like the idea. But at the same time I kind of don’t. I would for sure get some sort of Jersey Shore protective film for it, since no one that reads this site would ever enter to win it, but still. Would this benefit our desk lives? Or should we push for a touch MacBook. I’m sure most of you remember the touch MacBook mod from like a year ago. I think Apple would have more success with a portable model, somewhat like their iPad, just lest party piece, and more work related. I mean, the iPad is more for your wider screened iFapping than it is business.

I guess we’ll see what happens in the future, if these are just stupid iRumors, or if they turn into a reality. Either way, my iDevices probably won’t be able to WiFi sync with it… :(

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Toshiba puts OLED mass production plans on ice.

The joint venture between Toshiba and Panasonic, Toshiba Mobile Display, appears to have a $191.6 million failure on their hands. According to statements made by Toshiba Mobile Display spokesperson Masahiro Kume:

“The plan (for mass-production) is currently frozen. We’ll review the production plan again from scratch.”

The mass production he’s speaking of concerns the $191.6 million investment in OLED mass production the company was gearing up for. Looks like all of those videos we’ve seen of AMOLED displays not really being all that different (read: better) than LCD and Super LCD screens is starting to hurt interest in OLED technology. It’s quite a shame really, because in certain conditions AMOLED does provide a noticeable improvement over traditional LCD counterparts.

With that said, it’ll be some time before we see AMOLED jumping ahead of LCD in terms of usage numbers as Tohisba Mobile Display is redirecting resources to current higher demand LCD screens. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be…

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