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116-inch 7,680 x 4,320 res plasma — need I say more?

Recent mumblings of Panasonic’s 4,096 x 2,160 res TV’s may be drool inducing, but as is customary in the tech world, such claims to fame rarely last very long. And so falls my interest in Panasonic’s 4,096 x 2,160 uber TV in favor of NHK’s new 7,680 x 4,320, 116-inch prototype.

In actuality, the 116-inch measurement comes compliments of (4) 58-inch 1920 x 1080 monitors. But the real numbers to the story reside in the 0.33mm pixel shift which make the whole big shebang possible at this size and scale. It of course is a sight to behold too.

Is it cheating? Perhaps. But such things don’t really matter to me once I’m sitting 6′ from a 116-inch, 7,680 x 4,320 display. Video after the jump…
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Oh snap: Samsung claims their Super AMOLED displays are better than some stupid “retina display”.

Looks like Samsung is taking the gloves off over Apple’s recent “Retina Display” montage. Apparently, Samsung doesn’t think Apple’s Retina Display is as “amazing” as they claim. Sure, Apple’s keynote of photos and the few hands on I’ve seen certainly look nice. But at the cost of what?

Energy efficiency says Samsung. While the Retina Display is only 3%-5% clearer than Samsung’s Super AM OLED displays (Samsung’s claims), Samsung’s Super AMOLED is reportedly a solid 30% more efficient…(again…Samsung’s claims).

Whether the efficiency is actually that high remains to be seen. Though as the image above clearly shows (Super AMOLED display left | Apple iPhone 3GS right), the OLED-based screen certainly looks a whole lot nicer. Regardless, two tech giants such as Apple and Samsung fighting over who’s displays are prettier looks pretty exciting, no?
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How much is a 152-inch, 4,096 x 2,160 resolution TV to you? Panasonic would love to know…

Want to go big? I mean…really big? If size is of the upmost importance to you, Panasonic has just the beast for you — a 152-inch 4k resolution, 3D behemoth that easily surpasses any and all current TV’s on the market. Just so you understand, that’s 4,096 x 2,160 pixels of resolution. Eye candy it is indeed!

If 152 inches is too big for you, Panasonic has slightly smaller 1080p variants weighing in at 103″ and 85″. Speaking of weight, that 152-incher tips the scales at 590kg! And you thought all flat screens were light as a feather, haha.

Pre-orders will start on July 1st, though no mention of pricing has been made public yet. But given the fact these monster displays are labeled as “professional” products, we can all assume that a “professional” price tag will ensue. Dream away folks…
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Go Big (and small) if you want to make it home. Sharp’s super slim bezel, 60-inch LCDs.

Mutli-screen displays are a bittersweet thing. On one hand, one gorgeous screen conjoined with it’s friends make for a larger than life image that often wows. But with that multi-screen display also comes the glaring realization that bezels get in the way. Most LCD’s have too thick of bezels for multi-screen action — even so called “thin bezel” displays. Further hampering the good feelings is the fact that ultra-thin bezel LCD’s that have shown themselves at recent tech conferences are also shrunken down to less than useful sizes.

Sharp however has something they’d like you to see — a new 60″ display (PN-V601) that when combined into a (30) strong gigantor display features bezel thicknesses of 2.4mm on the right and bottom and a slightly larger 4.1mm gap on the left and top. That equals out to 6.5mm bezel + bezel total thickness at it’s maximum!

As you can see from above, it’s a breathtaking sight to behold. One that instantly makes me envious, longing for one in my living room. Though there’s the whole issue of the ceiling getting in the way of my space command-sized tv.

One small knock against Sharp’s achievement is the rather low-res 1368 x 766 resolution. A 700 cd/m2 brightness rating regains my faith however, meaning I can hang this beaut on the side of my house if need be and still see every pixel in all its glory.

It’s hot for sure. Take a minute and come inside to see the gigantor Sharp display doing what it does best…
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Toshiba unveils 8.4″ SVGA flexible LCD at CID 2010.

Flexible displays used to be nothing more than figments of imaginations and the driving force behind sci-fi movies. But these days, the human race is getting pretty good at this whole technology thing. With that, flexible displays are now alive more than ever, even if they’re still in prototype stage, away from the hands of crazed gadget freaks like you and I.

But now more than ever, flexible displays are garnering attention. Take for example, Toshiba’s bendable 8.4″ monster…
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Apple snubs AMOLED displays on 4th gen iPhone due to Samsung display shortages, cost.

We’ve already kind of seen the new 4th gen iPhone’s gorgeous display in pictures. Though nothing was actually on the screen to really “see”. Nevertheless, we all know that it will be a higher resolution beaut. But it could have been better…
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Samsung shows off 19″AMOLED display…that’s transparent.

Look at all of your good, classic sci-fi movies. Besides the whole space thing, one glaring similarity is transparent displays. They’re everywhere. So for a gadget junkie such as me and you, living in a world devoid of such treasures is borderline depressing.

Current display technology only has one real viable solution to transparent displays in the near term — OLED. And wouldn’t you know it, Samsung is taking the floor at the Society for Information Display International Symposium as a chance to show off some of their latest tech — transparent AMOLED displays…
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Dupont breakthrough promises 50″ OLED for the price of 52″ LCD!

Any type of HD guru will tell you that OLED is the promising future. Granted, OLED still has some issues with direct light. But in a nice dark theater room, an OLED truly sings. The only limiting factor so far has been a sort of “chicken or the egg” conundrum.

For example, Sony’s 11″ OLED TV costs consumers $3,499. Who’s going to spend that much on such a small TV? And Sony likewise can’t lower the price simple because of the lack of mass production. So what do you do?

A recent breakthrough at Dupont appears to have paved the way for much cheaper and large OLED production…

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Breaking News: Apple forces me to get 4 more jobs…

It looks like Apple is putting the final touches on a brand new 27″ LED Cinema Display, as well as a fatty update to the Mac Pro lineup this June. The Mac Pro has been slated for a refresh for a while, and with the release of the i7 iMac, I would only assume the Mac Pro would be the next in line. It has been reported by AppleInsider that the Cupertino pimps will possibly be sticking with Xeon processors from Intel, supposedly the  Xeon 5600 Series “Gulftown” chips for the guts.

This beast is reported to be buffing up to a whopping 12-cores! At the moment, we are given the option for 4 and 8 core models, with this update it is rumored we’ll be seeing 6 and 12 core models available. With the chips Apple is reportedly going to be using, I would assume we’ll see a hefty price jump, but only time will tell.

Also in June, as I mentioned above,  Apple will be adding a bigger LED Cinema Display to it’s roster. Currently we have the 24″ model introduced back in 2008, we now will have a bigger sexier model measuring in at 27 inches and sporting a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution. It will contain similar components to that of the 27″ iMac recently released, but hopefully won’t mirror the problems we had with that model late last year.

So with these major upgrades to Apples roster, I’m assuming this will make the business world, as well as the fanboy basement parties very happy. We don’t have any pricing info yet, but with the release set for another 3 or so months, I’m sure we’ll be getting something soon.


The most expensive “Fancy Mirror/OLED wall” you’ll ever want to buy.

Wanting to stand out from the crowd is nothing to be ashamed of. Far from it actually. It is that striving for individuality that makes us unique. “Unique” is what it would take to rationalize a wall made out of hundreds of OLED screens that detect motion, and then shoot the image back to you. The concept sounds pretty cool with the only “gee, I think I’ll hold off for now” moment coming when you see the $16,000/sq. meter this setup commands. IF I had $16,000, it wouldn’t be going to a wall of OLED’s. There are plenty of other gadgets I’d add to my stable.

In case you were interested, Phillips is offering up this little OLED wonder for €10k - 12k/sq. meter (roughly $13.5k - $16k) or renting out to those who want to give it a test drive first. The test drive mind you, isn’t cheap either, clocking in at a still expensive €10,000 (again, €15k-ish). At that price you may as well just purchase a panel outright, no?

Oh well. When you do sell your soul, organs, or first born child for a few panels of this motion detecting OLED wall, you can at least bask in the ego-filled glory that no one else in your neighborhood country has such a toy. Bask away.