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Dell Streak Android 2.2 Update Delayed “A Couple More Weeks”.

Owners of AT&T-locked Dell Streak tablets will have to wait “a couple more weeks” before getting their hands on the official Android 2.2 update, according to a leaked email sent to Streak Smart. The unnamed employee who quoted the delay cited AT&T’s thorough testing and QA practices as the reason for the missed deadline. What exactly is causing so much trouble in testing wasn’t revealed, however. If you’ve waited this long, surely a few more weeks won’t hurt, right?

RIM Reiterates: “PlayBook Will Last All Day”

Even though our hands-on time with RIM’s upcoming PlayBook at CES was short, we were impressed. It’s easily the best product RIM has ever had, and, even when compared to the three new handsets that just leaked out this morning, still takes the prize as numero uno. Most of the upcoming hype isn’t really about the hardware — Though it’s great. — but about the new QNX operating system. But powerful hardware and a new modern OS aren’t much good if you can’t go more than 3-4 hours from a wall outlet before your tablet of desire falls flat on its face as the battery goes home for the day.

Right before CES, rumors started circulating that the PlayBook was barely hitting 3-4 hours — rather shameful for the quoted 5,300mAh battery on board. But those fears are pounced upon once again with RIM’s Senior Product Manager Ryan Bidan, specifically touching on this point at a business presentation in Boston. According to Bidan: “We’ll have good battery life,” “Don’t worry about the battery life.” During the same presentaion, Bidan reiterated the PlayBook’s unconfirmed battery life by saying the goal was “a full day’s use” — 8 hours.

Hopefully RIM can deliver, because they have quite a bit riding on this tablet.
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Confirmed: BlackBerry PlayBook Uses TI OMAP4430 Processor.

One of the most popular tablets at CES was RIM’s PlayBook. The QNX-powered device is literally a make or break device for RIM, as it showcases the future of their smartphones. Fail here and it will be death sentence — albeit a slow one. But from what we saw at CES last week, RIM has a very good thing on their hands. The pre-release, non-final hardware and software was fluid and smooth, with only an occasional hiccup here or there. Certainly not bad for a beta product.

Thus far, many a geek have been begging RIM to share what processor is powering the PlayBook only to come up empty handed. Thankfully, TI’s product line manager, Brian Carlson, confirmed that it was in fact their 1GHz dual-core OMAP4430 processor inside the PlayBook. While not the fastest, it’s definitely up their on the list of 2011′s greatest mobile processors. And again, from what we saw in RIM’s booth, is more than capable of delivering an awesome experience. What about TI’s reasoning for not going with the increasingly common Nvidia Tegra 2? Security — TI’s 4430 supports MShield technology. Makes since.

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#CES2011 — BlackBerry PlayBook Hands On

One of the biggest products to be on display at the 2011 CES is no doubt RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. The device is important for two reasons. One: The “Year of the Tablet” is going to be filled with countless crappy options, with only a few shining examples of innovation. But the second and more important reason is because of the QNX operating system’s ability to allow RIM to create products that actually get us excited again, and its eventual porting to the BlackBerry smartphone platform.

The hardware and software we held and saw at CES wasn’t final. So there’s more optimizing to be done. But even then, 90% of the experience we saw was fluid and intuitive. Most intriguing was the Palm/webOS-like card style that RIM has given apps in QNX. Though the tablet itself isn’t bad to look at. In fact, it’s quite slick. But the kicker to RIM climbing back to the top of smartphone supremacy or wallowing in the low-end smartphone badlands depends solely on their ability to port QNX to BlackBerry smartphones. And from what we saw today, we can’t wait. However, RIM still has some big things to worry about — (1) Battery life and (2) Core features such as email and calendar functions are tied to a separate BlackBerry device.

Another shot after the break…
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#CES2011 — Confirmed: Motorola XOOM Coming To UK

Eager UK tech enthusiasts excitedly watching countless streams of CES wondering what products will make the jump across the pond have a treat for them this morning. UK online merchant Clove, announced they have the Motorola XOOM and XOOM accessories live on their website. The significance is of course that one of the hottest tablets of CES and 2011 will be coming to UK residents.

As a quick refresher: The Motorola XOOM tablet incorporates an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor running at 1GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 10″ 1200 x 800 display, 32 GB of internal storage (with support for microSD cards up to 32 GB), and WiFi b/g/n + Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.
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RIM: “4G PlayBook Coming To Sprint In Summer 2011.”

A new report published today by Reuters foretells of a second QNX-powered RIM PlayBook tablet. The new tablet won’t be radically different than the original tablet as the only real difference is WiFi-only support. Much like Samsung has a 3G + WiFi and WiFi-only Galaxy Tab, it appears that RIM too will take a similar approach.

As for the choice of Sprint as their official 4G partner, RIM only replied with “it is the most ubiquitous 4G network at this point”. Apparently RIM doesn’t read the news as Verizon will quickly catch up to and eventually surpass Sprint — if Sprint keeps going at their current roll out speed that is.

The WiFi-only PlayBook will be released in the first quarter of 2011 with an as of yet undisclosed price. If were were to offer upa guess, we’d say $350-$399 for the privilege. Hopefully RIM will correct/confirm our estimate sooner rather than later.

#CES2011: AT&T Launching 20 New 4G Devices in 2011.

Today at AT&T’s CES press conference, CEO Ralph de la Vega announced the carrier’s 4G plans through 2011 as well as new devices coming out that will make use of the new found speed. We haven’t much time to stuff in colorful and artistic language, so we’ll get right to it — AT&T is launching their LTE network in mid-2011. The 20 devices designed to tap into AT&T’s upcoming 4G network will launch sporadically throughout the year. However, the Motorola Atrix and HTC Inspire 4G will be among the first of such devices to actually launch. More info as it becomes available…

RIM Posts New PlayBook Videos Showcasing Video Playback and SDK.

The year of the tablet is upon us and RIM is pushing their consumer-oriented PlayBook tablet hard. The latest round of marketing comes by way of two new videos posted to the company’s own BlackBerry blog, and showcases video playback in both Flash and HTML 5 variaties as well as a glimpse at the QNX/PlayBook SDK. It makes for a few entertaining minutes, especially if the PlayBook is high up on your list. Videos after the break…

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eLocity Reveals Android Honeycomb With New Dual-Core Tablet Announcement.

It’s no secret that the big “thing” coming to CES this year is tablets, tablets, and more tablets. A slew of manufacturers large and small are set to unveil more tablets than you probably care to hear about. Nevertheless, we’ll cover as many as we possibly can. With that said, the smaller manufacturers have their work cut out for them as the bigger companies generally steal most of the limelight and media attention. But one smaller manufacturer by the name of eLocity just jumped to the top of the list for revealing Honeycomb — before it’s even been announced by Google. On that note, eLocity is more than likely going against Google’s wishes with their press release. But if you’re a small company looking to stand out, what better way than to blow the covers off of one of the biggest topcis for 2011?

As for the eLocity hardware itself, the company will unveil seven tablets in total at this year’s CES. Naming isn’t too inspiring, featuring rather un-original A10.1-10.7. But product names aren’t really all that important. The Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor is, however. Some other notable mentions include a few USB ports, 1080p video output via HDMI, and support for 32GB microSD cards.

While eLocity may have been a mere blip on the map a few weeks ago, something tells me the next few days are going to wreak havoc on their servers. We’ll update you once we hit the CES show floor as to the specifics around these 7 mysterious tablets. Press release after the jump…

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