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Intel + Adobe + Your Living Room = “Seamless Viewing Experience”!

Monday, January 5, 2009 11:07
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I love this time of year.  Christmas is great and all but the real stuff happens in January.  CES and Macworld (well at least CES will still be here next year) are two big consumer electronics shows that always have me hitting the refresh button on my browser every 10 seconds just waiting for the next “break through” product to be announced.  Two companies who are getting a leg up on the competition and already starting to announce the big plans for the year are Adobe and Intel.  These two tech giants are forging ahead with a partnership to bring more “seamless Web-based and video viewing experiences” to the living room.  Said “experiences” include but are not limited to: Set top boxes, Blue-Ray Disc Players, Digital TV’s and retail connected AV devices.  It seems that within in the last year or so set top boxes and DVR’s have been gaining rather quickly.  Not wanting to lose any market share or money, the tech companies are following and dishing up what the market is asking for.  Follow CES this year and watch the excitement unfold.

Source: Boy Genius

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