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How to use Skype and other VoIP services over AT&T 3G [Suckers!]

Friday, May 1, 2009 6:47
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So are you tired of being jerked around by AT&T and paying for a service that continually gets restricted? Even though AT&T as well as several other cellular carriers around the world have blocked VoIP apps from their networks, a certain app exists in the jailbreaking world that will open up your iPhone to not just Skype, but any VoIP app that you can get your hands on! First off, you have to be kosher enough with jailbreaking (if you really want to tap the iPhones full potential, you will), after jailbreaking, head to Cydia and download and install the app “VoIPOver3G”. After the silent install, no icon or visible marker is noticeable. It simply works. After installed all of your VoIP apps will now “just work” over 3G. Sweet! If you are a big VoIP user, this is definitely something you want to take a look at. You won’t be sorry. Oh and by the way…VoIP sounds fantastic over even AT&T’s network! (Of course, performance will vary depending on locaiton)

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Missing Sync 2.0 for iPhone adds “Two-way syncing” to the feature list

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 8:22
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If you were a bit peeved by the iPhone and iPod Touches lack of syncing certain files such as notes and documents just to name a couple, Missing Sync was your saving grace. It allowed you to sync files that your Mac that you normally wouldn’t be able to borrow from your device. Though, with the first rendition you could only sync files on the mobile device to the Mac, and not the other way around. However, Missing Sync 2.0 now brings the ability for true two-way syncing as to make the most of your mobile life and allow you mobile and desktop devices to always be in sync. As far as iPhone/iPod Touch app compatibility goes, Fliq Notes 2.0 and Fliq Docs 2.0 are supported. If the 2.0 update is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, you’ll have to part with $40 for the added functionality. Previously registered pre-2.0 users will be able to get the upgrade for free. You down?

[Product Page]

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Chipotle app…Where art thee?

Saturday, April 25, 2009 6:45
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Lets take a short break in the craziness that is life and crawl through the depths of your mind.  Ok, we aren’t really going that far back in you mind…January ‘09 to be exact.  Do you remember a particular app that was made by the popular restaurant chain called “Chipotle”?  It was available for a whopping few hours before being yanked because the servers literally melted into the ground.  Do you remember their claim that they would relaunch the app within a couple weeks?  Well, three months later here we are, appless and still hungry.  What gives?  Well I wanted to know that very same answer too so I gave Chipotle some contact love by way of phone and email as many different aliases.  Right inside is their answer.  



GoSatWatch for iPhone. Watch satellites with ease

Thursday, April 23, 2009 16:51
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If you are a close astronomer and love everything about space and the surrounding heavens, chances are you just may like to watch or track our very own man made satellites as they orbit by.  Doing so with the naked eye or even a fancy telescope can sometimes be difficult.  Thankfully there are creative iPhone developers who slave away in front of a computer for hours while the star gazers are outside having fun.  The fruits of their slaving?  GoSatWatch.  With this app, locating and tracking satellites is exponentially easier and even fun.  With special tabs for certain celestial objects such as the international space station make tracking the more popular objects even easier.  The app will pinpoint your location based on the iPhones built-in GPS in which you can have satellite tracks overlaid on the map showing just how close satellites are actually coming to your location.  All-in-all, star gazers and space nuts should definitely check out GoSatWatch.


Source: TUAW

Worthless iPhone developer approves of violence towards infants [Baby Shakers]

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 15:26

In what is beginning to become a weekly occurance, Apple has again stirred up controversy regarding approved apps appearing in the App Store as well as the methods they use to approve/reject certain apps.  The latest scandal is actually quite disturbing and makes me want to puke - it’s that bad.  The app that is causing all of the commotion?  “Baby Shaker”.  The app does exactly what the title implies.  It is a basic app with no real meaning other than to silence kill digital babies.  The app starts with a screaming baby at which point you vigerously shake your iPhone/iPod Touch until the baby has red x’s appear over its eyes signifying that it is dead.  Pardon my plain, simple, and blunt english, but what kind of sick fuck makes something like this, approves this, and ultimately pays to downloads this.  Everyone involved should be fully ashamed and disgusted with themselves.  The topic it touches on is neither funny nor a way to make money.  I highly encourage everyone to boycott any other apps that Sikalsoft currently has in the app store as well as any future apps. Besides the questionable sanity of the developers involved as well as those that download this, the App Store approver(s) who let this slip by should be fired for the content they let slide though as well as their double standards.  There are countless farting apps, boob apps, the infamous $1,000 app, as well as countless other questionable apps that violate the “App Store Policy”, yet somehow shaking a baby is ok. In reality, Apple, the company as a whole would never approave of this, however, the person who thought it would be funny to approve this app should shortly be living on the street begging for pennies.  The developer, F*** them!

**Update    5:45pm (EST)**

Apple has officially removed Baby Shaker from the App Store.  The call for boycott still stands.

**Update 4/23/09**

Apple took the time today to officially apologize for the “great mistake” and oversight.  The official apology:

“This application was deeply offensive and should not have been approved for distribution on the App Store. When we learned of this mistake, the app was removed immediately. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and thank our customers for bringing this to our attention.”

So all is well again in Apple land.  Do you forgive them/in the process of putting it behind you?

Source: Tech Crunch, CNet

Palm Pre UI meets iPhone hardware…looks 85% right

Thursday, April 16, 2009 6:35
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If you are one of the many who have come to realize that if you want certain features out of your iPhone you’re just going to have to settle for less than Apple approved ways and have a certain glimmer in your eye for the UI sexiness that is webOS, iPhone theme designer “balderson” from the MMi forums has something right up your alley.  Currently the webOS theme only features 21 icons meaning if you are a stickler for uniformity you’re going to want to pick up an icon hider as well as a launcher to keep the overall look nice and clean.  However, balderson claims that more icons are on the way so if hiders and launchers aren’t youre forte just sit tight a little while longer.  In the mean time, just fire up Cydia and search for “Pre” and soon you will be rockin’ Palm’s latest UI (visually speaking) before Palm even releases it!  For more information about said theme hit up MMi’s forum.

Source: Into Mobile, Just Another iPhone Blog

[Unconfirmed] Sling Player for iPhone rejected per AT&T?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 19:40

Now I normally don’t like to post stuff as assumed fact when there is some room for change.  However this needs to be known.  According to a BG tipster, Sling Player for iPhone was denied today and sent back to the land of apps that almost were…*supposedly*.  Sling PR has been contacted so far hasn’t responded.  So for now we will speculate.  And don’t jump down Apple’s throats too fast.  While they have been the center of some pretty stupid rejection problems before, this time it wasn’t them.  How do we know?  Sling met every requirement Apple has so far set forth.  It appears that if this is in fact true, AT&T stepped in and requested it be denied due to worries of excessive bandwidth usage.  (Really AT&T, this is getting old, upgrade your POS network so the users can actually use what we pay for!!!!)  BG points out a very good point stating that any other devices have been using Sling Player on AT&T just fine for a while now (such as Blackberry).  I can see the difference though.  Apple is in AT&T’s pocket.  When you get the Sling Player app for other devices there isn’t a centralized app store (Blackberry now excluded), so people can freely go find Sling Player and install it at their own will whereas Apple has to directly answer to AT&T.  That’s ok…another reason to Jailbreak!  Once I know for sure I will update.


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Skype hates jailbreakers/freedom of choice

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 8:05
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There are many times in life that we are faced with choices.  Choices to enhance our lives for the better.  In terms of jailbreaking, not only does it make us, the human being happier, it makes our iPhones more useful and the devices that Apple should have created from the start.  We already know that Apple considers jailbreaking illegal (stupid), but what about Skype’s point of view?  Well according to iClarified, a user in Switzerland was met with a very unsettling alert upon firing up Skype 1.0.2 on his jailbroken iPhone (left).  Not only did Skype and AT&T lock out VoIP over AT&T’s crappy 3G network, but they also rendered it useless on many jailbroken iPhones.  **Not all jailbroken phones are seeing this message.**  Wow, I used to like Skype for its “liberating” service that it provided - not anymore now that I know they are in bed with Apple and AT&T.  That move is enough to make me never use Skype again. (In reality I don’t use it that often, however that “often” will now become a “never”).  How do you feel about this destruction of freedom and choice?  If you’re paying for a service, that is your service.  Like always, speak with your wallets!


Source: 9to5Mac, iClarified

Skype hates jailbreaking/freedom of choice…

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 7:06
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There are many times in life that we are faced with choices. Choices to enhance our lives for the better. In terms of jailbreaking, not only does it make us, the human being happier, it makes our iPhones more useful and the devices that Apple should have created from the start. We already know that Apple considers jailbreaking illegal (stupid), but what about Skype’s point of view? Well according to iClarified, a user in Switzerland was met with a very unsettling alert upon firing up Skype 1.0.2 on his jailbroken iPhone (left). Not only did Skype and AT&T lock out VoIP over AT&T’s crappy 3G network, but they also rendered it useless on jailbroken iPhones. Wow, I used to like Skype for its “liberating” service that it provided - not anymore now that I know they are in bed with Apple and AT&T. That move is enough to make me never use Skype again. (In reality I don’t use it that often, however that “often” will now become a “never”). How do you feel about this destruction of freedom and choice? If you’re paying for a service, that is your service. Like always, speak with your wallets!

Source: 9to5Mac, iClarified

Browse more safely thanks to Trend Micro’s “Trend Smart Surfing” app for iPhone

Monday, April 13, 2009 7:07

Security nuts and paranoid iPhone users out there can now browse the mobile web looking over your shoulder a little less as Trend Micro as released a pretty cool new app dubbed: “Trend Smart Surfing”.  Said apps will keep your online sessions a little more secure by doing such things as checking the sites you go to for malicious content by means of a cloud-client that checks over 5 billion URL’s, emails, and file transfers daily.

Features of Trend Smart Surfing include (specs from Slashphone):


  • In-depth browser security powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network that blocks access to malicious web pages.
  • Color-coded search results that make it easy to identify harmful web pages.
  • Three protection strength levels that users can modify according to their needs.
  • Support for multiple web page browsing.


Interested security nuts can pick up Trend Micro’s app in Apple’s App Store now (iTunes Link).  Best of all…it’s free!


Source: Slashphone, Into Mobile

Push notifications will never equal true background app support!

Friday, April 10, 2009 15:09
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Apple’s Push notifications while grossly past due from their original due date of last year, were at least delayed for good reason.  At the iPhone OS 3.0 preview, Apple stated the delay was because of “developers suggesting ideas and methods of implementing the push service that they had never thought of”, which in return required a complete re-write of the service, hence the massive delay.  Apple’s stubbornness (or innovative thinking, depending on who you talk to) to support background processes has kept many iPhone hopefuls on the fence, not quite sure if they can go without  background apps in exchange for the whole Apple ecosystem and hype.  So why does Apple refuse to bring by far the most requested and undoubtedly most important feature, background processes, to the iPhone platform?



iPhone moisture sensors a bit too sensitive? *Unhappy face*

Thursday, April 9, 2009 10:36
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If you are a gym rat who also happens to tote around Apple’s iPhone you may want to rethink you decision in music listening device at the gym.  Apple designed the iPhone to be the everything-in-one gadget - the gadget to truly revolutionaize our lives acting as phone, calendar, iPod, etc.  Every aspect of our life is supposedly covered by the iPhone.  Apple even markets it as a workout companion with various arms bands and workout accessories as well as an entire section of the App Store designated to workout and fitness apps.  So what is wrong with the iPhone and a good workout?  Sweat!


Slingplayer for iPhone hits you where it hurts…your wallet!

Thursday, April 2, 2009 5:22

Do you use Slingplayer, have an iPhone, and have been impatiently waiting for the Slingplayer for iPhone app? Well there’s some good news and bad news. Slingplayer for iPhone didn’t get banned, removed, or canceled. However, if you plan on actually streaming anything to you swanky iPhone be prepared to pay dearly. According to a post on Sling’s website, all older Slingboxes (except for the Slingbox PRO) WILL NOT work with the iPhone — you have to upgrade to a newer (read: spend more money for no reason at all) Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox PRO. What a load of BS! There is no reason at all the iPhone can’t work with older Slingboxes. Palm’s ugly as sin and outdated Centro not to mention many other older smartphones will work with older Slingboxes. The exec’s at Sling knew there was high demand and decided to throw in this extra “requirement” for iPhone users just to make a quick buck.  As a gesture of kindness (psh…please) Sling is throwing in a $50 credit to unlucky owners of older hardware.  But it hardly takes away the sting and building anger.

Now I don’t use Sling products, though I was considering them. However, after this announcement forget it. I will find other ways to get mobile TV and video streamed to my iPhone. Does this new “iPhone clause” really get you riled up? It’s ok to vent below…really it is…

Source: Engadget, Sling Community

Being an iPhone app developer for *the rotten* Apple becoming less rosy.

Monday, March 30, 2009 17:38

The last week has seen the tech headlines filled with Apple and app store polices…not for the better. Seems as if Apple is getting mighty shady with their bread and butter developers of the iPhone phenomenon. If you are an iPhone developer and have been living in a hole the last couple of weeks, you may have missed the changes that are coming to the App Store, all of them for the worst. They are walking a dangerous line that could cause many developers to drop the iPhone platform all together and take their talents and products elsewhere. What is Apple doing?


“Window Shop” for V-dub’s on your iPhone!

Monday, March 30, 2009 10:17
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In what is a strange yet undoubtedly cool move by Volkswagen, a mobile version, specifically iPhone version of their website has been launched (open in desktop browser).  For the iPhone version just head to and your iPhone will take care of the rest.  I’ve looked at it and it really does have a great look to it no matter if what orientation the screen is in — very Applesque in desgin.    With the iPhone version of the page, you can browser all of their car lineup and find dealers by zip code (U.S. only).  The coolest feature so far is the ability to tap on that little “Assistance” icon above which will connect you immediately with Roadside Assistance — Nice Touch!  Never be lost or alone agian (as long as you have an AT&T signal that is).  The only thing that would be a big help and addition to their alreay great mobile webpage be allowing actual purchasing and financing look up on the iPhone itself.  Now I know that Flash is a big part of the whole financing and buying aspect, but if they could just figure out ways to do it without Flash, it would be killer for sure.

Source: Into Mobile