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When 192GB of RAM will just have to suffice…

Friday, March 27, 2009 9:07
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So your buddy has been bragging about his 8GB in his PC.  Smack him in the face with a rebuttal of 192GB!  Eh, maybe not quite that much.  But at least know that it’s possible…not very economical though.  Intel’s latest Nehalem chipset as most of you know allows anstonishingly large amounts of RAM.  Dell is welcoming with open arms you professional users you, with their latest Precision T7500 which has 12 available slots for DDR3 1333MHz RAM.  The largest sticks of RAM you can get right now are 16GB in size.  Those 16GB sticks cost $3,400…EACH!  Do the math.  No matter how you figure it, $40k for a RAM upgarde is ridiculous.  Even for 192GB. Who even has $40k laying around for a RAM upgrade anyway…*AIG worker…”I’ll take two please”*.  Though, large companies with deep pockets (maybe some of the computers on AIG’s private jets need 192GB RAM upgrades) will surely pick up a few of these pricer upgrades.  In time the prices will fall and the affordability and ability to have nearly 200 GB or RAM will come to the more mainstream little guys like you and me.  For the time being however, only the big corps with many servers and many many users will be able to afford (and justify) such large amounts of RAM.  Keep dreaming folks.

Source: Crunch Gear

Intel 3.5GHz Dual-Core slipped

Monday, January 26, 2009 20:31
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For some odd reason, *leaked* information seems to get me more excited.  I don’t know, maybe its the “surprise” factor.  Whatever the case, someone at Intel got a little trigger happy and jumped the gun by releasing info on a new processor, the E8700, on their knowledge base.  The info has since been removed but Tech Report managed to grab some information before it was taken down.

  • 3.5GHz clock speed
  • 6MB cache
  • 1,333 MHz FSB
  • 65W thermal envelope

No price has been announced yet but assuming that this replaces the 2.33GHz processor price point, one could expect a price around $270.


Source: Electronista, Tech Report

New iMacs being delayed because of Quad-core issues…going to stay Dual-core?

Monday, January 26, 2009 11:06
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One of the biggest upgrades that has been rumored for Apple’s iMac lineup is the move to quad-core processors.  The jump will bring pretty big performance increases in programs designed for multiple cores such as graphics software among others.  However, new information is starting to show that iMacs may stay dual-core.  Why you ask? Read More… »

You: “250GB SSD is not enough”, Intel: “OK, how about 320GB!”

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 20:40
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Not too long ago (12-18months) we were looking at 32GB SSD and thinking to ourselves, “Wow, that’s a lot of flash storage”.  Fast forward and now 32GB is becoming a joke, a still rather expensive joke compared to traditional hard drives.  However prices on SSD’s are rapidly falling.  Apparently, leaks of 320GB SSD’s coming form Intel are making their way through PC manufactures who are being told to expect them this fall.  While this isn’t an official announcement from Intel, it is one that is highly plausible given the current trends in SSD’s increasing in capacity and dropping in price.  As soon as more is known, you’ll know.

Source: Engadget

Mainstream core i7 arriving late to the party?

Friday, January 16, 2009 14:07
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Due to economic slow downs and overstock problems, Intel is said to be pushing back the release of their more mainstream core i7 processors until at least late August.  The original launch time frame was mid to late July.  If the economic conditions don’t improve, or, get worse, the date could be pushed back even further.  Intel’s budget desktop processor replacement for the current Core 2 Due, the Havendale architecture, is rumored to have chip samples ready by next month.  However, production isn’t slated to start until September or October with the actaul launch being pushed into next January.  The effects of the slowdown are not yet known on Auburndale, a relative to Havendale designed for mobile processors, as to if that architecture will be delayed as well.


Source: Electronista

AMD finally starting to catch up to Intel

Thursday, January 8, 2009 9:47
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In order to start off CES with a band, AMD decided to unveil their new Phenom II architecture.  The Phenom II signals AMD’s entrance into the 45-nanometer manufacturing process.  Based on their “shanghai” architecture, this new chip will offer up a 20% speed boost over their older 2.6GHz personal best.  Optimized design, as well 4MB of total extra cache, and support for up to DDR3 1,333MHz RAM.  One other added bonus is higher stock clock speeds will be tolerated, up to 3GHz. Read More… »

Intel + Adobe + Your Living Room = “Seamless Viewing Experience”!

Monday, January 5, 2009 11:07
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I love this time of year.  Christmas is great and all but the real stuff happens in January.  CES and Macworld (well at least CES will still be here next year) are two big consumer electronics shows that always have me hitting the refresh button on my browser every 10 seconds just waiting for the next “break through” product to be announced.  Two companies who are getting a leg up on the competition and already starting to announce the big plans for the year are Adobe and Intel.  These two tech giants are forging ahead with a partnership to bring more “seamless Web-based and video viewing experiences” to the living room.  Said “experiences” include but are not limited to: Set top boxes, Blue-Ray Disc Players, Digital TV’s and retail connected AV devices.  It seems that within in the last year or so set top boxes and DVR’s have been gaining rather quickly.  Not wanting to lose any market share or money, the tech companies are following and dishing up what the market is asking for.  Follow CES this year and watch the excitement unfold.

Source: Boy Genius

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Because a laptop with dual-core is sooo 2008…

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 21:19
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So, you thought having a dual-core was cutting edge…Not anymore. Dual-core is old news and last year in the mobile world. The new hotness is quad-core processors. The time has come for them to finally trickle into the laptop arena. Acer was so excited, they couldn’t wait to release a laptop featuring Intel’s latest and greatest. The Aspire 8930G-7665 can claim to be the first laptop to market to use Intel’s new Q9000 mobile quad core processor. While being first to market with the new chip is certainly a great accomplishment, the Q9000 runs at a kind of pokey 2.0GHz. While this is a momentous step towards the future, those not using fairly high end software that takes advantage of multiple cores won’t notice a whole lot of difference in speeds at all. For those more “casual” users, a higher clocked dual-core would garner greater results. It just so happens that Intel is also releasing a few upgraded mobile dual cores as well. This mad push rush of new chips early in ‘09 is certainly a welcome addition to Intel’s current crop of chips, however the real excitement comes with the i7 chips. Once the mobile versions of those chips are released, (hopefully late ‘09) laptops will really become “mobile desktops”.
For the tech nerds below is a quick list of the new mobile dual and quad cores hitting early next year.


  • P8700 2.53GHz (3MB cache) $241
  • T9550 2.66GHz (6MB cache) $316
  • P9600 2.66GHz (6MB cache) $348
  • T9800 2.93GHz (6MB cache) $530


  • Q9000 2.0GHz (6MB cache) $348
  • Q9100 2.26GHz (12MB cache) $851
  • QX9300 2.53GHz (12MB cache) $1,038

Source: Macworld , Softpedia