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Monster Cable hates America, loves frivolous lawsuits

Thursday, April 9, 2009 13:34
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It shouldn’t be a secret that I’m not the biggest fan of Monster Cable products. Why?  Well besides the obvious price gouging, their sales and marketing tactics are downright deceiving and anti-consumer. For example theres the ‘ol Monster Cable to “Competitor HDMI Composite cable comparison, or the infamous mini-Golf Course lawsuit that show Monsters true colors and class.  Forget the fact that not even a brainless idiot would confuse a mini-golf course and a grossly over priced cable company…but I digress.  Does Monster they should have a patent on the word “Monster”?


Monster announces they have finally done it…Worlds BEST SOUNDING earphones.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 19:21
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Well, I’ll jump on the BS wagon and call it right there. While I do consider myself 2 notches away form a full blown audiophile, my wallet disagrees with me. I simply can’t afford many of the things that my ears beg for. Monster is a company with very loyal followers and on the other end of the spectrum, very loyal haters. Next to the typical Apple and Microsoft fanboys, Monster is probably right up there near the top with them. When I think of sound quality, I’ll admit it, I’ve heard many monster things and most of them sound pretty good. However, do they sound as good as they are priced? That is a big NO! Personally I see Monster as extremely overpriced for their sound quality. I have a pair of BOSE tri-ports and I think those are even over priced. There are many offerings from other manufactures such as Sennheiser, Shure, and Audio Technica just to name a few that sound amazing and at more reasonable prices. Read More… »

Dr. Dre headphones…Audio Nirvana or waste of money?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 17:01
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Dr. Dre, along with Monster, have just released a follow up to their Beats over the ear headphones released several months ago.  These new “beats” are in ear headphones developed with a “Tangle free” wire and “bass so deep it feels like there is a subwoofer in your head”  Well, since they’re just now available for shipping, I can’t yet comment on if the sound quality claims actually live up to the hype.  However, the original beats I do know for a fact were pretty decent…save for the ridiculous price of $300.  The Bose tri-ports, (which are also great sounding headphones, though again over priced for their quality) sound just as good as the Beats.  Paired with an iPod Touch 1st Gen, and iPhone 3g listening to music rangeing from Rap to Rock to more alternative, the beats produced great low end sound (something the Touch and iPhone slightly lack.  However, the mid-range seemed recessed and non-existent, and the highs shrill and tiny.  Also, the soundstage seemed compressed.  Certainly not worth of $300!  But with the complete rip off that Monster is, its no surprise that because Monster was included in development that the price reflected that.

Now, the in-ear phones could be very different (and I hope they are).  I’m always looking for headphones that sound just a little better than the last pair, revealing a part of my music that I never noticed before.  One thing I have noticed is that the Bose Tri-ports and Beats had a decent all around sound quality with a slight emphasis on low end.  However, when I plug in my 5 pro’s the low end gets shoved to the back on most music.  Yes, Rap comes through and has some decent bass, but other genres its disappointing.  However, its not the headphones.  I still have an iRiver iHP-120 that to this day blows every other Mp3 player out of the water in terms of sound quality.  When using my’s with that player they sounded ten times better than then Beats full size headphones hands down.  So why do they sound so average with the Touch and iPhone?  In reality, Apple has never really cared all that much for sound quality as the insides of iPods and iPhones don’t use the greatest amp’s in their products.  Also, the armatures used in the Super.Fi’s are more analytical in the sense that it takes more of them to fully reproduce the human range of frequencies than a diaphragm does.  A diaphragm for a quick note is more like an actual speaker.  The beats use a diaphragm, which will give the bottom end a much bigger punch as well as bring out the mids.  Highs tend to be more calm and subdued with diaphragms geared heavily towards bass soo, we’ll see.  One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to get a listen to see if they are really all that great.

Conclusion: Without yet hearing the Beats in-ear style I can’t comment on those, but the original beats are just ok…Definitely NOT worth their money.  Look elsewhere.

Source: Engadget, Ubergizmo