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Nintendo to bring DSi phone service to market?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 19:23
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It seems as if “leaking” company information or having loose lips is the “new thing” these days as lately it seems as if various product leaks have been victims of the previously mentioned loose lips.  The latest tech/gadget company to possibly let slip future goods: Nintendo, compliments of the surpreme leader, Satoru Iwata.  So what did they potentially reveal?  How does a DSi phone service sound?



Lose the pudge while having fun with the Riiflex Weights

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 12:58
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If you are the type of perosn who loves video games and being physically active, the Nintendo Wii was your saving grace.  With the large amount of moving around that you do, staying more fit than your non-movable gamers is a tad easier.  However, users shouldn’t expect to drop 100 lbs or more simply by playing Wii Bowling.  The workout/video game craze is in full swing as the next great physical add-on for the Wii comes by way of the Riiflex Weights.  Said weights come in two sizes: 2lbs. ($34.99) and 4lbs. ($39.99) and are sure to please moms and dads alike.  Keep little Jimmy in shape, albeit expensively with these new fangled fitness oriented doo dads.  If you ask me, kick their little buts off of the couch and tell them to go outside.  Or for the weightlifting effect, grab a gallon of milk.  While they aren’t particularly my cup of tea, I’m sure many will find the Riiflex Weights a welcome addition to their gaming experience.

Source: Crunch Gear, Ubergizmo, [Product Page]

Dog from Duck Hunt has the last laugh…Duck Hunt for iPhone goes down in a cloud of feathers

Thursday, February 5, 2009 5:43
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Duck Hunt love it or hate it was a big game back in its hay day.  Yes, 1984 was a bad year for Ducks Everywhere.  With this obviously violent video game depicting horrible and unsightly violence towards ducks, many packed up and moved on.  On top of the great Duck crusades of the mid ’80’s, Nintendo is also famous for their use of lawyers.  Lawyers to stop anything even remotely illegally associated with Nintendo products.  The latest Nintendo stick in the mud move comes from iPhone land.  Up until a few weeks ago, Duck Hunt had made a new home on the iPhone.  Apparently Nintendo had a few issues with that as it has now been blasted from the App Store.  Why?  The most obvious case is copyright infringement.  Also, Nintendo may be hoping to cash in on the new “premium games section” that is rumored to be coming soon to the app store.  ”Premium” meaning they could take more of your hard earned pennies.  Not to mention Nintendo has a track record of coming after anyone who tries to market anything remotely close to one of their products.  Way to be classy Nintendo.  Hopefully you got a copy before it was shot down.  


Source: Joystiq, Intomobile