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Nvidia GT3xx cards to be the end all be all of seperate CPU/GPU’s

Sunday, April 26, 2009 17:05
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Processors and graphics cards have long been two completely different monsters that have each had their own respective duties, never switching sides.  As with all electronics, stand alone parts are often integrated into one as technology progresses and becomes smaller.  For years, many computer nerds have dreamed of the day when the CPU and GPU can become one, sharing roles, and making your scream machine all the faster, while also being smaller and more efficient.  Nvidia’s GT3xx series cards could be just that and is even been called a cGPU.  A cGPU because it will start to march into Intels territory in the whole processor arena.  Being hailed as the “first truly new architecture since SIMD (Single-Instruction Multiple Data)”, the architecture changes coming with the 3xx series could be the prelude (as in one to two generations away from the full blown thing) to the CPU/GPU combo we have been waiting for.  While another several years seems like an eternity, and to many techno people really is, it is but a drop in the bucket to the last thirty years or so of computer evolution.  Computers, computer components, and computer performance are on the brink of exploding exponentially in terms of speed, efficiency, and power.


Source: Engadget, BSN

Leopard 10.5.7 coming very *Very* soon…according to Nvidia product page

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 11:56
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OS X 10.5.7 has been the talk of the Apple world for the last several weeks, and for good reason.  This last major update before Snow Leopard is set to bring a slew of bug fixes and minor performance improvements to the slightly older yet still highly capable operating system.  Nvidia as many of you may not know, recently annouced their new Quadro FX 4800 graphics cards for Macs.  What do I tie these two topics together?  Well, the release of the Quadro FX 4800 more or less confirms an imminent 10.5.7 release.  Again you ask “Why?”  The observant few will notice that under “Drivers & Downloads” on Nvidias site, one of the requirements for the new graphics cards is Mac OS X 10.5.7.  Surely Nvidia wouldn’t announce, market, and release a graphics card that has to have an operating system and patch that doesn’t exist yet - though stranger things have happned.  So, coupled with the countless other “10.5.7 imminent release” articles you see around the web *just google it*, this more or less confirms that very soon we will be seeing some new Leopard specific downloads in Software Update.  I for one am not super excited.  Sure updates are great and all as they bring new features, however Snow Leopard is just around the corner, and that will be much sweeter.

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PhysX technology coming to PS3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 14:37
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Gaming geeks and so forth have something to keep their spirits up as Nvidia has made known their licensing agreement with Sony that will enable their PhysX technology to make its way to the PS3.  What does PhysX tech do?  Well, it is claimed to make games more realistic.  Does it?  I’ll let you decide.  Just know that it’s coming.  Registered PS3 developers can get in on the action by downloading the SDK via the SCEI Developer Network.


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Nvidia announces the GeForce GTX 150/160/260/280M

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 10:33
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If you’re a mobile gamer where speed is everything Nvidia has something they’d like to show you.  Announced today at CeBiT, Nvidias laptop graphics cards just got big upgrades in the form of the FeForce GTX 150/160/260/280 cards.  The 280 being claimed as a full 50% faster than previous generation cards.  I remember as if it were just yesterday people were all up in arms about the imminent release of the 8800m series cards, and here were are starting the counter over again in the 200’s.  All of the new N’ cards will feature CUDA support as well as playing nice with PhysX gaming effects.  While these latest chips offer the new pinnacle of fast and efficiency, I still wouldn’t recommend venturing very far from an outlet with one or two of these in your laptop.  Step inside for a screenshot of the new showing a quick breakdown of the new cards’ specs, or check out Hot Hardware for the full load.


Nvidia announces drivers for Windows 7 beta

Monday, March 2, 2009 13:57
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In the push to make computers faster while at the same time making processors smaller and more efficient, actual processing in recent years has been making a move towards the GPU.  GPU processing has been hyped as freeing up the processor from handling mundane system tasks and instead letting the GPU take that over while the CPU does the heavy lifting of whatever programs you are running at the time.  Nvidia announced today that they have drivers ready for Windows 7 beta.  The new drivers will help with what is to be believed to be the first operating system with GPU computing.  The inclusion of GPU support in Windows 7 will no doubt encourage developers to embrace the technology and incorporate it into their applications.  The title of “worlds first” OS to market with GPU processing support has me thinking just a tad.  Isn’t Apple’s “Grand Central” supposed to incorporate GPU computing in Snow Leopard?  An article by Mac OS Rumors highlights what Snow Leopards support for GPU processing will look like as well as what cards will be supported.  Currently, Windows 7 isn’t slated for release until later in the summer and possibly early fall, while Snow Leopard is rumored around this summer.  So, who will make it first?  Well, Microsoft is pushing, and pushing hard to get Windows 7 out as soon as possible.  Let’s just hope they don’t sacrifice quality as they did with Vista just to get a product out.  The Snow Leopard camp on the other hand has been relatively quiet with only small leaks giving us glimpses of the Apple’s next operating system.  Regardless of who releases first, GPU computing will definitely be a big step in the computing world.  One that I am very excited for.


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Nvidia Tegra in pictures!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 10:44
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Engadget was lucky enough to get some hands (and eyes) on time with Nvidia’s Tegra platform. At MWC Nvidia had a proof of concept device connected to a large LCD and pushing 1080p TV to it without breaking a sweat. The sweet part is the claimed 10 hour battery life while doing the previously mentioned task! Awesome. They were also fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the up and coming Yulong N8 and IAC S2 Tegra APX phones.  Hop inside for a few pictures of the devices working their magic.