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Yatca + Blackberry = Happy Tweets!

Monday, March 16, 2009 8:23
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Yes…another Twitter post.  This time though it revolves around the Blackberry world.  I’m pleased to announce Yatca for Blackberry, the latest and “yet another” Twitter client for the Candian born messaging giant (4.6+ deviecs only).  Yatca litteraly stands for “Yet another Twitter Client Application”…catchy!  Yatca’s claim to fame is the fact that it is tied into the Blackberries messaging services meaning all Yatca updates appear in your message inbox as well as giving you the ability to assign different profile settings for those alerts.  So Crackberry users and Twit-o-holics…are you biting?  If you have a 4.6+ Blackberry device point your BB browser here for the OTA download and start tweeting away.

*Yatca is ONLY for OS 4.6+ devices at this time!!!*

Source: Berry Review

Facebook 1.5 leaked for Blackberry Bold (OS 4.6)

Sunday, March 15, 2009 19:58
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Facebook and Blackberry go together like “lamb and tuna fish”.  Perhaps a better analogy would be more appropriate.  To each his own.  Facebook, the social networking mecca that is becoming an increasingly growing threat to MySpace, has a very popular app for Blackberry devices that made updating and tracking your Facebook account easy as pie.  The FB application hasn’t been updated substantially in many months so when word broke of the 1.5 Facebook update, everyone in Blackberry nation was in a frenzy.  Well good news folks as some brave soul has put it upon themselves to share their good fortune with the rest of us and has provided Facebook for Blackberry 1.5.

You can get the OTA here (compliments of PRP2) using your BB browser, or, if you want to download the installer and do it the ‘ol fashion way via RapidShare (thanks to BBGun) you have that option too.


Source: Berry Review

vPost for Blackberry: Making social butterflies’ lives easier

Thursday, March 5, 2009 14:34
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The digital revolution is creating all sorts of new fields and markets.  The last several years has seen the rise of Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many others become what seems like household staples.  Everyone and their mother (literally) has a MySpace or Facebook account.  There are many social netoworking sites and if you are a social butterfly who spreads their wings into every single social network, you’re going to spend a lot of time logging in/out entering sign in information, etc.  Today, Vayyoo Inc. has announced vPost, a social networking application for RIM’s Blackberry line that will tie multiple social networks into one making your life easier and more efficient.  Users will be able to upload pictures, videos, voice, text, and GPS locations though a simplified single user interface to multiple social netoworking sites, blogs, coporate enviorments, etc instead of spending hours navigating through several social networking sites.  Non Blackberry users shouldn’t feel too let down as Vayyoo is planning on releasing vPost for other platoforms such as Windows Mobile in the near future.

Source: PinStack, Vayyoo

Blackberry App World apps starting at $2.99

Thursday, March 5, 2009 6:33


Free loaders and people who just enjoy free stuff will be sorely disappointed with RIM’s “App World” as an updated FAQ on the App World Developer site clearly lists the pricing tiers for apps. You’ll notice that $2.99 is as loooow as it goes. Good news for developers but bad news for the more frugal. Granted, it’s a good move to keep stupid and senseless “fart apps” out of App World.  However, is it RIM’s place to decide want people want. Apple gets enough unhappy comments about almost non-existent options/choice. Is RIM going the same way?  What are your thoughts?

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Facebook 1.5 for Blackberry leaked!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 18:49
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Boy Genius has been lucky enough to get his hands on the latest Blackberry 1.5 Facebook update.  What’s the gist of the review.  Mainly that while it does add some welcome features…2.0 couldn’t come soon enough.  Basically 3 major things were added in 1.5.

  • BlackBerry Message Application Integration:  FINALLY!  Now Facebook alerts, notes, messages, whatever are now able to be viewed in your inbox.  Now you no longer have to actually open your Facebook app.  ++1
  • BlackBerry Calendar Application Integration:  Another handy feature.  RSVP’d events and other calendar related items can now be shown in your Blackberry calendar.
  • BlackBerry Contacts Application Integration:  Rounding out the “big 3″ updates of the  Blackberry Facebook app is contact integration.  Your Blackberry contacts and Facebook contacts can now be shared.  You can choose exactly which contacts to “link” and “unlink”.

All in all it looks like a solid update.  Though, 2.0 should bring some really interesting features.  Keep working at it RIM.  For the full review, stop by BGR and take a minute to soak it all in.


Source: BGR

BB Light 1.95 adds Ring/Vibe option to your beloved Blackberrys

Monday, March 2, 2009 18:44


The free BBLight application developed by Chris Miles has added an often sought after feature to the latest BB Light update…an option to allow your Blackberry to Vibrate & Ring at the same time.  Why RIM hasn’t added this ridiculously easy option is beyond me.  While this isn’t a new development, it is the first one that is FREE.  Can’t beat free folks!  If you haven’t plunkered down the money for the other Vibe/Ring apps yet, point your BB browser over here and get ready to enjoy the new old tech!
Source: Berry Review

iPhone “Slide to unlock” now on a BB Storm near you

Saturday, February 28, 2009 13:11


Just because you have a Blackberry Storm doesn’t mean you have to lose out on the cool slide to unlock feature that the iPhone enjoys.  You have the same type of screen technology, why not put it to use.  Thanks to Storm, the iPhone lock screen look and function is now available for Blackberry Storm users.  Best part…It’s FREE!  All you have to do is point your BB browser to the OTA download link and enjoy.


Source: Blackberry News

BBWeather updated to 0.84…alpha tag included

Monday, February 23, 2009 14:21
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Blackberry users who also happen to be closet weather freaks or just simply want to know what the weather is take note as BBWeather has been updated to 0.84, albeit as an alpha so be careful as glitches and bugs aren’t ruled out.  The developer, Tateu, from Blackberry Forums wants all to know that bugs and glitches are an ongoing fix and that 0.84 adds some notable new features.  A new hourly forecast screen is now available as well as some new added shortcuts.  All Blackberry devices running OS 4.3 and higher get in on the new update.  Storm users take heed that their are some current image scaling issues however it is a known issue and will be fixed in future updates.  The incorrectly scaled images can be scrolled through so nothing is really cut off per say.  For the full list of new features as well as more forum discussion, check out BlackberryForums.  Point you BB browser here to download BBWeather 0.84, and for more pictures come inside!



More Blackberry Application Storefront info revealed

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 18:05


Since Apple knocked one out of the park with their Apple App Store, it seems like daily more and more people are jumping in on the app store bandwagon and trying to get a slice of the app store pie.  One of the big 3 players in the digital world (Apple, Android, and Blackberry) of application stores is RIM.  Many people are looking forward to RIM’s foray into the more consumer oriented arena.  Today, more details of RIM’s Application Storefront have been published.  Good/Bad?  You’ll just have to keep reading…


Blackberry Application Center is picky

Friday, February 6, 2009 22:00
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In what is sure to upset a few Crackberry addicts tonight, news is making its way around that the up and coming Blackberry Application Center will only support the Bold and Storm at launch.  Now don’t get me wrong, those are two of the best Blackberrys every made.   However there is a much larger market still using older models.  I don’t know why they would ignore such a huge chunk of market even if support for the older models is coming at a later date.  Hopefully they get the developer pony up and moving or else they will lose quite a bit at the start.  After the less than stellar Blackberry Storm launch, RIM really needs to ace the App Center and quick.  Not with an update at a future date.  Be calm Crack addicts and cross your fingers.  All will be well soon.


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Slacker radio now available for Blackberry Storm

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 8:29
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Need some music to weather the storm? Good news…Slacker radio is now available for the Blackberry Storm.  The application can be used in either horizontal or vertical modes, whichever suits your fancy.  I have Slacker on my iPhone and use it daily.  It’s kind of like Pandora except better in the sense that I seem to hear a little more music from obscure bands.  That’s a big plug if you’re tired of hearing the same “top 40″ hits on the radio 5 times a day.  One exclusive feature that Blackberry users get is a “Slacker station caching feature” allowing them to save radio stations to the memory card.  This in turn saves battery live greatly because instead of streaming the music, it is pulling it from the memory card.  (Awesome!)  Whip out your Storm and head on over to on your Storm’s browser and download the free Slacker Radio app today!


Source: Blackberry Cool

Blackberry Application Center now accepting submissions!

Monday, January 19, 2009 19:27
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Blackberry users have reason to celebrate today as applications for RIM’s Blackberry Application Center are now being accepted.  The Application Center is currently slated to open to the masses in March of this year.  The submission of Apps is the start of hopefully something great from RIM.  I am excited to see how they run their own App Center.


Source: Mobile Whack

BGR app coming to Blackberry soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2009 18:46
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iPhone and iPod Touch users have been lucky enough to have the new BGR app on their devices for the last few days brining quick one touch access to the great site of Boy Genius.  Blackberry users who have been feeling let down and out in the cold should cheer up as BG has reported that he is planning on bringing an app to every major mobile OS.  Next up is Blackberry!  It will take a little longer as the development for the iPhone and iPod touch was one app whereas Blackberry development will involve several devices and just as many different OS’s.  Don’t worry.  It’s coming soon.
Source: BGR

New Blackberry Browser…”Bolt” looks AWESOME!

Thursday, January 15, 2009 18:00

Coming from a Blackberry, I can attest to the fact that the stock Blackberry browser is a joke, plain and simple.  If you plan on doing any amount of web browsing, up until now you had Opera Mini as you only good choice.  However, a new player is coming to the market.  BitStream is working on a new Blackberry browser called the “Bolt”.  BitStream claims that Bolt is a great deal faster than Opera Mini (and OM is pretty darn fast), as well as using a considerable less amount of resources.  So far, after a few minutes of playing around with it I must admit that I am really liking Bolt so far.  It will be exciting to see it further developed!  Check the gallery on the next page to see a whole slew of pictures courtesy of Blackberry Cool. Read More… »

Visual Voicemail coming to a Bold near you?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 16:43


Boy Genius received some rather interesting news regarding the Blackberry Bold getting a Visual Voicemail update (finally).  A BGR reader sent in pictures from his Bold showing a Visual Voicemail icon.  Interesting side note: The Blackberry Application Center modules are loaded on his particular OS as well.  If you’re wondering he’s running and he’s on AT&T.  Visual Voicemail currently throws up an error whenever he tries to open it, and without the service books for the Application Center, that won’t work either.  At least it’s an exciting peak at what’s to come!



Source: Boy Genius