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Verizon vendor theme for non CDMA Blackberries

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 11:03


Since I’m stuck with an 8320 until the Onyx/Magnum come out, I decided to try and track down that Verizon vendor theme that I once had on my 8320 (before I switched to an iPhone). At the time of the 8330’s release, the Verizon theme was one of a few bottom dock themes for that series of device - hence the hype surrounding it. While true hardcore Blackberry users who have an eye for candy generally switch to 3rd party themes, some people prefer the fast and simple interface the stock vendor themes provide. Have you been searching for the stock Verizon vendor theme for your non-CDMA device? You can stop searching. The links, as well as a few pictures are right inside my friend.


USB Mass storage mode not working on your Berry/SD card? [How-To]

Friday, May 29, 2009 8:23

One of the great parts of the Blackberry experience is the ability to save files to the SD card for use in sending to another recipient or simply by using your Berry as a big radio wave emitting flash drive. However, while process of entering mass storage mode is extremely easy, occasionally things go awry. Have you ever connected, enabling mass storage mode, only to find that your SD card inside your berry doesn’t show up or get recognized? The solution and ensuing happiness are right inside.


Wirelessly sync iTunes playlists to your Blackberry with ParkVu’s i2b.

Friday, April 3, 2009 11:24

If you’re jumping up and down in excitement take a minute to read the article fully.  I’m sure there are many Blackberry users out there who use iTunes as their online music store of choice.  Thankfully, albeit slowly, RIM is making progress on better iTunes/Blackberry making the coporate workhorse and consumer oriented music store play respectably well together and with the latest itterations even allowing iTunes syncing to your Blackberry.  ParkVu however is on the offensive and moving at a quicker clip than RIM and is already pushing the wireless syncing of iTunes music to  your Blackberry.  Want more info!?  Just take a quick step inside.