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London to get first European RIM/Blackberry store. [Crackberry Happiness]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 11:03
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Crackberry users that claim residence in London will soon be the envy of many European friends as RIM is looking to open their first European store right in London.  The new store will be located in Selfridges flagship department store and operated by Carphone Warehouse.  Some loose lipped Slefridges employees have let it slip that we can look forward to this new found Berry goodness opening within the next couple of months, providing European Crackberry users a place to go and get all touchy feely with the latest that RIM has to offer.  RIM is of course denying the rumors and refusing to speak on the matter, however the Selfridge location on Oxford street is what many believe to be a good start for RIM overseas.  Anyone care to pipe in and toss some added info into the mix?

Source: Pocket-Lint

49 reasons to travel the world with the Blackberry Storm

Saturday, April 25, 2009 10:40
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While I am not too particular on the Blackberry Storm myself (I don’t really like the touchscreen on it), it is no doubt a monumental step for RIM. With the Storm, RIM entered a new market that was devoid of their signature feature, the keyboard. While the whole click screen wasn’t my favorite, their are many people who have fallen in love with the combination of the whole touch and “clicking” idea. Because of the Storm’s obvious focus on the touchscreen, it has time and time again been compared to the iPhone, often coming in behind Apple’s jesus phone. Because of that, you won’t see many reviews or articles about the many benefits of the Storm and all that it has to offer. For those of you who are looking at purchasing a Storm but need a small push over the mental edge, check out this article on Vodafone’s blog that gives some honestly good insight on the Blackberry Storm. While some will argue it is biased because it is an article on a product straight from a carrier that is selling the same product, each of the 49 reasons are valid reasons that any Storm user can appreciate.

Obama coming into 2007…finally getting his Gov’t approved 8830

Friday, April 24, 2009 4:06
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Count this as a win for Crackberry followers everywhere.  It seems as the President’s long standing declaration on his personal Blackberry usage, as well as his refusal to give it completely up has paid off.  Instead of having to carry around that god awful Spectera Edge which is a monstrosity of epic proportions, word is that Obama will be getting a high security version of the Blackberry 8830 World Edition.  You may ask, “Aren’t Blackberries already high security?”.  Well technically yes, but not “Government secure apparently”.  The revelation in this digital addiction story came thanks to Gensis Key’s security and encryption software, “SecureVoice”.  It is also being reported that Obama’s closest top aides as well as his special First Lady will also be getting a copy of the super high tech and secure Blackberry.  Couldn’t they have at least given him something a little better looking such as a Curve?  Ok…camera = bad.  What about the 8820?  Give the man some WiFi love for crying out loud.  The security agency must be Verizon fans….   At least it’s better than that Spectera Edge/Blackberry horse and pony show combo that he was carrying around.


Source: Phone Arena, Blackberry Cool, Washington Times, *Image Source: Harvey Nash*

BerryWalls makes finding Wallpapers for you Berry fast, easy, and dare I say enjoyable

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 15:48
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Hardcore Blackberry users who thrive on the search for the next way to cusomize their beloved Berry now have a new means of venting said enthusiasm.  BerryWalls makes the search for wallpapers an extremely quick one.  Granted, that task isn’t as easy as it sounds.  With mobile devices not always have the best browsers nor download speeds, graphic rich websites full of wallpapers don’t exactly take to well to them meaning changing up the look of your Berry on the go means lots of waiting and lots of frustration.  Not so with BerryWalls, it is as simple as searching for a particular wallpaper catergory, and then selecting in a handy little drop down the appropriate resolution for you Blackberry.  It is worth noting that even though the site is fast, it isn’t actually a mobile site.  The mobile version of the site is in development though according to Matt, from BerryWalls.  Also, because it is a new service, the catalog of wallpapers isn’t very large yet.  That’s why you Blackberry users have to head on over and start adding to the catalog!  BerryWalls.  Fast.  Simple.  Effective.

Source: Into Mobile

AT&T resorts to “spamming” your Blackberry homescreen with unwanted crap/bloatware

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 16:30

Besides having one of the less then super Customer Service ratings as well as a beyond crappy tiered broadband planned roll out, add spammer to AT&T’s list of not so great business tactics.  Spamming you say?  Would you prefer “bloatware”, a term typically used to describe the extreme excess amount of useless trial apps that litter many new PC’s?  Either way it isn’t good.  Generally to make a few extra dollars, wireless carriers will sign deals with certain developers or mobile software companies by featuring their apps on devices such as Blackberries.  The only problem with this is that the added “service” comes as a distraction and annoyance to many customers.


Blackberry OS 5.0 more info revealed

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 9:55
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Crackberry users are one of the few groups who count OS revision numbers as closely or more more closely than they do their own wedding anniversaries or even birthdays.  Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with that at all, per say.  It seems that every few tens of a number in change in a Blackberry OS, those loyal number counters twitch with anticipation for the latest release of said OS.  But when something as big as an entirely new number comes along, say OS 5.0, those users may find themselves in the emergancy room.  Twitchers, RIM is getting ready to reveal just that, an OS that breaks in to an entirely new set of numbers, the 5.0 range!  Take a seat and sit back.  We don’t want your blood pressure to rise too quickly.  How much are your eye balls really going to take in if you black out?!  For the full scoop of the newness that is Blackberry OS 5.0 and the updated feature set presented in a nice, easy to read bulleted list, step right on in.


Skyfire browser soon entering alpha for Blackberry!

Saturday, April 11, 2009 12:08
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As anyone who uses the mobile internet heavily on a Blackberry knows, even the browser in the latest 4.6 and 4.7 OS’s are less than perfect…by far.  They’re slow, render like crap, and don’t support many things such as flash and silverlight just to name a couple.  That is now old news as various Blackberry users have begun receiving emails asking if they would like to be in the Skyfire alpha team.  I wish I still had a functioning Blackberry as I would definitely been into this.  However I will have to make do with pictures from other oh so lucky individuals as I drool on my keyboard.  At first, the alpha is only for Blackberry Bold users however will soon after open up to Curve, 8800, and Pearl users.  Sorry guys, it looks as if the Storm isn’t going to be supported for the alpha at this time.  I’m sure it will open up to the Storm at some point though.  A copy of the email from Skyfire is inside.



Blackberry Bold OS flooding the web!

Friday, April 10, 2009 4:01


There is nothing more exciting to a true Crackberry user than a new OS leak with designated numbers that are bigger than yours. Such differences often make said user jealous and left feeling inferior. Today’s leaked OS of choice is something of a big deal as it marks RIM’s venture into the 5.0 sphere with an entirely new number - Now I won’t go deep into how I question OS 5.0 really being significant at all as that is already covered here. But for those of you who just don’t care and want your numbers…you can get OS 5.0 for the Bold right over here.


Source: Blackberry News, BlackberryOS

Blackberry Storm Part Deux: Coming with WiFi…in September? [Rumor]

Monday, April 6, 2009 16:11
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When the original Blackberry Storm was leaked, the Crackberry nation was in a flurry. The consumer minded Berry users were praising RIM for finally bringing them something to shut up those darn iPhone users. Almost immediately, the Storm began being criticized for its lack of WiFi. However, being a Verizon exclusive, the lack of WiFi was hardly a new occurance. Though many argued that a such a device being designed and soon afterward marketed so strongly towards the consumer market was being gimped by its lack of WiFi. Time has passed and that complaint is still a very valid and often voiced complaint that many people just can’t get over. But, what if you could have a second chance at life? What if you could have your Verizon branded Blackberry Storm and WiFi?


Wirelessly sync iTunes playlists to your Blackberry with ParkVu’s i2b.

Friday, April 3, 2009 11:24
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If you’re jumping up and down in excitement take a minute to read the article fully.  I’m sure there are many Blackberry users out there who use iTunes as their online music store of choice.  Thankfully, albeit slowly, RIM is making progress on better iTunes/Blackberry making the coporate workhorse and consumer oriented music store play respectably well together and with the latest itterations even allowing iTunes syncing to your Blackberry.  ParkVu however is on the offensive and moving at a quicker clip than RIM and is already pushing the wireless syncing of iTunes music to  your Blackberry.  Want more info!?  Just take a quick step inside.


Skype app coming to Blackberry not “true” VoIP app?

Thursday, April 2, 2009 11:44
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In what is sure to crush many a crackberry users’ hearts, it seems as if the Skype app for Blackberry will in fact be a sham.  Instead of actually using VoIP technology, it appears the Blackberry Skype app will use your cellular minutes to dial into a skype server meaning this app will be relegated to those individuals wanting cheaper internation rates.  Something many other apps do such as SHA PE services IM+for Skype.  Even the iPhone who usually gets the neutered apps can at least make true VoIP calls over WiFI.  According to Hayden over at Pinstack, the Blackberry version can’t make VoIP calls on either cellular or WiFi.  ‘Tis the state of the world.  Blackberry users are you taken back by this seemingly infuriating situation?

Source: Berry Review, Pinstack

Blackberry 9910 sneeking around the web?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 17:10
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If you know Spanish and have a fetish for Blackberry devices, check out this post on a Venezuelan BlackBerry blog, Zona Blackberry, as they have a metrics report showing a mysterious Blackberry device snooping around and toting OS 5.0.03.  Don’t jump the gun and start taking money out of your retirement fund just yet.  Browser metric reports aren’t 100% accurate, mistakes happen.  However, a 9900 model has been talked about before so it isn’t a “secret” per say…


“Bolt” browser for Blackberry gets pretty hefty update.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 13:00

Blackberry users who live on the mobile web I have some good news. CTIA is bringing to us an announcement from the Bolt developers of a nice fat update, especially for Blackberry Storm users. The list of updates:

  • Greatly improved scrolling speed and control
  • A new 3XL (extra large) magnification mode with content 33.3 percent bigger than in 2XL for all of those Crackberry users with less than stellar eye sight.
  • Double tap approach to select links on touchscreen devices like the BlackBerry storm (no more needless clicking)
  • Auto-selection of WiFi when it is on and enabled
  • Now save and view pages locally on the phone (+1)
  • Support for folders in favorites
  • New landscape viewing mode
  • Improved magnifier dragging in split screen mode on the BlackBerry Storm

BOLT Beta2 users don’t feel left out as you also got some update love:

  • Improved video quality on mpeg4 capable devices
  • Improved scrolling speed on graphic heavy pages
  • A user preferences page to reduce menu clutter, useful on BlackBerry smartphones whose native menu structure, without sub-menus, is utilized

Clearly a large update worth downloading. If you haven’t picked up the Bolt browser yet, I highly suggest you give it a try as it can truly change your mobile browsing experience. If you’re still reading, you can get your update here.

Source: Crackberry

3 Blackberry App Store comparisons (App World, Crackberry, MobiHand)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 14:02

It’s no secret that the App Store wars are nearing full swing in a multi manufacturer sense as you app stores already launched or in the process of from Apple, Android, Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM.  RIM’s much hyped Blackberry App World has the Blackberry user base in a frenzy as they have for quite a while now wanted a more unified app system.  After Apple’s amazing success with their app store everyone changed course from hardware being number 1 to software and app stores.  However, unlike Apple, RIM has several “in-house” competitors breathing down their neck from the likes of and Mobihand.  What do these other Blackberry app stores have to offer?  Come inside for a shmorgusboard of pictures and words that will fill completely fill your head.


AT&T: “Have a refurbished Bold on us”

Friday, March 27, 2009 10:32
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In what is a rare showing of kindness and thoughtfulness for their users on AT&T’s part, a sweet little online deal has popped up today.  If you don’t mind shopping online and risking your identy or the risk of picking up a refurbished phone, AT&T has something right up your alley.  Normally priced at $299, with refurbs going for $199, the Bold is available only online and today only for the price of FREE.99.  That’s “Free” for those of you who didn’t understand that cute yet pathetic play on words. You can walk away *figuratively* with a nice *almost new* Blackberry Bold.  Of course, you’ll have to give away your cellular soul to AT&T for two years, but hey, if you reading this and visit sites such as this, I’m sure you soul has been pretty battered by now.  Remember…TODAY ONLY…hit up AT&T’s site and buy it now!

Source: Boy Genius