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Samsung i7500 in the plastic flesh

Monday, April 27, 2009 12:25
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If you were on the fence about whether the i7500 was in fact real or merely the child of rampant speculation, several blurry and smudge ridden pictures have popped up on Mobile-Review showing us that yes, in fact, the i7500 is a real device and really does rock Android.  Physical keyboard users will be saddened in the lack of a physical keyboard, however in the move to touchscreens, the physical keyboard is becoming less a necessity as touchscreen technology improves.  Still, the lack of physical keys will keep some from picking up Samsung’s first Android phone.  Personally, the i7500 looks sweet!   I would definitely pick one up if I were in the market for an Android phone.  You?

Source: Boy Genius, Mobile-Review

Samsung Omnia HD to be the first mobile device to record 720p video?

Sunday, February 15, 2009 20:50
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With MWC practically in full swing already as release after release starts making their way across the web even though MWC doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, Samsung has been simply dominating the release waves.  This tid bit of information is still unconfirmed however as Samsung hasn’t officially annouced the Omnia HD yet.  The HD moniker pertains to the beautiful display and possibly because it will be the first cell phone to record video in an industry first 720p!  If it does turn out to be true, it’s sure to look A-mazing on the 3.7″ AMOLED display.  Soon enough we will know…and begin to drool.


Source: Mobile Whack

Samsung Memoir: First 8mp U.S. shooter…not so great night shots

Sunday, February 15, 2009 20:10
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One would think that an 8mp camera phone being hyped for it’s camera would be impeccable in every way, however, according to Mobile Crunch the Memoir falters just a tad in that area.  In a hands-on review, Mobile Crunch praised the Memoir for it’s high MP count, though low light pictures proved tricky as the phone displayed ”surprisingly blurry, blue and noisy.”  Not a good feature to have if your phone is being marketed and hyped for it’s camera taking abilities.  Mobile photographers who were looking to replace their trust point and shoot with the memoir might want to try it out for a little while before tossing their old camera in the ‘ol trash bin. On a lighter note, in normal and high light photos the picture quality was “superb” so if you are afraid of the dark or just don’t do much picture taking when the sun goes down you should be A OK.  One other gripe that was mentioned was the lack of email support.  That is a shame seeing as how you won’t be able to email pictures to anyone…a sure feature that would have been used with an 8mp camera phone.  Other than those two gripes the phone was basically raved about for it’s slick TouchWiz interface and sleek design.  Potential buyers will definitely want to try it out in store first before making the marriage permanent. 


Source: Mobile Crunch

Samsung/Texas Instruments announce two Pico Projector packin’ phones.o

Friday, February 13, 2009 16:23
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Whew!  What a mouthful.  Anywho, Samsung along with Texas instruments announced today two new phones that will be the first to market with the much talked about pico projectors.  What is it?  Basically a shrunken version of a normal projector, so now you can share with everyone your sappy home movies or whatever it is you share with your friends.  Samsung and Texas Instruments are looking to debut their products in two different markets, Europe and Korea.  Europe will be receiving the I7410, while Korea will make do with the W7900.  So besides the whole pico thing, what else do these number 1’s bring to the table?…


Samsung’s Blue Earth dubbed “Worlds first touchscreen solar powered cellphone”

Thursday, February 12, 2009 19:33

With the economy in not the greatest of shape and soaking up most of the current political limelight, other areas of life and politics have been overshadowed. One of those areas is the environment. It hasn’t been completely ignored as many tech companies are continuing to keep their eyes focused on the greener goal. Though their motivations are more for personal profit than to benefit the environment. Today’s green developer of the day is Samsung. What did they develop to deserve the day’s green title, the Blue Earth. What is Blue Earth? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.


Wireless USB finding a new home with Samsung

Thursday, February 12, 2009 8:10
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Isn’t it a pain to have to lug around 10 different cords to 10 different electronics because they all use different sync cables.  Imagine a world where you could just cut the cord and get on with your life…without being tethered down, hampering your ability to live.  Ok, so maybe that was a little dramatic.  However, cords to a digital nerd are like gnats to a cow…not life threatening, but just a pain in the a**.  So it is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that Samsung is making early plans to adopt W-USB (wireless USB) into their mobile devices, cameras, etc.  With the latest SoC (system on chip) technology, Wireless USB is now physically possible to add on to small devices while conserving as much batter life as possible and taking up very little space…


Samsung UltraTOUCH S8300

Monday, February 9, 2009 13:50
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MWC will be a busy day for Samsung as they are  planning on announcing many new products both hardware and software based.  The next hardware based announcement from Samsung details they new love, the UltraTOUCH S8300.  This phone is definitely a looker as it looks pretty sleek and comes with some pretty exciting features to boot. Jump on through for the full rundown and some candy to feast your eyes on!


TouchWiz gets a facelift

Monday, February 9, 2009 11:09
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Samsung’s “TouchWiz” interface that flaunts itself across the manufacturers range of unsmartphones is getting a bit of freshing.  As you can see from the picture above, it actually looks pretty snazzy while not too different from the current TouchWiz look.  However, the facelift, due to be announced ad MWC will come with more haptic features (vibration response), 3D effects, downloadable widgets, and a widget dock that will make a new home on the bottom of the screen.  Current Samsung owners need not feel the letdown and depression of the updated look as older TouchWiz handsets will be able to download the new look.  +1 for Samsung.  Backwards compatibility is always a plus!


Source: Boy Genius, i4U

Samsung M7600 receives mini photoshoot

Friday, February 6, 2009 23:31
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So you like cellphones and really expensive audio equipment?  Samsun and Bang & Olufsen have got a surprise for you.  The Samsung M7600 featuring Bang & Olufsen audio.  The device looks pretty amazing hardware wise and the UI looks slick as well.  Samsung usually does a pretty good job with UI’s so it should be at least halfway decent.  Currently no pricing or release date, however given the B & O name it won’t be cheap.  Though, given the fact that I’m a pretty big audiophile, I wouldn’t mind hearing what it has to offer as you can’t ever judge a book, or in this case, phone by its cover.  Pictures are worth a thousand words so I’ll let them do the talking.  Head on back…


Symbian S60 finds its way onto Samsung i9810

Friday, February 6, 2009 23:19
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In what is certainly a strange turn revelation, the Samsung i9810 that was leaked yesterday is already making rounds at Daily Mobile as they have managed to get their hands on a Samsung i9810 running Symbian S60!  Why they choose S60 over Android or WinMo is beyond me.  (Not complaining at all, just honestly intrigued).  For a quick recap of features:

  • 8 megapixel camera
  • GPS
  • HDMI output
  • WiFI
  • DivX and DLNA
  • 8/16GB capacities
  • and now Symbian S60

MWC while still more than a week and a half away is quickly looking to be a hotbed of activity this year.  Pictures after the click.


Samsung joins the App Store party: Launches “Mobile Application Marketplace”

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 11:41
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Not wanting to miss the App party that is quickly becoming the thing of the year, Samsung is launching their own App Store.  The store has officially been dubbed the “Mobile Application Marketplace”.  What sets this apart from the Android’s, Apple’s and RIM’s app stores is that the “MAM” will cater to Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile.  Currently said service is only available to developers, but later this month at the Mobile World Congress Samsung plans to launch the MAM to the general public.  Pluses of MAM include no initial or ongoing fees for developers as well as the ability to distribute freeware applications at no cost.  Samsung is planning to have the MAM stocked with over 1,100 apps at launch in order to please everyone possible.  Do you feel left out just because you’re not rockin’ S60 or WMO?  Don’t!  Samsung also announced that later in 2009 they plan to incorporate other operating systems.  So there you have it.  Another App Store tossed into the mix.  The storefront is up now for you to gander at until MWC later this month.  Head on over and take a look!


Source: Mobile Burn, Slashphone

Colorsonic coceptual MP3 player gives your tunes colors

Friday, January 30, 2009 8:28



Ever wish you could choose what type of music you’re listening to based on color or your emotional state?  If you answered yes, Rhea Jeong’s conceptual Colorsonic MP3 player might be just the player for you.  Lacking frivilous things such as an actual display, the Colorsonic instead uses different colored sections on its body.  You can organize music based on color.  For instance, lovey dovey songs go to red, happy songs to yellow, murderous songs to black, etc.  After that, simply touching a color will activate that colors playlist of music.  One nifty feature is the onboard storage for two rat ear sized bluetooth ear buds (above) that stow away in the middle of the device.  Since this device was conceptualized in an internship at Samsung, you never know,  you might be walking down the street with the Colorsonic in the not too distant future.  Click on for a few more pics! Read More… »

Samsung paves the way for 32GB RAM

Friday, January 30, 2009 7:22
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Remember back in the day how “512 KB used to be enough memory for anyone”.  Thankfully times have changed for the better.  With the ever increasing amount of graphical work that is done on our computers, we need to find ways for increasing the temporary stroage to handle all of that data.  Samsung is paving the way to 1TB RAM sticks…though you have to start small and work your way up.  Using 4Gb (yes bit) miniscule 50-nm DDR3 memory chips, *a world first*, allows Samsung to up the RAM ceiling a little further.  How high you ask?

  • 16GB (now we can say byte), (at first, then raising to 32GB) for servers
  • 8GB SO-DIMMS for home desktops
  • 8GB SO-DIMMS for laptops

1TB RAM chips don’t look that far off now do they?


Souce: Engadget

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T-Mobile dressed Samsung Memoir caught!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 18:52
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The Samsung Memoir is one of the few phones to sport an 8MP shooter!  usually those kinds of Megapixels don’t make it state side.  However, the U.S. is finally starting to get some camera phone love.  If you are a mobile photographer and the idea of toting 8MP on your phone excites you beyond belief, calm down.  You don’t have too much longer to wait as the cited release date is February 25th.  See, not that far off now is it?  With so many megapixels interested persons will obviously have to pay a little extra for the privilege.  Pricing starts at $300 with a two-year contract after a $50 rebate.  A couple goodies besides the MP count is the fact that the Memoir will be carrying a xenon flash and 16x digital zoom!  Granted digital zoom is worthless if quality matters to you, but if you just have to get that split second close up, you should be covered.  Besides these rather exciting features, you can expect 3G, GPS, and a full HTML browser.  Get your wallets ready!


Source: Electronista

Samsung Instinct now available in Pink

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 9:45


If you were eying the instinct but just couldn’t get over the black as coal exterior now you have another option, cotton candy pink.  Available immediately, the Pink Instinct will complement its darker brother in Sprint’s lineup and sell for $99 with a two year contract including a $100 mail-in rebate.  And all the ladies say….”woo woo!”


Source: Slash Phone