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2TB SDXC cards coming to a gadget near you.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 11:41
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With the ocean of formats available for what seems like an equally full ocean of different types of cards, you may think oh *expletive* at hearing of another storage format.  Fret not fellow readers for it is a backwards compatible format for SD cards dubbed SDXC SD (eXtended Capacity).  What is the benefit of these new fangled cards?  How about storage up to 2TB!  The cards rely on Microsofts exFat file format.  A few examples of what you can store on this thing are: 4,000 RAW images, 100HD movies, or 300 hours of HD recording.  Transfering all of this data to and fro will occur at a speed 300Mbps rate.  Expect the first cards to ship before March with read and write speeds of up to 104Mbps.  The 2TB won’t be coming out at launch, but it is coming!

Source: Engadget, Breitbart, Geek *pic*

Ultra Backup/Cruzer USB flash drives from SanDisk

Monday, January 5, 2009 23:09
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Is your measly 8GB flash drive not doing it for your? Or, did you recently lose 30gigs worth of priceless family albums all because your old flash drive died?  If either of those people are you, you’re in luck.  The Ultra USB Backup claims the title as the worlds first USB drive to have a one touch button backup feature!  It also doesn’t hurt that these flash drives come in capacities up to 64GB!  Wow, a 64GB flash drive.  It doesn’t seem like too long where we were getting all foamy at the mouth and excited about 1GB flash drives.  My how times change and technology progresses.  Along with the guts of the beasts, SanDisk actually did a good job this time around not designing a flash drive that looks like it was made from Fisher Price.  Look for these new Cruzer flash drives come April with prices ranging from $29.99-$99.99 for the Cruzer and $39.99-$199.99 for the Ultra Backup.


Source: Engadget