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“Faster, slimmer, and better” TG01 smartphone coming from Toshiba

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 10:24
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*Image from Gizmodo*

Look out iPhone, Toshiba is coming into the touchscreen arena packing the heat with the TG01.  It seems like every phone that comes out with a touchscreen tries to claim the title of “iPhone killer”.  What usually ends up happening is the claimed killer falls short in one or more areas.  On top of that, the reason the iPhone continues to dominate this particular segment of the market is the integration with iTunes, iTunes Store, etc.  It’s the ecosystem.  Now in the case of the TG01, when I hear “better and faster”, I don’t think of Windows Mobile.  However this beast is packing the new 1GHz snapdragon processor from Qualcomm so based on processor speed alone it should fly.  Want more specs and pictures?  Hop on through…   Read More… »