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When 1TB just wont do….

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 12:07
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Western Digital is uping the capacity ceiling in the hard drive market by releasing their latest and greatest 2TB Caviar Green hard drive.  It’s noted as being the first hard drive in the industry to reach the 2TB milestone.  *clap*  Don’t worry, the high storage doesn’t come with that high of a price.  Priced at $299, it seems like a fairly reasonable amount to pay for such a plethora of storage for all of your little 1’s and 0’s.  If you are of the type who live on spec sheets, head on over to HotHardware and see the 2TB Green Caviar hold its own against the Samsung Spinpoint F1 and the  SeagateBarracuda 7200.11.


Source: Engadget, Hot Hardware

WD releasing 2TB hard drive soon…this week?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 17:08
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When 1TB just isn’t enough relax and know that there is something bigger out there.  WD will be launching a 2TB hard drive this week according to Electronista and Fudzilla.  The 2TB is officially dubbed the “The Caviar Green 2000GB WD20EADS”.  Whew!  Talk about a mouthful!  Said drive reportedly has a seek time of 8.9ms and spins at 7200 RPM’s.  It earns the green title because at times of low demand will slow down to 5400 RPM’s in order to save a couple of branches that I’m sure over time will equal out to a tree or two.  Good job WD.  Price isn’t released yet but rumored to be between $210 and $240.  Not a bad deal at all.


Source: Electronista, Fudzilla, Stealth Computer *pic*

New WD external hard drives for Mac users

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 11:53
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Western digital is warming up to the Mac camp today and releasing two new types of hard drives designed for Mac’s.  The first is the popular My Passport series.  The Mac Passports are encased in a shock-resistant case and come pre-formatted for Mac use in 320GB and 500GB flavors.  Unfortunately, they only support USB, Firewire is no where to be found.  The drives are advertised as being Time Machine compatible right out of the box.  Second is the My Book for Mac.  As of now they only available in 1 TB capacities, however I’m sure 2TB isn’t far behind.  Feature wise they are the same as the Passport except for the obvious fact that they are for desktop use only as they will not run solely on USB as they need a power outlet as well.  Pricing for the drives is as follows:  My Passport’s $130 for the 320GB and $180 for the 500GB.  My Book: $180 for 1TB.  All in all, not bad prices.


Source: Electronista