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Mega Yacht Modeled After Monte Carlo. Costs $1 Billion.

A gadget? No. Obscenely over the top? You bet. Justified by the fact that there’s no doubt an electronic or two that will keep this thing from plowing into land ala Speed 2, this mega yacht has made its way to Gadgetsteria’s front page. There isn’t any one revolutionary gadget or service on board. But the sheer size compared with the helipad, swimming pools, tennis courts, movie theaters, its own beach, waterfalls, swim-in bar, go-kart track, and submarines means it has us wowed like none other. At 155m long and sprawling 445 sq m., this mega yacht pushes the limits of “personal watercraft”. Highlighting that fact is the number of bodies it can house — 16 guests and up to 70 crew. And at an estimated $1.1 billion, it surpasses the previously lavish Eclipse mega yacht for title of world’s most expensive yacht.

Company director of Yacht Island Design, Rob McPherson, has stated that his company started down this venture of building the new world’s largest yacht because they wanted a “unique yacht that reflected the style and sophistication of the principality.” He further went on saying, “We want to create a truly unique environment that could take the principality of Monaco to the ocean.

Though at some point we have to ask: at what point does a yacht become a “pretty barge”?
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Liveblog: Verizon Keynote at #CES2011

There is plenty of optimism and speculation as to what we’re going to see today. The big topic is likely to be LTE, specifically upcoming LTE smartphones that will debut on Verizon’s new 4G network through 2011. Though many other things have been stated. On the note of a Verizon iPhone — don’t expect it. With that out of the way, we’re currently standing in line waiting to get in. The Verizon keynote officially kicks off at 8:30am (PST)/11:30am (EST). Hop inside for the show!

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Happy New Year From Gadgetsteria!

Have fun and be safe. See you in 2011! Don’t forget, we’ll be at CES next week to bring you coverage of all the awesome gadgetry that 2011 will offer. See you there.

Poll of the Day: “Venue or Venue Pro”. #polloftheday

We’ve already seen the Dell Venue Pro in the U.S. Unfortunately, actually getting one in hand is a tough ordeal at the moment due to numerous manufacturing issues according to Dell. Though Dell has said that Venue Pros should start rolling into customers’ hands within the next week or two.

Across the pond in China, however, a Dell Venue sans keyboard and running Android is coming to market offering quite startling difference. As far as looks go, it is nearly identical to the keyboard-packing Venue Pro. Software-wise however, it doesn’t get much more different than Windows Phone 7 vs. Android.

The two phones are very different yet sorta-kinda the same. What would you choose given the choice: The Windows Phone 7-powered Dell Venue Pro + slide out qwerty keyboard or the Android-packin’ Venue sans keyboard?

Poll of the Day “New Facebook”: Results

Looks like Facebook’s new re-design isn’t as popular or well received as California-based Facebook would hope. In our very unscientific poll, 50% (29) of the 58 respondents voted “No” — that they do not like the Facebook re-design. Meanwhile, 33% (19 votes) of people who voted don’t have any problem it seems. Finally, 17% (10 votes) of respondents said that while they don’t necessarily like the new Facebook now, it could grow on them over time.

The results are interesting because a visual person myself, I love the new redesign. Less text and white space is a plus in my book. Apparently the masses feel differently. Anyone care to chime in with their thoughts?

Testing Out OneTrueFan. Give Us Your Feedback! #onetruefan

We here at Gadgetsteria love to stay on the leading edge of technology whether it be gadgets, social networks, or whatever else that is remotely related to something digital. The current gem in our eye: OneTrueFan. As TechCrunch perfectly describes it, it’s a “Foursquare for Websites” — another social sharing service if you will. I wanted to try it out not only for myself, but for Gadgetsteria as well. If we can spur just one extra comment or conversation, it is a victory in my book.

With that said, I encourage you to try out OneTrueFan, share a little, talk a little, and let us know what you think.

For more info on OneTrueFan, check out their website


Poll of the Day: Do You Like the New Facebook Profile Re-design? #facebook

While the new Facebook profile design isn’t set to be revealed until later tonight, interested and eager Facebook junkies can get it now. With that said, for those who have already taken the plunge, what do you think? Is the push to remove endless rows of links and replacing them with pictures too much? Cast your vote in the sidebar now and let us know what you think!

Poll of the Day: Xbox Modding [Results]

Should Xbox modding be considered illegal? It’s a hot topic in recent years with Xbox hardware modding slowly but steadily increasing. While there is always a chance for piracy, home brew apps in particular are but one legitimate reason to crack open your Xbox. And with that in mind, it appears that a majority of respondents feel the same, according to 69% (20 votes) whom voted that it wasn’t in fact illegal to mod your Xbox. 17% (5 votes) were on the fence, stating that it depends on what the modded Xbox is used for, while 14% (4 votes) said it was illegal outright.

I’m interested to hear specifically from those who said it was illegal. What is your rationale and ideology behind your decision? I’m not trying to knock anyone down, merely strike up conversation.

We’re Lonely. Be Our Friend! #twitter #facebook

It’s can get mighty lonely around here at times. Yeah, we’ve got a cat. But he doesn’t talk much. Why not help us keep our sanity in check? Stop on by our Gadgetsteria Facebook Fan Page or our Official Twitter Page to get the verbal exchange going! Looking forward to talking to you.