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Apple To Pass On LTE Chip In Next iPhone Update?

  • July 10, 2011 4:56 pm

Speculation that Apple was going to add the LTE chip in the iPhone 5 update has been said over and over again. There were rumors way back in the day saying that the iPhone 4 was supposed to get the new technology. With the iPhone 5 (4S) update just around the corner, Wayne Lam of iSuppli makes his case against Apple adapting the 4G Long-term evolution:

“It remains to be seen whether the next Apple iPhone set for introduction in September will support 4G LTE,” said Wayne Lam, senior analyst for IHS. “However, if it does, two things are clear. First, the iPhone’s minuscule printed circuit board (PCB) will have to grow in size in order to support the first-generation LTE baseband processor as well as all the supporting chipset. Second, the next iPhone’s BOM value certainly will increase substantially compared to the iPhone 4 if LTE is implemented in the same manner as in the HTC Thunderbolt.”

As the specs show, adding LTE to the HTC Thunderbolt added an additional $39.75 which upped its bill of materials to $262 - which is the highest BOM cost of any cellphone currently IHS has had the privileged to tear down. If Apple were to add the technology to it’s upcoming update, Wayne says that it’ll add an additional $40 to the core costs - $211 up from $171. This of course is from the February tear down of the CDMA iPhone 4 currently on the Verizon network.

Adding the LTE chip will greatly increase the size of the iPhone, and with all the current rumors saying we’ll see a thinner iPhone it wouldn’t make sense to thicken it up. Reports of a small enough chip needed to keep the iPhone at a similar size aren’t to be released until mid-2012. Does anyone out there think a thicker iPhone would be warranted to add such a new technology as LTE? I would say a bigger screen, longer battery life and a better camera are a higher priority than the 4G speeds.

Rumor: Zune Won’t Die - Microsoft Busts Out Defibrillator Once Again?

  • July 10, 2011 3:52 pm

We’ve seen the Zune do what it does best - suck. For a long, long time we’ve had to see the brand thrown at us whether it be at retailers, Microsoft’s website, or something I see every day - the XBox Dashboard. I’ve been longing for the day I won’t see that first on my ‘Video Marketplace’ section on the Dashboard, or maybe a day I can re-arrange the listings to have Netflix come first. Instead of that happening, rumors from up here in the Northwest are saying Zune will be getting a much needed revamp.

Since it’s XBox debut back in 2009, not much has been done with the service, but the sweet nothings that are being whispered are saying we’ll have the service updated to rival the likes of Netflix and Hulu Plus. If you aren’t familiar with the latter two, they are a subscription based internet streaming service used on your XBox, Wii, PS3, computer and even your cellphone. Zune has given us pay per view type services - which really limits how many people will use it. And if the specs are true, not many people did use it. Kind of like the Zune Media Player we had years ago, it seemed just like another failure that was under the Zune Umbrella. Well, 2011 and things might just get a little bit better for Microsoft and the Zune brand. With the rumored streaming subscriptions, I feel more people will use the service. I’m not sure how popular their TV Pass service is, but I would assume with the likes of Hulu Plus and Netflix they can’t be too impressive.

We’ve contacted Microsoft inquiring about what type of subscriptions they’ll offer, and if the rumors are even true. As soon as we learn more we’ll let you know. But you can bet this will might give Netflix a run for its money!

iPod Touch 4 front faceplate seen on camera with…front facing camera.

  • August 6, 2010 10:41 am

*Front facing camera slot*…that is. A camera has been rumored for future iPod devices many years running, with each successive iPod release featuring…you guessed it…no camera. But it finally looks like pixel capturing technology will be coming to Apple’s cellular-less iPhone in the refreshed 4th generation. That is, if this leaked image showing a claimed 4th gen case is to be believed. As you can see, at the top there’s a center-aligned cutout precisely the size and shape a camera lens would need if it were in fact included.

Besides the front facing camera, a recent image leaked from a supposed iPod Touch 4th gen case manufacturer shows a rear-mounted cutout for another camera as well. From 0 to 2 in one generation? Hey, it’s possible. I’m just hoping they give us more than 64GB of storage. We’ll find out soon enough. Over the last few years, September has been “iPod month”. Will the tradition continue?

HTC Glacier a T-Mobile bound, dual-core Snapdragon speed demon? Project Emerald?

  • August 4, 2010 7:31 am

Salt shaker time!!!

Right now, the things that get mobile junkies going is talk of either the tried and true 1GHz Snapdragon processor or the rather new 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird CPU. Both are incredibly fast, with the latter also featuring a dedicated GPU chip. The former however is starting to grow a bit long in the tooth. With that said, some online benchmarks have popped up that show a reported “HTC Glacier” speeding past the rest, with a GLBenchmark 1.1 score of 1,432 frames. When compared to the other phones in the test, it’s pretty obvious to see something hot is being packed under the hood. Rumor has it that it’ll be the first dual-core Snapdragon phone running at 1.2-1.5GHz and is supposedly part of the often talked about “Project Emerald”.

Though, if we’re to be completely objective, we’ll point out that the Samsung Vibrant’s score isn’t too far off the supposed HTC Glacier. And that’s just with the Hummingbird CPU. Perhaps the Glacier isn’t using a dual-core after all and is instead making use of a slightly higher clocked, single-core Snapdragon? Of course, I’d much rather boast about the dual-core. I’m sure plenty of you out there in interweb land would also.

For now, this is pure speculation as the HTC Glacier hasn’t been announced, nor have any other details been found. But the strong evidence detailed by AlienbabelTech that links a T-Mobile “Senior Interaction Designer”, Mike Bibik, and these snappy speed tests all point to at the very least, an upcoming T-Mobile device that is very fast. Whether or not this is part of or is Project Emerald is anyone’s guess at this point. All we can do now is queue the timer. Let the waiting game begin…

RIM registers “”. Please God don’t let that be the official name…

  • July 28, 2010 11:29 pm

Rumors of an iPad competitor by Canadian-based Research In Motion just got a lot more serious tonight with the discovery of “”. Registered by RIM on July 8th, 2010, the new domain name signals that a tablet from the longtime BlackBerry maker is in fact approaching. For now however, the hardware itself is still wrapped in a shroud of mystery. But it doesn’t take much to assume a large touchscreen, snappy processor, and some tweaked version of the BB OS will ship.

One thing that I hope does change is the name — if it is taking after the registered domain name that is. “Black Pad” sounds kind of…um…stupid. I’d hope RIM has something a bit more unique and original. But such deep thought is best left to another day. Instead, take it a bit easier, relax, kick back, and speculate the night away…

T-Mobile HSPA+ sign up page now live.

  • July 27, 2010 3:20 pm

No, it’s not news on a shiny new HSPA+ device. But it is something that will lead to that. T-Mobile USA now has a live signup page for HSPA+ information regarding the network and upcoming supporting hardware. If the silhouette on signup page is a legit image of the first HSPA+ phone, one could guess that it’ll be touchscreen only, judging by its svelte outline and all.

But further digging into the page’s source code reveals something very interesting — the name “Vanguard”. Those keeping track will know that the “Vangaurd”, an HTC-built device, has also taken on the names “Vision”, “G1 successor”, “Blaze”, and “Unicorn”. Plenty of titles and plenty of mystery. The leaked HTC Vision shots that have been floating around show a pretty decent looking device. On top of that, if Android 3.0 drops on the first HSPA+ device (as it has been mentoined), we’re looking at quite a back to school gift (wink wink…). Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer. All I can say is if HSPA+ is indeed a feature of the upcoming HTC Vision, count me in!

Android 3.0 caught on camera?

  • July 26, 2010 2:03 pm

It’s certainly not much to look at. Though if that little “3.0″ in the Android Version section turns out to be the real deal, the Android nerds out there could literally explode with excitement. Of course, such subtle things as version numbers are easily faked. Some other food for though — some Linepack benchmarks and browser statistics metrics from several Android websites also showed future versions of Android out and about, albeit in deep cover. Of course, just like the Android version number, linepack benchmarks and browser identifier strings are also easily manipulated.

For what it’s worth, the owner of the image above sent the picture to Phandroid and capped it off with some rather ominous text: “stay tuned for more”. It could mean we’ll see some real (as in real revealing) images of Android 3.0/Gingerbread very soon. The other less welcome outcome could be a multitude of disappointment when nothing happens and we all find out these are fake. I’m hedging on optimism. What about you?