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Happy New Year From Gadgetsteria!

Have fun and be safe. See you in 2011! Don’t forget, we’ll be at CES next week to bring you coverage of all the awesome gadgetry that 2011 will offer. See you there.

Testing Out OneTrueFan. Give Us Your Feedback! #onetruefan

We here at Gadgetsteria love to stay on the leading edge of technology whether it be gadgets, social networks, or whatever else that is remotely related to something digital. The current gem in our eye: OneTrueFan. As TechCrunch perfectly describes it, it’s a “Foursquare for Websites” — another social sharing service if you will. I wanted to try it out not only for myself, but for Gadgetsteria as well. If we can spur just one extra comment or conversation, it is a victory in my book.

With that said, I encourage you to try out OneTrueFan, share a little, talk a little, and let us know what you think.

For more info on OneTrueFan, check out their website


We’re Lonely. Be Our Friend! #twitter #facebook

It’s can get mighty lonely around here at times. Yeah, we’ve got a cat. But he doesn’t talk much. Why not help us keep our sanity in check? Stop on by our Gadgetsteria Facebook Fan Page or our Official Twitter Page to get the verbal exchange going! Looking forward to talking to you.

New Writer - Phillip

Looks like it’s time to sound the alarms, Gadgetsteria is in trouble. Mike has decided to let me come on board and start writing articles.

Some of you may be wondering just who is this me? Well let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is actually not me, but Phillip, and I am a lover of anything that runs on electricity or takes electricity. Yes, this includes electric dryers.

In all seriousness I love gadgets, electronics, and gaming. I will be bringing you all the best in the world of gaming and look forward to brightening your lives. If you want to give a shout out, friendly hello, or just be mean do it below!

Happy Thanksgiving From Gadgetsteria!

I just wanted to take a moment to stop and say thank you to all of you. The readers are what keep Gadgetsteria open and filled with new content. While it’s my personal passion, I also enjoy sharing this passion with others. So thank you, again.

Kick back, relax, enjoy the food, and spend time with those that really matter. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Let’s Be Friends. (That was creepy…)

We’re really not the stalking, creeper type. But we do what to be your friend. So appease us and click on the “Like” button over at the Gadgetsteria Facebook Fan Page. If Twitter’s more your thing, we’ve got that too.

See you there…

Poll of the Day.

Hello everyone, Mike here. We’re going to be conducting a poll every day from now on. It will span pretty much any and all topics in the gadget world. Some days, the poll won’t inspire you to answer while other days it will. Regardless, I ask you to check out the “Poll of the Day” section now at the top if the sidebar and cast your vote.

The new look

As you can see, we turned the lights on. I’ve had plenty of comments and emails throughout the last year as well as a longing to return to something…a bit more readable. While I still have a soft spot for dark themes, I find at least myself that it’s easier to read for extended periods of time on lighter-skinned websites. Though truth be told, in the end such preferences are highly subjective.

Over the coming days, I’ll still be making a small change here or there until I have every last pixel just the way I want it. And I want you to chime in as well.

So, how does it look?

Lighten it up?

I’ve been looking to lighten things up around here. The same layout isn’t going anywhere, but I’ve been toying (as you may have seen occasionally) with a brighter skin. I know light vs. dark themes are highly subjective from reader to reader. That’s why I’m asking you, the reader, what your preference is.

Light or dark?