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Poll of the Day: Windows Phone 7 and SD Cards. #wp7

With the fresh news that Sandisk has pulled their “Certified for WP7″ SD cards, the situation is taking yet another undesirable turn. Though seeing as how I spend an insanely disgusting amount of time in front of a computer, I’d say that I’m left with the impression this SD card issue is bigger than it really. Of course, I’ll never unless people tell me.

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Devs save the day twofold: HTC Evo 4G 30fps cap removed and HTC Aria rooted!

We have not one, but two great Android happenings to share with your this morning. First up — the Evo 4G’s sad tale of capped video performance. Or as we should now say it — the lack there of. XDA brain work is behind the hackery yet again. Contrary to popular belief or what HTC has said on the matter, the Evo 4G is plenty capable of 30+fps if you have the coding knowledge to unlock such power, that fact captured by the image above. With that said, if you’re an Evo 4G owner in search of more raw fps, check out this little thread over at XDA and get yourselves acquainted with the ongoing discussion.

But Evo 4G users aren’t the only ones having all the fun. Wouldn’t you know it, that unnaturally crippled HTC Aria that AT&T half-assed out of the gate can proudly stand from here on out as an unshackled, rooted device. Thank you notes and monetary donations can be sent to popular HTC hacker ” Eugene373″ for all of his valiant efforts. The whole HTC Aria root process isn’t exactly “easy”, though it won’t wrap your head into a pretzel either. Just make sure you follow this guide over at XDA and you should be golden.

As for motion picture goodness, hop inside for a duo of videos going into rather geeky detail of the whole Evo 4G fps debacle…
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*The* coolest Xbox 360 mod yet [Mods]

I know I’ve said “the best…” before, indicating that a particular thing in a particular category leads the pack, but this Master Chief Xbox 360 decimating mod has me sitting in awe, and my wallet gaping open, wondering what if anything I have to give.
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New Macbook Air, Pro/Mac Pro pricing details leaked? “Bag of hurt” with new pricing? [Update]

Is your drool cup full after weeks of waiting for any new news regarding Core i5/i7 updated Macbook Air/Pros and Mac Pros? I just as much as anyone love a well put together computer with beastly internals to match. But a $400 premium for Intel’s “latest” Core i5/i7 chips? Ya, no thank you. The image above was captured from Austrailian site, PC Authority. Whether the prices listed are USD or not I’m not sure, which could explain the price discrepancy. If these are an early look at the new pricing however, it’s pretty disappointing.

The current Macbook Pro for instance jumped from a starting price of $1,499 to $1,899. If the only real changes are the Core i5/i7 chips, “rip-off” would be a good place to start with the descriptions. I mean, it’s not like a Core i7 980x is going in this thing. The Mac Pro could see the 980x and is of course an option with a heavy pricetag, but that shouldn’t effect the starting price much if any.

I’m still eager for the official new systems none the less. I’m just hoping (along with millions of other people) that Apple didn’t jack up the prices by $400 or more just for the new processors. If they do, will it change your purchasing decision one way or the other?

Update: After taking a quick job through the inter webs, it’s not Australia alone that’s displaying weird pricing. New Zealand is also getting in on the pricing inconstancies. At this point, I’m going to say it’s nothing more than a few people (myself included) forgetting about the whole price difference from land mass to land mass for a few seconds, getting all riled up. Though we should know the truth soon enough.

Engadget > PC Authority

Moto DROID *officially* getting Live Wallpapers with 2.1 update!

Moto DROID owners who aren’t necessarily into the “underground” world of modding, hacking, and custom ROM’s were no doubt a bit disgruntled when finding out the 2.1 update would not be as nifty super cool as the Nexus One’s special flavor of Flan (2.1). Adding to the anger, Motorola missed the February-ish time frame that 2.1 for the DROID was supposed to drop. On the subject of Live Wallpapers, the general consensus was that the DROID simply lacked the needed muscle to get the job done smoothly. The hacking community disproved that however as Live Wallpapers have been running on the DROID in custom ROMs pretty much sense the N1 was released.

While we DROID owners have been through quite a bit the last few weeks, hope is on the way. The latest “official” DROID ROM that’s been leaked and spread like wildfire features the code name: ESE53. It is this (from Moto) build that is even faster than the previous leaked DROID 2.1 ROM and has Live Wallpapers to boot. Yes folks, Live Wallpapers are going to be included in the final DROID 2.1 ROM.

As far as the delay goes, retooling Live Wallpapers to make the most of the DROID’s lesser hardware was obviously needed (and adding a few challenges I might add). So all is well in DROID land again, huh? Of course, you can always root and enjoy this and plenty more long before anyone else…


PhoneArena > Android and Me

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Adobe to add a new bit of software to it’s line o’ products? w00t, something else to learn!

Adobe is rumored to be unveiling a new application to its signature suite of services this April. At least this is what a digital printing conference in Texas is telling us. Amongst all that is listed at their site, you can find under the Design heading a presentation by Adobe. It’s being titled as an “Adobe Technology Review.”

Whatever this new application is supposed to be, they are saying it will surprise even the biggest Adobe fanboy. We can only speculate if this is going to be an addition to the Creative Suite line, and we can’t really say what it’ll feature. Adobe has given us a few peaks into what CS5 might contain, one being a Painter-Style Paint system, and also After Effects-inspired Puppet tool to Photoshop.

Who knows what this new application will be, or even if it is going to fall under the Creative Suite Umbrella. Although, it is about time we see a new CS release, since it has been well over a year since CS4 was debuted.

We’ll definitely be here to let you know what comes about this April.


Nerds everywhere may now rejoice, we finally have a weapon! Get ready to defrag a drive while defusing a bomb…

Now, if you are like me, you worship the ground MacGyver walks on, you, well, sometimes dream of what it would be like to sport the World’s prettiest mullet, get all the ladies, and have a partially mentally handicapped friend like Jack. But then you wake up and realize you are a nerd that will never see the inside of a locked control room gazing at a bomb set to explode.

What would you say if I told you there now was a way you can still load Portable Apps as well as fight crime by slowly cutting your foes? What if I said you could actually protect yourself while backing up very important personal data? *still waiting for your answer*


Okay, this little guy might be on the pricey side, but, it is still probably the greatest invention, besides the chewing gum wrapper fishing lure. This little fella packs a mean punch, equipped with 1 to 4 gigs of storage, led light, ballpoint pen, and of course all of the MacGyver classics.

I know you’ve probably already sold your first born to purchase one of these, but the site I am linking to is sold out at the moment, but if you use your superb Googling skills you can dig up other sites, that even have bigger sizes. All I ask of you, please, while backing up your pr0n, don’t cut yourself.

Think Geek

Testing out Meebo Bar Wibiya Bar

Hey everyone — I gave the Meebo bar a solid 12 hours of use. It piqued my interest as to what other options are out there. My curiousness rewarded me in finding Wibiya. It isn’t tied directly to AIM and such like Meebo was, but it’s got some other features I think you’ll like. Let me know how you do/don’t like it.


Dell releases new 27″ U2711 monitor for pixel loving nerds.


Have an unsatiable hunger for as many pixels as your eyes can suck in? Well aren’t you in luck. Today Dell took it upon themselves to introoduce the world to their latest creation — the 27″ U2711.

The price of $1,099 may set you off, but there’s plenty to be had. For that price, Dell will give you an 80,000:1 (dynamic) contrast ratio, HDMI 1.3, DHCP support, and a full 2,560 x 1,440 resolution displayed in 16:9 glory. The big downside however is the CCFL backlight being used instead of the much more energy efficient LED option.

It sounds pretty tempting after that second paragraph — until you go back to the price. I understand large monitors cost a pretty penny, but $1,100 for this seems a bit outrageous even given the specs. Think tell missed the mark with their price?