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  • iHeart Radio coming to a Droid near you just in time for the holidays!
    by Mike
    Posted December 17th, 2009 at 2:59 pm
    Pandora,, and Spotify are cool and all, but sometimes you want a more online radio type of service. For that, iHeart Radio is your app. Already available on iPhone and BlackBerry, iHeart Radio is simple to use web radio app that allows you to find the exact type of radio station or stations you want be navigating by genre. With over 350+ of america's favorite radio stations, those looking to tune into the infamous radio stations that we so often hear about on TV, movies, and the media...
  • iTunes to become an offline/online multimedia giant.
    by Mike
    Posted December 10th, 2009 at 2:27 pm
    As if iTunes wasn't already massive enough, Apple's recent purchase of La La could spell a tidal wave of change making it's way though Cupertino. For the longest time, Apple has stood against the onslaught of online streaming services such as and Pandora to name a couple, saying that "consumers would rather own their content". Fair enough. I in fact would rather "own" my content as opposed to paying a set fee every month to "borrow"/stream content with no physical or digital back up o...
  • Pandora looking ahead to integrated, in-car streaming radio
    by Mike
    Posted December 8th, 2009 at 6:57 pm
    Terrestrial radio, at least in my neck of the midwest woods (or lack thereof) is for all intents and purposes dead. I have 5 stations out of maybe 20 that I deem good enough to save as a preset station. The only problem is that those stations repeat the same songs day after day often playing several songs 2, 3, and even 4, times per day. In short: It sucks. For those fortunate enough to have a smartphone from Apple, RIM, Palm, or Android have probably fallen at least a little in love with st...
  • Spotify to have exclusive first listen/initial release for Alicia keys
    by Mike
    Posted December 3rd, 2009 at 11:06 am
    Good news for UK Spotify Premium members: Alicia Keys will be releasing her latest album "The Element of Freedom" for streaming purposes early on Monday, December 7th. This puts the stream only option a full week before it is available via traditional physical discs (December 14th). For a world that is so hell bent on keeping the media world in the past and dragging their feet with the whole move to digital, seeing someone as famous as Alicia Keys actually taking the time to negotiate the need...
  • Restaurant forced to unplug live music nights because of licensing woes.
    by Mike
    Posted November 18th, 2009 at 9:14 am
    Many people wouldn't make it through life if it weren't for music. It feeds the soul. Why am I rambling about music again? Because I like music and the laws that govern music, licensing, copyrights, etc. are so backwards in this country it's disgusting. Maybe, just maybe my voice along with many others will show the world how truly corrupt these types of organizations are. Case in point: Bo Diddley’s restaurant in St. Cloud, Florida. The big stink simply deals with your usual greedy ...
  • Liberation: Musical Copyrights nearing the end. Music labels in for drastic reality check come 2013.
    by Mike
    Posted November 13th, 2009 at 8:10 pm
    Copyrights and other law topics aren't really covered here a whole lot. It's for good reason though. This is a tech blog aimed more at gadgets. But being the nerd that I am, I follow many more areas than just gadgets. Music copyrights and the whole music label tango that so many deal with on a daily basis interest me. We see daily how the digital world in which we love constantly gets lambasted by labels and content owners as the cause for declining music sales, the reason for sinking profi...
  • While music labels’ profits continue to fall, Artists continue to climb…
    by Mike
    Posted November 13th, 2009 at 8:55 am
    Image Property of Times Labs UKFor all that crap and BS propaganda we hear concerning the declining music industry, I could literally have a kazillion dollars if I were paid a nickel everytime such stories were shoved upon the world. Those in charge of big labels decry again and again how the digital age is killing music, that we're all thieves, and that they don't make enough money. To cap off their trifecta + 1, they constantly put the stranglehold on new and emerging technologies and serv...
  • David Guetta iPhone app [Review]
    by Mike
    Posted November 7th, 2009 at 9:58 pm
    We originally looked at David Guetta's iPhone app a couple weeks ago. Though at that time I didn't have a copy to officially review. That has obviously changed. After spending a good day playing with the app, I can honestly say that David Guetta has figured out how to make an iPhone app, engaging with his fans, and offering up a compelling product that could even lead to new fans. Creating a reason to spend money on music is something that many content owners somehow fail to grasp. They thi...
  • Foo Fighters. Live streamed Concert. Facebook. Tonight.
    by Mike
    Posted October 30th, 2009 at 7:10 am
    Last weekend, U2 took a very rare chance to open up to this world of technology that celebrities and the content owners world continue to decry or ignore. It was an awesome experience, a good show, and a perfect display of modern technology at it's finest. Since the interwebs were pretty busy chatting up the event, you could imagine that at least a couple other people heard of it. If U2 wasn't quite your style, or your looking for more live concert streaming goodness, the Foo Fighters have go...
  • Reminder: U2 live streaming their concert tonight on YouTube
    by Mike
    Posted October 25th, 2009 at 12:08 pm
    Music preference is a highly subjective topic. People have varying tastes music for a variety of reasons. U2 has stood the test of time in the music scene. While not everyone's favorite band, U2 has shown that they have what it takes to span the generations. To a digital nerd like me, I enjoy their music, though that's not why I'm writing this. Tonight at 8:30pm PST (11:30pm EST) U2 will stream their entire concert, live from the Rose Bowl. Streaming live performances are nothing new mind ...
  • HTC Hero teams up with Spotify.
    by Mike
    Posted October 19th, 2009 at 6:51 am
    UK music lovers and Android hopefuls have quite the treat coming to them by way of Three, HTC, and Spotify. While here in the states, we have yet to be able to partake of this wonderful streaming service, Spotify, European users are diving in like none other. **A quick refresher in case you don't know the awesomeness that is Spotify -- Spofitfy allows users to stream practically any song over WiFi/3G as well as cache playlists on the device for times when you don't have data coverage. ...
  • Paramore: Decode
    by Mike
    Posted September 12th, 2009 at 5:18 pm
    Harder bands that feature a female singer and continue to rock are few and far between. One band in particular that fits the bill is that of Paramore. Some may confuse them at times with Flyleaf. Another popular band that features a female singer. Regardless of any cult following you may have with one band or the other, Paramore has some really awesome songs. My favorite in particular is "Decode". The music video above was made for the movie Twilight hence the affiliation. So give it ...
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