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Windows 7 in danger of “Unfixable Exploit” [Gasps!]

Friday, April 24, 2009 3:51
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For all of the updated and extra security Microsoft is touting for Windows 7, this latest revelation doesn’t bode well for consumer confidence for Microsoft’s latest up and coming operating system.  A malicious program with such prowess and finesse must have some size behind it rigth?  Wrong!  The program responsible for attaching itself to 7 weighs in at a measly 3KB and goes b the name of “VBootki 2.0″.  According to Network World, researches have determined that your handy virus software will have a pretty tough time catching this tiny parasite, as it will attach itself to system memory during the boot up process - a time when virus scanners aren’t exactly at their strongest.  After said install, any Cybercriminal will then have complete access to do whatever he wants pretty much.  If you’re shakin’ in your boots, don’t.  VBootkit can’t be installed remotely meaning you’ll have to at least be in the same physical region as the hacker.  Whew!  That’s a relief.


Source: Gizmodo, Network World, Electronista, Engadget

Conficker = April Fools Joke?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 18:00
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So how is your April fools day going?  Is your PC still running?  More than likely that answer is a resounding “Yes!”.  The Conficker worm that has been all the talk the last several months and more so the last couple weeks leading up to the April 1st deadline of when the little worm would step up its “phone home” tactics.  While there has been “increased communication” between Conficker infected computers and some outside source, the internet is still functioning, computers still humming along, and the world is more or less just peachy…

Digital Doomsday coming April 1st?

Sunday, March 29, 2009 9:43
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*Updated April 1st…apparently I spelled “Conficker” CoRnficker”…ugh…just caught it*

If you can remember all the way back into the depths of your mind to a time called Y2K, you will know how much a computer generated apocalyptic event can cause mass pandemonium. Y2K while costing many individuals large sums of money as they stockpiled food and supplied for a digital end times awoke to live as normal on January 1st 2000 to much relief, (and some anger as they squandered so much money for nothing). It seems as if the world is in for another digital apocalypse as a new bread of internet threat has been quickly and viciously making its way around the interent. If you haven’t heard, there is a pretty nasty worm floating around the interwebs that goes by the name of “Conficker” or downadup. At first you may ask yourself what is a Conficker or how did they get that name? Come inside and get better acquainted with the new “digital doomsday”.


Microsoft: “Please waste your money on Vista, then upgrade to Windows 7″

Thursday, February 12, 2009 14:02

I know, that’s a good joke.  But it’s a serious response from Microsoft.  They want businesses, particularly the 71% that have neglected to upgrade to Vista from XP to upgrade to Vista while theres still time.  Their reason?  Because of the similarities between Vista and 7, any problems companies face in Vista and get ironed out now will save them time when upgrading to 7 thereby making their upgrade process that much happier.  Also, an upgrade from XP to 7 is a big jump and problems are sure to pop up.  And when  you’re talking about a big coporation with thousands and possibly tens of thousands of machines those sometimes small problems can become giant headaches.  Still, no corporation in this economoy is going to spend a big chunk of change to upgrade to a shoddy OS when in a few months a newer, faster, and more efficient OS is coming out, at which point they’ll have to drop another chunk of change for.  All this is, is Microsoft trying to grab every dollar they can and maximize what little money they can still take in with Vista before sending it to its early grave.  So if any coporate IT admins are reading, has your company upgraded to Vista?  Are they planning to?  What about 7?  Let us know.

Source: Alley Insider

Completely turn of UAC in Windows 7…throw out the welcome mat and beg the hackers to come in.

Friday, January 30, 2009 10:10


One of Vista’s many complaints was the UAC.  Just about everytime you make any change you were prompted to enter your password, a miniture hassle.  However, in Microsoft’s attempt to appease their quickly defecting customers, they’ve made UAC in Windows 7 less obtrusive as well as changing stuff under the hood.  In 7, it is now possible to write a script that completely shuts UAC off.  “Awesome” you shout as you jump up and down.  Get a tissue because soon after you shut if off, you will begin to cry.  Why? Read More… »

Uh-Oh: Secure your digital wallets!

Thursday, January 22, 2009 9:15
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Kaspersky Labs has detected a new mobile virus that infects the symbian mobile operating system on an Indonesian mobile carrier.  The virus, a trojan, is written in a script language called python and sends SMS messages to people with a short number and instructions to transfer money from one of your accounts to the criminals accounts.  There are five known different types of the Trojan-SMS.Python.Flocker floating around, from .ab  The amounts transferred range between $0.45 and $0.95.  I don’t know if thats a typo but that seems kind of low.  Until now, Russia has been the only place where mobile viruses have been appearing.  This new development shows that mobile viruses are starting to spread and that manufacturers and mobile OS developers need to collectively step up their security in order to stay one step ahead of thieves.


Source: SlashPhone, Kaspersky

Symbian’s “Curse of Silence” kills SMS!

Sunday, January 4, 2009 20:08
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A rather disturbing find (if your running a Symbian OS that is) is a bug in the Symbian OS that will cause your phone to stop receiving SMS messages.  What causes it you ask?  According to an article posted on Mobile Whack on the subject says the bug “activates” when a message is composed consisting of more than 32 characters as well as including some as of now unknown identifier.  After said message is composed, it labels the message as “Internet Electronic Mail” and deactivates SMS on your phone.  To make matters worse, it doesn’t even tell you with a dialog pop, icon change, or anything.  The real icing on the cake is their isn’t any fix for it yet.  Yikes!  Nokia has been notified and is hopefully working feverishly on this issue.  Many phones are said to be affected.  Is your phone on the list?  Click through to see the full list. Read More… »

RIM losing their ducks?

Friday, January 2, 2009 16:56


Back a couple of months ago, when the Bold was released, it arrived with its own host of issues.  A few of those included dropped calls, crashes, and poor overall performance.  Because of these issues, Orange, a cellular provider in the UK, decided to yank the Bold from their line up until RIM got their ducks in a line.  RIM eventually did find their few straggling ducks, lined them up, and released the updated OS to carriers.  Orange again began selling the Bold.  Unfortunately for RIM those darn little ducks just can’t stay together, maybe it is because they have trouble holding hands without opposable thumbs.  Who knows!?   Regardless, Orange is not happy and is again contemplating pulling the Bold for a second time.  Not only would this be a bad thing for Orange customers who are looking to pick up the Bold in the near future, but it would also be another bad mark against RIM.  The ducks behind the Storm have not exactly been cooperative either with various bugs and hiccups.  While it is quite possible this is a RIM issue, it would help if Orange did not use outdated build releases either.  Either way, hopefully one side finds a fix and soon.

Source: Boy Genius