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Dual and Quad interface docking stations announced by OWC

Thursday, February 26, 2009 17:20
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With the ever sinking prices of storage, no one should be without at least a 500GB internal/external backup hard drive for times when your beloved computer isn’t on it’s best behavior, or, if you just have a ton of files which need a home.  Of course there are a myriad of options in the form of internal and external hard drives available on the market.  However, buying an internal means you have to open up your computer, and external are more than likely (though the tides are a changin’) stuck with what is shipped inside the external case.  If you like options and change, Other World Computing (OWC) has a solution for you.  Newly announced, OWC’s Voyager Docking Stations enable you to use standard 3.5″ desktop drives and swap them out when storage is low or the sad day comes when your drive goes on to the great computer parts bin in the back room.  Not only do you get a great dock but the drives and all of the cables needed come included!  Make your way inside for the full rundown.


OWC announces 8x Blue-ray Drives

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 12:00
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If you are a high def buff, you no doubt know the agonizing pain you go through every time you go to burn a blue-ray movie.  Because the technology is still in its toddler years, the write speeds still have some maturing to do.  Today we are one step closer to actual fast blue-ray burning thanks to OWC and their newly announced Mercury Pro 8x Blue-ray drives.  The new drives offer up a new frontier in speed as well as a slew of connection options + cables ensuring you don’t have to go out and waste time and money looking for the perfect connector/adapter.  I know we’ve all had to do that before.  Come inside for the low down on this new found Blue-ray speed!