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Apple Requesting Feds To Rethink Legality Of Jailbreaking.

A new article published by NBC highlights Apple’s continuing (and futile) attempt to prevent people from jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone. If you recall, the recent DMCA revisions made explicit exceptions for “jailbreaking” cellphones in general — basically, it is 100% legal to jailbreak and unlock your cellphone no matter what Apple says or wants. But that isn’t stopping the Cupertino giant. They are using the same old, tired, and repeatedly defeated claim of “copyright infringement” as a scare tactic to get the U.S. Copyright office to do their bidding.

Current jailbreak technologies now in widespread use utilize unauthorized modifications to the copyrighted bootloader and operating system, resulting in the infringement of the copyrights in those programs

While there are many people who jailbreak just to pirate apps, the majority do it to unlock the full potential of their phones and to customize it as they see fit. Everything from free tethering to a fully skinned iOS is possible with jailbroken iPhones. And let us not forget, the term “jailbreaking” as it is being used in the article is meant to classify Apple’s own iPhone. But in reality, the DMCA uses it as a more generalized term to encompass all cellphones.

In the end, Apple can continue this cat and mouse game as long as they’d like, however, they will never win. Regardless if it is “illegal” or not, people will continue jailbreaking *their* phones whether Apple likes it or not.
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Fail0verflow Releases Full Suite Of Tools And Resources For PS3 Hacking.

Perhaps the Fail0ver team had a bad night, lost a few too many rounds of poker, or maybe, just maybe, they are retaliating to Sony’s BS lawsuit over PS3 jailbreaking. (I’m going to go out on a limb and focus on the latter.) Regardless, the fail0verflow team has made their entire suite of tools available online and has even gone as far as to ask people to copy/download/redistribute/mirror said tools for future use. Looks like Sony is rattling the hornets nest.

LEGAL TOOLS that do not contain any keys or any SONY software created by the team fail0verflow (please clone this respositoy and avoid to the big fish eats the small fish using the money and the recurses of one Multinational against talented people that seeking new hombrew uses in the PS3 console and the return of Linux)

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iOS 4.3 Beta Cracked With Latest PwnageTool Update.

If you’re the type to jailbreak your iPhone and happen to be part of the developer program and the pre-release version of iOS, the latest version of PwnageTool is worth a look. Specifically, iPhone 4 users on running the recently released 4.3 beta can jailbreak their phones. The updated PwnageTool uses Geohot’s Limera1n boot-room based exploit to get the deed done. With that said, iPhone users wanting to preserve the baseband for unlock purposes need to hold off for now as this solution overwrites said baseband with a new one.

Give the instructions a thorough reading and proceed with caution.

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Next iPhone 4 Unlock Not Coming Until 4.3.

At first, news of no new iPhone unlocks coming until after iOS 4.3 (still many weeks away) dampen an otherwise lovely Friday. But if we look at the bigger picture, it’s a good thing. Releasing a new jailbreak/hack/unlock now would give Apple time to squeeze in a fix. And no body wants that. Time to play the waiting game again…
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Jailbreak Your Apple TV With Seas0nPass.

The iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad may get the most attention when it comes to jailbreaking, but Apple’s little “hobby” device (Apple TV) is open to high tech hackery as well. All you need is a simple tool called Seas0nPass (Available here) and a few minutes to run through the instructions. Once you do, you’ll be rewarded with a more capable device. Though at this point, the features you can unlock with a jailbroken Apple TV are few and far between at this point. Notable mentions however, include Boxee, Plex, and SSH access. But if the iPhone’s jailbroken history is any key to the future, the AppleTV will have its own day to shine as well. If you decide to put your AppleTV under the digital knife, let us know how it goes!

As of writing, Seas0nPass is only supported on OS X 10.6.
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[Update] PS3 Hacker GeoHot Sued By Sony.

Infamous PS3 hacker and former iOS jailbreaker, Geohot, has found himself in the wrong end of the law, with Sony shaking the big stick. As of roughly 7 o’clock tonight, Geohot has officially been served, according to his website. And no surprise here — the lawsuit names Geohot’s posting of private PS3 encryption keys in coordination with the fail0ver team (among other things) as the reason(s) for this legal endeavor.

Hopefully the courts have more common sense than Sony and see it’s not the tool (or creation of the tool) that is illegal. It’s how it is used.


As Jordan has highlighted below, it’s not a full on legal bloodbath quite yet — instead it’s a restraining order asking for all traces of the hack/crack/keys to be expunged from the web. (That will never happen.)

PS3 Hacker Releases Video of Homebrew Running on 3.55 Firmware.

The PS3 hacking scene is just as determined (if not more-so) as their iOS counterparts. And Sony, like Apple, is constantly trying to shut out the efforts of said hackers, good or bad. Though the tables have tipped back into the hackers’ side over the past week with a german group called “fail0verflow” finding an epic exploit that blew the PS3′s security wide open. Following that, iOS jailbreaker “geohot” released PS3 security keys giving hackers even more control. And now, Geohot has updated his original post with a video that shows the latest 3.55 PS3 firmware running homebrew code.

Video after the jump…
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CR-48 Chrome OS Netbook Gets Android Install.

The special Chrome OS netbook Google developed specifically for testing Chrome OS functions and features also makes a nice little Android experiment. After releasing instructions on how to get several other desktop OS’s installed on the CR-48, hacker @Hexxeh moved on to Android. The how-to instructions for a self evaluation aren’t available yet, nor is a list of working/non-working features. But rest assured, once something is pushed out we’ll pass it along to you.

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Geohot Releases Playstation Root Keys.

Playstation hackers have a new today. Infamous iPhone jailbreaker and PS3 hacker, Geohot, has released the PS3 root keys we’ve heard about over the last few weeks. The big draw of course is that now any version of firmware pushed out by Sony can be easily cracked and allow for custom operating systems, ROMs, and applications — in theory that is.

With that said, Geohot goes on to say that he doesn’t in any way condone piracy, while also tossing in a hint to Sony that he’d like to work for them. Well played Mr. Hotz.
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