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MySpace goes on a much needed diet

  • April 14, 2009 5:39 am


If you are a more seasoned individual who is still relatively young, you may heard of a social networking site called MySpace.  Even though MySpace isn’t garnering all of the media attention lately, (that honor goes to Twitter and Facebook), it is still none the less a big player in the social networking scene as it was the first social networking site to truly make that type of “thing” cool.  Throughout the years, MySpace’s emphasis on customization has rendered many of its hundreds of millions of profiles so complex and flashy that individuals on slower less than broadband speed connections have to take a day off from work just to check their profile.  This will no longer be the case.  How So?

Twitter broadening its reach…police departments and churches the latest additions

  • April 13, 2009 1:44 pm


It is no surprise that Twitter has become quite the social networking site in the last year with growth measured in 4 digit numbers. In the begining, Twitter was designed for individuals and small groups all over the world to swap ideas, chat, and exchange news info has now become not only that mentioned above, but has spurred RSS feeds using Twitter, big corporations adopting Twitter and getting more personal with consumers, as well as becoming one of the most up to date news outlet sources. So what is the latest adaptation to Twitter?


Facebook to Pirate Bay: “We have enough friends ye land lubber”

  • April 9, 2009 2:13 pm


In the world of rampant illegal file sharing, merely letting the words “The Pirate Bay”, or “torrent” slip from  your mouth will draw attention and spotlights on you faster than you can blink - it doesn’t matter if it is a pro or con torrent statement.  Utter the word and you’re a suspect.  Pirate Bay as many of you know is in an ongoing lawsuit as to the legality of their operations.  They’re accused of facilitating and aiding in mass copyright infringment as well as several other illegal deeds.  It comes as no surprise then that they are trying to spread their message (and goods) by reaching out to other groups - Facebook.

Twitter/Mac addicts rejoice: Nambu is here to save the day!

  • April 8, 2009 9:39 am


There is no group in the gadget/electronic world as loyal and vocal as the Mac fanbase.  I should know I am one of them.  Besides the Mac camp, another quickly growing fanbase is that of Twitter.  The little (at one time not so long ago) company now is looking at year-to-year growth of well over 1000% each month!  While firing up the ‘ol browser and going to Twitter’s site is all fine and dandy, some people just want an intuitive and attactive desktop application.  If this sounds like someone you know (such as yourself), the developers of Nambu have something just for you.  Nambu is a very polished and functional desktop Twitter client for Mac OS X.

Mobile bloggers rejoice: CellSpin for Blackberry!

  • April 7, 2009 6:56 pm


Blogging is a rapidly expanding and potentially lucrative service that has really become much more mainstream in the last several years.  Similarly, mobile internet usage and the whole “world at your fingertips” ideology that is constantly being marketed is making the desktop PC seem as a dying breed, an aging dinosaur that some day will be entirely replaced by laptops/netbooks/MID’s/smartphone’s etc.  As we move towards a mobile world connected by radio waves instead of copper twisted cords, the media (bloggers), need a way to get their content to the masses.  Soon, firing up the ‘ol PC or Mac will be replaced with everyone whipping out their cellphone or MID device while walking down the street.  That is where CellSpin 2.0 for Blackberry comes in.



Namechk makes sure your username is unique…76 times.

  • April 3, 2009 1:21 pm


Sometimes the excitement of joining a new online community is the ability to create a new and unique username.  For some, they go for humor.  They want to make people laugh.  For others, they go for more “normal” usernames staying true to themselves…something like that.  And then of course you have the teenie bopper group with their cryptic “9<:3luvBfF8 ” and your wannabe GettoThug9mil.  Regardless of what you choose or who you are, nothing is more devestating after spending (for some) countless days on selecting just the right username as if your life depeneded on it, only to find it is already taken.  Then begins the process all over again.  Sure you could add numbers to your name, but who wants to do that.  You want to be different.  That’s where Namechk saves the day.  Whether you’re a social butterfly or social newb, Namechk will give you the opportunity to check your username across 76 — yes 76 social networking sites alerting you to copycats.  Which then begs the question, why on god’s green earth are there even 76 social networking sites!?  ‘Tis the state of the world…

Source: The Awesomer, Namechk

British Gov’t: We see you…and you…and you…and….

  • March 31, 2009 5:59 am


Do you like privacy?  Are you a Facebook junkie.  Do you live under British government rule?  If yes to all of the above your world is in for a big change very soon.  The British government is building a reputation of that of a spy.  “Why?” you ask.  They are joining many other governments in the big rush to force ISP’s to monitor, track, and store user data.  Under the ideal circumstances for the nanny governments, every page visited by every person would be stored allowing greater “security”.  So far, the UK seems to be the quickest moving country to take these types of policies to heart.  It was just earlier this year that they forced ISP’s to keep track of email records.  However, they are now taking online spying to a whole new level…tracking your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter account just to name a few.  That’s right…not even social networking sites are safe anymore.

Vodafone inks deal with Twitter…Tweeting on the go now more affordable!

  • March 30, 2009 4:10 pm


Vodafone users and Twit-o-holics have a reason to fill the web  with tweets this afternoon as the deal between Vodafone and Twitter is officially official.  Voda users will now have the exclusive privilege of being able to send and receive tweets for FREE!  It doesn’t get much cheaper than that kiddies.  Soon, sending tweet-texts will become part of your bundle, however starting off the celebration the first few weeks will be free while receiving will be permanently free.  Supposedly the short code that will be used to send tweet-texts is 86444.  Don’t jump the gun too early though as you will have to log into your Twitter account and activate your phone number first.  Once activated continue tweeting the world away.  Those not fortunate to be customers of Vodafone will just have to sit, wait, and twiddle their thumbs, *and tweet of course* for the time being until more carriers catch on to the Twitter  wave.  AT&T…are you listening…?


Source: Into Mobile, Electric Pig

Avatar support and Facebook Chat now included in latest IM+ 7 release for Blackberry

  • March 27, 2009 10:19 am


Yes another social butterfly post.  Forgive me.  Socialness seems to be all the rage these days.  Everyone has it seems 3 or more different messaging accounts.  I guess one isn’t good enough anymore.  Though I can understand this if you have many friends of whom each one is partial to a particular client, then things get dicey for you.  That is where multi-chat apps come in to save the day.  Instead of having five different apps running with five different chat windows each, everything is now nicely organized into one app.  In the push to be social while mobile, multi chat apps for mobiles has really taken off.  Today we’re going to look at IM+ by SHAPE services.