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RIM Posts New PlayBook Videos Showcasing Video Playback and SDK.

The year of the tablet is upon us and RIM is pushing their consumer-oriented PlayBook tablet hard. The latest round of marketing comes by way of two new videos posted to the company’s own BlackBerry blog, and showcases video playback in both Flash and HTML 5 variaties as well as a glimpse at the QNX/PlayBook SDK. It makes for a few entertaining minutes, especially if the PlayBook is high up on your list. Videos after the break…

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WP7 App DRM Cracker Posts His Own Fix.

Late last week, a talented white hat hacker, “Tobias”, showed off his WM7 DRM hack that allowed him to crack any MarketPlace app available. Even more impressive/depressing was that the “Freemarketplace” crack Tobias developed took him a mere six hours and consumed a paltry 65.5KB of data.

But it appears that Tobias isn’t much for job security, as today he has revealed a partial fix by way of more code that can be inserted in WP7 apps to protect them from his own hack. The solution seems simple enough (shown above) and involves a few lines of code plus accompanying .xml file. It’s by no means a permanent fix as something a bit more secure and robust should be offered by Microsoft. But until then, it appears it’s the best we’ve got. Any WP7 developers care to weigh in?

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Fail0verflow Pwn Ps3 Fo Realz - No USB Required #fail0verflow

Huge day, and huger*** days to come! With the teaser at this years Chaos Communication Congress from the ‘group’ fail0verflow, we have amazing news: The ps3 is hackable without that pesky USB dongle. The group — most of the HackMii group that work on the Wii(and DS) have been diligently spending countless hours fondling the newest Playstation member — and the fruits of their labor are paying off.

The group gave us a shot (if you were paying attention to the streams from the stage) of AsbestOS.PUP. If you aren’t familiar with what this means, the ps3 can be completely updated to a custom firmware, kinda like what the pwnage tool does for iOS. AsbestOS was created by marcan, and which is a Linux loader for the ps3. From what it looks like, it will load the homebrew applications and the ps3 will think it is an official Sony Signature. Once these keys are released, anyone out there will be able to mod their FW and play any game around, no more staying at an older firmware and losing out on some newer games just to have a hacked system.

More after the left mouse click…
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Samsung Launches Bada 1.2 SDK. #samsung #bada

Samsung Bada developers have some new development goodies to play with this morning. Samsung has officially launched the Bada OS 1.2 SDK. The latest update comes around three months after the official 1.0 release and brings some much needed updates including OpenGL/ES 1.1 and 1.2 Extension support, the ability to allow apps coded in HTML/JavaScript or Flash SWF to run natively without needing to be converted to C++, as well as support for Wi-Fi EAP.

However, the biggest news with the update revolves around enhanced device support. Specifically, the newest Wave 575 and Wave II can now join the Bada party.

The addition of Open GL/ES should help the Bada OS gaming scene, as it currently is the technology that powers some of the best iOS and Android games.

Bada OS developers can get the latest 1.2 SDK right over here.

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Adobe Air 2.5.1 Released in Preparation for Gingerbread.

Android users, specifically non-skinned users will want to head on over to the Android Market tonight and update to the latest Adobe Air version 2.5.1. I single out non-skinned users because they are the ones who tend to get Android updates first.

Moving on, Adobe has suggested upgrading to the latest version of AIR before Gingerbread is pushed out as to avoid any app incompatibilities and FC problems.

You know how it is folks, housekeeping.

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Windows Phone 7 App Submissions Now Live for All. #wp7

Windows Phone 7 developers who for whatever reason didn’t register early on for the WP7 developer program can finally get in on the upcoming action. The early bird-only restriction is now dead and buried. So release away! Before you do however, clear up any remaining questions you may have by visiting the official WP7 App Hub.

Any WP7 developers want to chime in on their experiences so far?
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Palm Developer Program leaders start walkin’, say hello to self employment.

Man, HP just can’t catch a break. Since the acquisition of Palm, it seems like we’ve heard of new Palm/HP employees defecting for various reasons almost weekly. Well, chalk another two ex-HP employees up on the list. Except this time, they’re a bit more important.

Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer, co-Directors of Palm’s developer program, are saying good-bye to HP…
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Steve clears the air regarding “deprecated Java”.

The web was up in arms yesterday over a statement on an updated Apple Developer Documentation detailing how Java on OS X would be deprecated (read: outdated, with the ceasing of updates) moving forward. Naturally, with countless Java-based programs already deployed for OS X, the associated Java-developers were concerned. Almost instantaneously, rumors started circulating as to the cause of the decision, with reasonings ranging from keeping Java apps out of the new Mac store to Apple just being Apple.

But a clearer picture is forming. A concerned developer, Scott Fraser, from Portico Systems fired off an email to Steve Jobs concerning the issue at hand, to which Steve replied with the following:

“Sun (now Oracle) supplies Java for all other platforms,” Jobs replied. “They have their own release schedules, which are almost always different than ours, so the Java we ship is always a version behind. This may not be the best way to do it

Fair enough. It sounds harmless. Are your nerves calmed, or do you have conspiracy theories still flinging around in your cranium?

For the full email, check out Scott Fraser’s Flickr account.
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Microsoft’s top selling WP7 app: Farting Dino.

Early on with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft made it clear they were going to take a stance more like Apple has with iOS thus far — that is, they are going to be more tactful in controlling what does and doesn’t enter their precious platform reborn. But in at least one area of the mobile sphere, Microsoft appears to be making some concessions — fart apps, specifically “Farting Dino”. Apparently, gaseous dinosaurs are all the riot…

While WP7 isn’t available for mere mortals yet, the developers in Redmond are strutting around campus with WP7 in tow. Naturally, they’re testing out the earliest apps for personal enjoyment to test the platform as well as giving feedback to devs preparing for the platforms launch. With the screenshot above, we can see just where their preferences lie.
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