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Apple Announces $10,000 iTunes Gift Card For 10 Billionth App Download.

Tired of hearing your parent, significant other, or spouse hounding on your for spending too much money in the App Store? Well lucky for you, Apple is holding another app download-based contest in which the best app aficionados can score a $10,000 iTunes gift card, according to the Cupertino-based website. This time, all you have to do is be the person who downloads Apple’s 10 billionth app (or, if you don’t want to purchase/download anything, point your browser here and fill out the form). No matter how you slice it, $10,000 grand is a massive amount of money for Apple’s App Store. How could possibly say no?

Verizon Unveils V CAST Messaging App.

One of the best features of Android is the versatility in which end users have in customizing their own devices. On that front, one of the more heavily customized features of Android is the stock SMS/MMS app. On one hand, it may seem like a rather simple app — you send and receive text messages. Nothing more, nothing less. But 3rd party apps such as Chomp, Handcent, and numerous other options have shown us that the standard SMS app doesn’t have to be so boring. And today, there’s another option to consider — Verizon’s own V CAST messaging app.

To people who are used to sub-par, nickle-and-dime store fronts such as Verizon’s V CAST service, don’t go discounting their messaging app with the same malice. It’s actually quite nice. As you can see above, it looks good and incorporates some handy things such as “recent calls”, group conversations, and location-based messaging. You can find it in the Android Market, though take note, only a handful of phones are supported: OG Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, LG Ally, Eris, Incredible and Fascinate. Give it a shot and let us know how you like it.

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iOS VLC App Developer Responds To Apple’s Removal Of VLC App.

Back on January 7th, we told you about VLC’s own Rémi Denis-Courmont and his letter to Apple which called out the VLC iOS app and it’s “infringement” of sorts against GNU licenses. Apple complied relatively quickly after the letter was sent. But today, VLC iOS app developer Applidium, responded to questions of 9to5Mac, highlighting their surprise and confusion over Denis-Courmont’s actions and proposed infringements…
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#CES2011 — Slacker Unveils Free, Basic Service In Canada.

Popular music streaming service, Slacker Radio, announced a free, basic service tier for Canadian users. From here on out, Canadian users don’t have to worry about 30-day trials any longer, as they can enjoy Slacker Radio 24/7. If you’re really into music however, the Slacker Radio “Plus” tier costs only $3.99/month and offers such things as unlimited song skipping, complete removal of ads, and song caching for mobile devices.

VLC Media Player Removed From iPhone App Store.

Several weeks back, we wrote about VLC’s Rémi Denis-Courmont letter to Apple (post was lost when Gadgetsteria server melted) in which he asked them to remove VLC from the iOS App Store because of discrepancies between Apple’s policies and VLC’s open source roots and accompanying rules. And today, many weeks later, Apple has complied. VLC is no longer visible in the App Store. Rémi isn’t sad, however, and even voices his lack of pity for iOS owners of VLC as well as the developers who created the VLC iOS app. Ouch.
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#CES2011 — Hulu Plus Launching On Android In Coming Months.

Android users looking to get their Hulu Plus fix on the go will soon have an outlet. Yesterday at Samsung’s CES press conference, the company gave us a brief look at Hulu Plus for Android. From the short demo we saw, it was smooth, quick, and simple. But that’s where the information ends. Unfortunately, Hulu isn’t saying much of anything in regards to Hulu Plus mobile service or app pricing. Ditto for a release date as well as minimum requirements too. In short: We don’t know much of anything about Hulu Plus for Android other than it’s being worked on. Look for more info in the coming months

#CES2011: XPAND Customizable 3D Glasses and Mobile App.

The big news with XPAND at today’s early morning press conference focused around the company’s “Universals” 3D glasses. Awarded for their breakthrough technology back at CES2010, the Universal 3D glasses have enjoyed healthy sales throughout the last year. For CES 2011, the glasses are expanded upon and tweaked with new software tools and a growing educational focus.

As a quick refresher: The glasses themselves come in various sizes, colors, and themes, with note worthy features including rechargeable batteries, USB port for upgrades (DLP-Link, Communication Module) and customizable software which can be configured via a special mobile app for smartphones called “Youniversal XPAND”.

The Youniversal XPAND app will allow users to customize the glasses for particular applications and scenarios — scenarios such as TV model, viewing distance, viewing distance/angle, viewing environment (dark/mid-day/evening etc.), 3D style (no ghosting, extra bright, light, aggressive, custom), and more. The approach makes since seeing as how one of our biggest complains with 3D thus far has been poor, spotty performance. The mobile app will initially be available for iPhone and Android only, but more platforms are expected. Press release after the jump…
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Barnes and Noble Release NOOK Kids iPad App.

Today, Barnes and Noble officially released the “NOOK Kids” iPad app, targeting reading in young children. The app comes with a complimentary copy of both “Richard Scarry’s Colors” and “Elephant’s Child” as well as a robust set of parental controls for protecting youngsters’ eyes from not so age appropriate reading material. Overall, there are over 230 interactive books at your disposal with some supporting text-to-speech as well as compatibility with the NOOK Color.

NOOK for kids is now available in the Apple App Store for free. Press release inside.
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Beautiful Looking FacePad Brings Facebook to iPad.

iPad users have been without a legitimate Facebook application since the tablet’s launch with no hope in site. There have been many attempts at bringing the popular social network to the platform too. But this latest attempt by FacePad is perhaps the best yet.

What you’ll see upon firing up the app is a beautifully laid out and well thought out design that pulls on the iPad’s strengths while still remaining highly functional. So it may surprise you to learn that FacePad is no more than a re-skinned at its core. If that turns your off, hold off on your judgement for FacePad developer Loytr has a more sophisticated and “native app-like” v2 in the works.

**A note of caution for 3.x iPad users: FacePad currently has a bug that crashes when on firmware below 4.x. An update is already awaiting approval by Apple.

FacePad for iPad can be found in the Apple App Store for free.
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